Monday, January 1, 2001

Book Adam Kokesh

Since getting out of the Marines, Adam Kokesh has been an outspoken member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He served as a Sergeant on a Marine Corps Civil Affairs Team from February to September of 2004 in the Fallujah area. He was a reservist who volunteered to go to Iraq because he believed that we were going to clean up our mess and really do good by the Iraqi people. When he saw it for himself, he discovered that was not the case. Since getting out of the military, he has been working tirelessly for the three objectives of IVAW: an immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from Iraq, full benefits for returning veterans, and reparations for the Iraqi people.

In March 2008, hundreds of members of IVAW came together for the event Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan where dozens of veterans testified to their experiences to complete the picture for the American people with the hope that America will take ownership of what is being in all of our names. The soldiers serving in Iraq are serving honorably in a criminal situation, and most of them know that you can not win a crime. At Winter Soldier Adam testified about the Rules Of Engagement and how criminal it is to put American troops in "a situation where their morals as defined by the Rules Of Engagement are at odds with their survival instincts.

As we all know now, we were lied into this war and it is lies that are keeping us there. They lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction, they lied about Jessica Lynch, they lied about Pat Tillman, and they lied about Al Qaeda and Saddam. And those are just the lies we know about! But Adam knows we were lied to about Fallujah also. We have heard from the “Generals On The Ground,” who have made it clear that they care more about their careers than the truth. We have heard from this administration which has lied to us repeatedly. We have heard from politicians with their various agendas. But now it is time that America listen to the troops, especially those who have demonstrated that they are patriots, and not loyalists.

Since joining IVAW in February of 2007, Adam has been speaking out at every opportunity and leading the anti-war movement with an inspiring message that brings a unique credibility to this most pressing of debates. In addition to testifying at Winter Soldier, he has spoken at numerous IVAW events, sold out concerts, in front of college and high school classes, on CNN, Fox News, ABC, and at rallies in front of as many as 100,000 people.

To book an event with Adam, please email adam dot kokesh at gmail dot com.