Monday, October 10, 2011

New show!

So I haven't updated this blog in ages, but now that it's public again, I'll use it to promote the new show on the new website! Check it out!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This blog is no longer active! From now on, I will be blogging at the site for my Congressional Exploratory Committee at Please check it out, sign up to receive our weekly newsletters, and if you really want to get involved, check out the FTW-112 Communicator.

Love, faith, respect,

Adam Kokesh

Friday, May 29, 2009

Letter From Kevin Benderman

Subject: Adam Kokesh

To: whom it may concern
RE: Adam Kokesh

I am writing this to give my endorsement to Adam Kokesh as he attempts to gather enough support in an attempt to run for a congressional representative in the state of New Mexico.

It is past time that WE THE PEOPLE had someone in congress who is as concerned with doing the work of the American people as those currently “serving the people” are in accepting kickbacks and taking bribes from large corporations. It is time that WE THE PEOPLE started looking at the people who want to serve in government with a more critical eye. It is time to start being more involved in the running of our country and I believe that by Supporting Adam Kokesh we will be supporting someone who fully believes in the true authority of the United States as not being in the hands of the few, but is in the hands of the people.

I would ask that you take a look at what Adam Kokesh has to say about constitutional authority and his approach to how government should work in our democratic republic. I have heard some of his positions on constitutional authority as belonging to the people and this is the mindset we need in Washington and throughout our state and local governments as well.

So, if you believe the current system we have is broken and needs to be fixed, get involved, get informed, and become the true solution to the problems we face.

I believe that by Supporting Adam Kokesh and others of like mind, we will be moving our country in the direction it needs to move; back to government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Support Adam as he attempts to bring the voice of the people and the laws of the land back to Washington.


Kevin M Benderman
Concerned United States Citizen
Former Army Sergeant, Iraq Vet, and Conscientious Objector


Please share this, repost it, put it on your facebook status, etc. We're not starting the r3VOLution without you, but you don't want to get left behind! We can't do this without you . . .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Coverage From the New Mexican . . .

. . . of the Sotomayor nomination that is. But apparently, I've reached local talking head status:

Adam Kokesh, a libertarian-leaning Iraq war veteran considering a run for Congress
in New Mexico's Third District, said Tuesday: "It's just sad that we're not discussing
how capable (nominees) are to interpret the constitutionality of legislation and their
commitment to those principles. ... In terms of faithfully upholding the constitution
(Sotomayor's) record is tragically deficient in terms of her views on general government
intervention and her disregard for the Second Amendment."

I would say I was misquoted, since I'm sure what I said was far more eloquent than that, but the points conveyed were exactly what I intended, and I got the last word in the story!

More Support From Our Very Talented Movement!

Someone just sent me the link to this video today and it was very exciting to see that our movement is really starting to gear up for 2010 and put its creative talents behind our viable candidates. I am honored to be counted among them.

While supporters are gearing up for a July 4th money bomb, we're gearing up for a huge Independence Day weekend here in Santa Fe. We'll have more details about that with the launch of the full site on June 1st. I also just saw the first draft of a video to promote the money bomb that should be coming out on Monday with the launch of the new site at from Clay Trainor. If you thought his previous videos were good, this one is going to knock your socks all the way to next November.

***EDIT: The crew from REP Freedom Force is also working on a video that will have significant footwear removing capabilities. Standby to be fully blown away as soon as tomorrow evening!***

Rand Paul's supporters are also gearing up for a "mini money bomb" for June 1st. I just donated and you should too! While having folks like myself, RJ Harris, or BJ Lawson standing behind Ron Paul in the House would be a giant leap forward for liberty, imagine our movement occupying a Senat seat! It's also looking more likely that Schiff will be entering the race to take Dodd's Senate seat in Connecticut. With Ron Paul considering backing a "10 in 2010" slate, this is looking to be a good time to be fighting for freedom!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adam Kokesh at the Jekyll Island Project

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ron Paul Weighs In

Dear Friends,

Adam Kokesh has been a tremendous supporter - of both me AND you! As a leader of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Adam has spent years traveling the country to spread our message of peace, a strong national defense and limited government. Adam has tremendous credibility because of his service in the United States Marine Corps and I have deep respect for his commitment to principle.

And now, Adam Kokesh needs our support.

Adam has formed an exploratory committee to run for Congress in his home state of New Mexico. Sending Adam Kokesh to Congress would be a tremendous victory for the Freedom Movement, and if we come together and stand behind him, he has a real chance to win.

This race will be difficult, but I know Adam has the energy and drive to be successful and pour every ounce of himself into this effort. I urge you to go to and support him in anyway you feel comfortable. Whether it is making a financial contribution, volunteering or getting more information share with your friends and family, Adam needs your support now so he can start down this long journey with momentum and a strong wind at his back.

We have a chance to help a real patriot and lover of liberty join me in Washington. Again, I hope you will help me support Adam Kokesh for Congress.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Matthew Dobbs, Human Being

My name is Matthew Dobbs; I am not a Constitutionalist yet an advocate of the Constitution. I have the rank human being, I carry military rank no longer for I am no longer shackled to a system that no longer represents me, that to be a part of this species is honor enough. I am a veteran of the Afghanistan campaign, and also a concerned citizen of the United States. I believe America is at a cross roads, we are at one of those moments in history that define a people. We have immoral wars and corrupt leaders, we have corporations as war profiteers and bankers as policy makers, and we have a seemingly confused and therefore apathetic people. We also have strength and courage to oppose those who would tell us that we need to be silent and silenced, we have a determination to say no, not me, I have been used for too long, I will not be the excuse of why our republic was destroyed by Imperialism and propaganda spewed at us and told it is for our own good. So what is to be done? There is a stranglehold on our economy and veterans who speak out of line and patriotic peace loving people are becoming marked targets. We have a system where all you need is the backing of corrupt individuals and corporations, and a willingness to sell your own peoples souls to become president. We have to stop waiting for the power elite to present us with leaders that we can not only we can live with but guide us toward a greater destiny. America has sat on its hands for nearly 60 years before ever realizing we have been lied to. I can’t think of a president besides Eisenhower or Kennedy that has even believed in the concept of Republic. These corporations and banks have no bid contracts not just in Iraq and Afghanistan but on Capitol Hill and right down the street in Austin. We look to the few Politician’s who still do right by their constituents, they are few and far between, but there are still some who have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and expose the lies of our blackened kleptocracy that was once a proud Republic. So I ask again what is to be done. Do we toe the line with the people and systems that we know are hanging us out to dry? I would like to think not. Nor should we stand to the side and point fingers at the people at the top or whisper to our friends the responsibilities of the Government, one which is no longer ours. I present another question. What is the Patriots’ responsibility? In my humble opinion it is to spread the seeds of a Revolution of thought and the creation of a spirit of individual responsibility. Education for the people who no not of the destruction that Empire brings and the trust and compassion of a true Democracy. We need to throw to the curb the truths of yesterday where we defined our allies and enemies in broad strokes to fool ourselves and the masses into tight boxes of black and white. The inspired message of unfettered diplomacy amongst us all. Too long have we distrusted our neighbors even here in the heart of Texas, we need to conquer our fear and stop deceiving ourselves into thinking peace is too hard or a flight of fancy of fools. Conquer your fears and then we can march toward victory together. Someone once told me the least effective way to Influence an organization is to leave it, the most effective way to change one is from the inside. We need to support and vote for the ones who believe in peace and responsibility. The Revolution is here we now need to back and support those who are willing to do battle. We need not to just get involved with the political process but take it and make it ours once again. This is an ambitious and harrowing undertaking for those who are willing, but this course is better than fighting in the streets or capitulation to a monster we have let roam our country side and cities for far too long. John F Kennedy once said

"A revolution is coming - a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough - but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability."

Friday, May 15, 2009


Submitted by Jordan Page

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
- Samuel Adams, 1780

My fellow Americans, the time has come. Undoubtedly we stand at the edge of a great abyss, with our most cherished liberties in jeopardy. We live in a time when the people of once free nations have no voice, and live in fear of repression by dark forces aligning against them. We live in a time when laws that dissolve the security and sovereignty of our country are passed without public debate and those who swear public oaths to defend it blatantly attack our Constitution. We live in an era when ruthless men atop mountains of wealth control all mainstream information outlets, thus creating false reality and proving that money is stronger than truth.

Our unaccountable elected and selected officials in Washington DC have squandered our inheritance, and given themselves immunity. They have allowed and perpetuated unsound monetary, legislative, and foreign military policies, which have led us down the path to untold human suffering. We have survived the eight long years of smug arrogance and hypocrisy that defined the Bush presidency and changed the face of the world forever, only to be swept up by the fervor of the idea of change personified by one man, whom I believe to be under the thumb and shield of the upper echelons of high finance. I remain, thoroughly unimpressed. I anxiously wait for a true voice of the people to emerge from out of the mire that is our Congress and bring sanity and humanity to our nation’s capital.

Please join me in your support for my friend, Adam Kokesh, a true American Patriot, in his quest for a seat in the United States Congress. The issues that we as a nation face have evolved beyond party affiliation, and political terminologies. We are no longer red and blue states. We are all Americans who believe in the idea of freedom and we must put forth our best efforts to protect it. Please visit, sign up and donate to Adam’s campaign. There will be a money bomb event on Independence Day, July 4th 2009, so please show your support, pledge $10 at and help spread the message. I know Adam personally and am thrilled that someone is running for public office who genuinely believes in and fights for the ideals upon which this country was founded.

Adam Kokesh is a former Marine and outspoken voice for Iraq Veterans Against the War. I support his mission to bring passion and dedication to the table. We must have people of this caliber battling our domestic enemies in government and finance on the battlefield of the high political arena. This is a most desperate hour, and we are in need of experienced patriots to prevent our ruin.

Jordan Page, musician/activist