Friday, May 25, 2001

Who is Adam Kokesh?

In November 2006 I was honorably discharged (barely) from the US Marines after my second activation as a reservist. I moved to Washington, DC to get a master's degree in political management at George Washington University. Fortunately, I was unable to secure gainful employment, and stumbled into full-time activism with Iraq Veterans Against the War. You can email me at adam dot kokesh at gmail dot com.



looks like Adam Kokesh is doing some good patriotic work here,

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Anonymous said...

You're speeches are really hardcore dude.. I like it. It's like something out of a movie but it feels so different when the words you hear you know are genuine and the ideas expressed are aligned with your own.

WilhelmDurand said...

Mr. Kokesh, I want you to know that, frustrated with our "choice" of candidates this election year, I will be casting my first ballot for President of the United States for you.
I saw your speech at the Ron Paul Freedom Rally, and I was thoroughly impressed. You vehemence for freedom, intolerance of tyranny and continued focus what our true goals should be have awoken in me something rarely felt by many people: a sense of power to change what we know to be wrong.
I do not care whether you meet the requirements for President or not, I believe in my heart and head that you are the man for the job. Thus, it is to you that my vote goes.
Thank you, Adam, for all of your leadership.

Unknown said...


You are at the right place at the right time. Your life experiences have developed you into the man you are. Be a Man of God and a Man of the people, such leaders are rare indeed.