Friday, May 1, 2009

Kokesh for Congress Exploratory Committee

My fellow patriots,

Thank you for all you have done to help me in my journey over the past years. It has been an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Slowly but surely, in our struggle for freedom from authoritarianism, we are making progress. As long as we continue to hang together, we will not hang separately!

After leaving the Marine Corps, I joined the monumental fight to end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, bring our troops home to defend America, and restore a Constitutional foreign policy. Having won the public to our side, it is time we take the fight to the capitol, to the real enemies of the Constitution. Posturing against war while voting to fund it is unacceptable! Tragically, we still have a government that behaves like it owns us, rather than serves us.

Since I was first politically active, people have been encouraging me to run for Congress, including a recent effort to “draft” me to run ( We need rallying points to keep our movement invigorated and growing, and if a run for Congress from my home town of Santa Fe can serve as one, I will gladly step up. In that spirit, I am excited to announce the formation of the Kokesh for Congress Exploratory Committee.

While I am asking for your financial support in this effort, I want to make it clear that I am willing to make the personal sacrifices necessary to raise the standard of our national leadership. If elected, I will not accept the Congressional salary of approximately $170,000, but only the national average income. It is unbearable in these difficult times, for Congress to tell the American people what is best for us economically while they vote themselves another pay raise and burden our children with impossible debt. Enough is enough!

There is a temporary website up now at Please sign up and donate there as we prepare for the launch of a complete site on June 1st.

It is time once again to draw the line between patriots and loyalists. I am a patriot because I am committed to the ideals of liberty and equality this country is destined to achieve, loyal to no false authority. I know that much more than political resistance is required to achieve a paradigm shift, but we can do no wrong standing up for what we know to be morally right. Regardless of my decision, I remain eternally committed to the cause of liberty.

Love, faith, respect,

Adam Kokesh


Matt Colvin said...

Excited to see you taking this step adam - you have my promise of support starting with a donation this morning. Go get em brother!
Matt Colvin

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam..thought this would be a path you might take one day...good to see it! You always have my support!

Contrarian Libertarian said...

Are you running with the Libertarian Party? Everytime I see a corrupt Republican or Democrat run their mouths on TV, it makes me want to scream. The LP needs to take this opportunity to break through or else they are just shills for the Republicans. Either way, best of luck!

Ed Vallejo said...

THE PHOENIX R3VOLUTION IS BEHIND YOU! We are willing to make banners for your campaign, and come over there and blanket your state with them! Get with me or Ernie Hancock at Freedom's Phoenix when you are ready and we will SPRING INTO ACTION!

Dan McCarthy said...

Thanks Phoenix Liberty! What can we do in Texas? My email is dmacdrummer[at]gmaildotcom Lemme know when you want to start phonebanking shootus a script and we in San Marcos can call your district.

TCO said...

I'm a served veteran of several years. I don't think the Iraq war is a good idea, although I'm one of the few whoadmit they supported it initially. All that said, I dislike the wearing of the uniform at peace rallies or counter-recruiting.