Thursday, May 24, 2001

Active duty military? GWOT veteran? Got an opinion?

I want to hear what you have to say and help you share your views. Most well-written emails will be published here. Please specify whether or not you want your email address made public, include where you are stationed, if you have been to Iraq, and any supporting documentation (photos, orders, etc.) to verify your service. Email me at adam dot kokesh at gmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Just learned that the Pentagon had ordered 77,000 body bags for the
Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

Contact said...


You should run for congress!


Anonymous said...

Just ran into your blog and website. Saw you on TV during the convention. Bookmarked it so I can check back.

Anonymous said...

Please, PLEASE vote for Obama and not Barr. Otherwise, it is just a vote for McCain. Protest votes will not bring any change!

Anonymous said...

Adam, I want to thank you for protesting the Republican Convention. My husband rented the old movie "Path To Glory" recently. A quote from this film by Samuel Jonhson reminds me of McCain...Patriotism is the last refugue of a scoundrel. You are the true Hero, not John McCain because you stand up for the truth for the betterment of all. You do not exploite patriotism for personal benefit or profit.

Anonymous said...

Great Job last night with the sign. You showed the guts of a true warrior. Good luck.

Survivor of OIF 2

Anonymous said...


You sir are a true patriot! You embody what it means to be an American.

thank you for your service.

Anonymous said...

Where are you? We haven't heard from you so we were wondering if you were okay? you home? leave some info. Thanks for giving McCain a piece of your mind. he needs all the help he can get.

david.mcgraw said...

Hey, Motivator. Keep up the great work man. Let our voices be heard. You are far from being alone.

Seriously, when we get these troops home under a logical administration (we can hope), get into public office and fight for the troops at a higher level.

Stay Motivated.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

When I saw your sign televised at the RNC, I was electrified. I thought, "Now THAT is bravery." I was disappointed to find that you may not vote for Obama, because as a mother I cannot stand the thought of McCain and... Palin (?) at the helm of this country. But in the end, I can only say thank you - way too cool!

V. King (Green Party member for Obama)

Anonymous said...

I hope there are thousands more veterans like you that have not spoken up but are ready in the background when the criminals in government push their tyranny one step too far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam!

Last week was an truely amazing experience for me. Hearing your call to action was inspiring and I thank you for it. I would love to finish the conversation we began at the bar post-rally... (I think I have your roommates card.) I am home in DC in December! Holla at a balla! =)

Love and Liberty,

Maggie D.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your dedication to your country and your courage at the RNC. Please, however realize, that even though Ron Paul is good on Iraq, he's horrible on just about everything else. He would make abortion illegal so women would have to go to back alley butchers. He won't pay attention to global warming, or address the other aspects of energy.

Please don't throw you vote away, it's too important, it's your voice!

Obama/Biden '08

Anonymous said...

I just recently heard of you. Went and watched the vid of you at the rally. Dude, I am so proud of you!! I am a former Navy Corpsman/US Army Medical Sgt. Was civil affairs in OEF05/CAT-A278.
You are what this country needs to help us lead in this revolution to take our Republic back. The other side should shit its pants right now cause we are clearly waking up.
I will pledge my life and me fortune to do what is right and I will water that tree.

Sgt. Bob Pratt

Amy B said...


Kudos for your speech at the rally, McCain's acceptance speech and especially at Barr's conference yesterday.

Barr also lost my support and single-handedly destroyed the LP's chances to get future ballot access. So, several of us at RPF started this petition to get him off the ballot:

Please sign and promote if you're in agreement. If you could see it to put a link on your site, even better.

And keep up the great work! You're the face of the warrior in this revolution!


Anonymous said...

Adam, just watched your speech at the RNC...what can I say, I'm are what WE need...It is Time!

Major thanks to you for the courage you are showing by putting your life on the line for this cause...I'm with you Adam, you are a true PATRIOT in every sense of the word. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

The time has come and is nearly gone Brother. The Tree of Liberty is parched

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

Please publicize the Ronfeld and Arquilla papers on netwar and cyberwar. These are very important concepts for resistance networks and they need to get out into the public sphere. They're freely available on the RAND Corporation website and elsewhere, for the moment.

zachary said...

Insinuating that an innocent man is a terrorist
Terrorizing the populace with populist agendas
Atrocious behavior and words meant to upset
The balance of power to bring power to the ignorant.
This is what you get when you spit hate speech as rhetoric
Better get a better picture of the world Mrs. Palin.
Your policies are a failing and Police State isn’t my idea of freedom,
what kind of message are you bringing?

Fighting words: giving power to the ignorant
Pushing up the dominant reign of the government
Fighting words: You mouth ain’t protected
By the constitution instigating violence as a covenant

Fighting words: I’m looking deeper at your temperament
Crushing up your lexicon and seeing it as excrement
Fighting words: You mouth ain’t protected
By the constitution instigating violence as a covenant)

Bill O’Reilly, highly stylized Nazi propaganda
Techniques of interruption and rapture
That’s just a picture of one night’s episodes
Who’s to answer when blood’s spilled in name of hate
Sean Hannity, humanity’s void, a pandering droid
With no soul. Can it be true you hold the key to calamity
Its all Vanity, taking the lords name in vain
Blame everyone else for your murderous intent

Rush Limbaugh, limping on to the stage
Cigar smoking mad villain with whole crew of slaves
Enraptured to lies and arrogant allegation
Alleging the truth can be trumped by emotions
Where’s the reason? Greek philosophical techniques
Don’t legitimize treason, don’t patronize me.
Fuck yeah I’m a patriot, love to the land and people
Living in it. Don’t you tell me I’m merely inncocent.


Then there’s Bush, Cheney, Rove and Paulson,
When push came to shove Hitler never retired.
Retreaded, perhaps, the wheels of Third Reich,
Pandering to people content with living in fear
Fourth Reich inspired its clear the goal
of the soulless is to bring here nuclear war
Pentecostal visions to summon the beast or Jesus
Flee to a Free Alaska and bomb us from the North


-Sayv1 (

zachary said...

Dishonorable Diss Charge
by Sayv1

Let's restore honor to honesty and hone our beliefs
that our honey is sweet and our hundred monkey theory
and meme making devices mean lies and deceit
can seem real for time until they dematerialize into white steam and heat.
It seems as I speak that I'm inspired again, not chastised by chagrins
of charlatans charading whose honor is weak, honest to pete!
My feet is sore and bleeding from all the nonsense we've seen,

What a metaphor that stores the data that a message is complete
Anaphorally speaking, and as Obama would speak, and honor could be
shored up in due course and tied with cord to honesty. Honestly. Honor these
Words and sentences, hence the blended beat recommends a second read.
For a more studiously ridiculed pour over or some sort of comprehension at least.
This wasn't sent from the beast but inspired by the Pleiades.
This is the plea I feel and thus this is the plea I read. Listen if you please.
This is just a tease for what you get when we finally meet.

I share story with first nations teachings, bonfire lit meetings
tears on the cheeks and hearts move together in beating
Like reiki or spanking our connection makes your energy move
I'll berate the fake uncle Yankee in the same shrewd breath as my prayer
in tune with the suns penumbra magnetic arithmathematicca where
I glow brighter when phonetics used phreneticly scare
The canned laughter speech written bullshitting RNC chair

The McCain camp can't compare couldn't stand wouldn't dare
to duly duel, as dookie talking "duty walking" bullies are inflated with air
First we said it ain't fair, and now we've got a message to bare,
internetted and fully vetted for truth with no comparable flare
to pretty headed lipstick smeared pigs as your proof.
John McCain, this is YOUR glass roof.
You lied and and now its forever embedded in time.
You shamed yourself for party lines and lies reveal character flaws
so deeply buried inside that they'll never dislodge...

John McCain
This is your Dishonorable Diss Charge.

Pun intended and construed
This is Sayv1 and as for this message: I approve.

Unknown said...

Yo Bro! The one and only Espi here. They unblocked your site finally. Keep up the fight bro, you know when I get back we have a lot to catch up on. Plus you have a nephew you need to catch up with...

Anonymous said...

Adam is hottt... I'm in love!


Anonymous said...

I am not Iraq war veteran (USCG e-5)but I support your cause all the way. I will have my honorable discharge exactly one year from now an believe me, I will be there for the revolution, weather it's now, or after I get out. I take the oath I took seriously and I believe in what this country COULD become if the liars in Washington (who I have to obey for another year) would get whats coming to them. Adam, you are a true patriot. You've fought for this land and you've spoken out against domestic tyranny. Our founding fathers would be proud of what you, and the rest of the Freedom Movement are trying to accomplish. Peace and Freedom brother. Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

"The time is now the threat is clear"
The time for talk is over.
We are now doing something in defense of our republic.

Google Continental Congress 2009

We the people are peacefully attempting to restore consitutional order.
We need you.
We currently are tens of thousands.
We must become millions to make this happen.
Join us
Google: Continental Congress 2009

Anonymous said...

Run for congress, Adam.

Deborah W said...

I saw your speech prior to introducing Ron Paul in MN - after that I had to find out who you were. I have been a conservative Christian first, republican second but this movement is hitting the mainstream and we will win or die fighting. I grew up in Phila & I know the winter soldier, we are still the same people and we will prevail.
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

You are a great patriot. Are you a member of oath keepers dot com? I am now. Always remember, you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I heard that you went home to Santa Fe and that you were running for Congress. While I stand behind you running there I wish you would consider moving to Tennessee. We have Bart Gordon in our District and he had some young guy run against him and he pulled 66,000 from Bart Gordon just by having his name on the ballot. He did not campaign at all. You would win by a landslide.

We also have no charter of IVAW here and with Ft Campbell and Ft Knox a stone throw away we should have one.

We would welcome you and your family with open arms and help ya get set up.

Results of 08 TN-6th district of congress

Chris Baker's myspace

Our district is 86 miles from Ft. Campbell
and 103 miles from Ft Knox.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your run!
Have you heard about the Rule of Law Revolution yet? We have a very demanding set of candidate's pledges that you might like. Please check it out.

Jack Pelham

chris mandia said...

interesting blog, man. i'm a big ron paul supporter too. also have a little half-assed blog on here too. check it out if you get the time:

Mike Blessing said...

Adam -- I think it's a safe bet that the LPNM won't run a candidate against you as a spoiler if you run for Congress as a Republican. And the black T-shirt offered by your exploratory committee -- the one with "MARINE! TAKE THAT HILL" -- is a stroke of pure genius! LOVE IT!

Bill Green said...


I think we are beyond politics. Our "representatives" don't respond to us, and many folks are glad to plunder their neighbors through legislation. I think we need a broad, coordinated campaign of peaceful noncooperation and civil disobedience. But we need a leader. I think you could be that leader.


Bill Green

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, PLEASE vote for Obama and not Barr. Otherwise, it is just a vote for McCain. Protest votes will not bring any change!

September 5, 2008 9:17 AM

Whomever wrote the above, do you still feel the same? NO MATTER who was voted in, they ALL are puppets, except, of course, Ron Paul but, we all know where that went.

Anonymous said...

When one person joins a bad party, any kind of party, and tries to belong to the party so they can positively influence it, (save it) whom do you think will change in the end when 99% are negative?. The rest of the party, or the one person who thinks he has more influence than the many? If you hang with dogs, YOU get fleas, the rest don't lose them. It's the same even if we're talking about college beer parties. Use common sense. Being effective means knowing your limitations as well as your strengths. If you become so infatuated with your own new understandings and beliefs about liberty, (which has NOTHING to do with politics) you will stop listening to those who that have that directional experience and can help you, and you will turn into a politician, not a statesman and representative of the people. Which do you think we need most, because you can't be both. Politician or statesman ?