Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Responses to Posts on This Blog

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has contributed to this blog with their posts. I wish I could respond to all of them, but here are some of the best and my responses.

iamsofaking said...

The Marine Corps is just made of people. They will consistently disappoint you. The good news is that they can't recall you now and really give you trouble. They can't hurt you anymore.
Make all the ruckus you can. I hope that you can change some more minds.
You are doing good work and are one of my heroes.

Right on. It happens to be made of people who right now are betraying their oath and allowing themselves to be corrupted by the administration. If they thought I was dangerous as a member of the IRR, they are in for a surprise now. They fucked with the wrong vet. It’s mother-fuckin’ on like mother-fuckin’ Donkey Kong biatches!

Charles Wilson said...

You should post all of the documents in the case, from start to finish.

As soon as I get them from my attorney, I intend to post the interesting parts. Do you think it would be worthwhile to post everything? There’s a lot of boring shit.

Bags said...

A dishonorable discharge would be my choice. Non-coms are suppose to be leaders of warriors, not hippies.

Non-coms are supposed to be upholders of principle.

Patriot said...


As an Army Sergeant First Class who completely disagrees with your stance and position on this war, I think you were screwed by the Marine Corps for having your honorable discharge revoked and replaced with a general discharge.

I'm preparing a bigger post of support for your cause of getting your honorable discharge back, while still disagreeing with your war stance. Good luck, my friend. If you'd like to give us any updates, you have my email.

Thanks for the support. It’s good to hear from people like you who realize that my case is about more than my stance on the war. I think the letter from the VFW shows that a lot of veterans and military personnel realize this and see that we need to look out for each other.

Anonymous said...

sorry for my ignorance but, didn't the prez himself wore what looked like a uniform in the 'mission accomplished' speech? is he above the law for this, or is it because it was uniform of a different service?
the congressional members who are REAL veterans themselves would certainly have better understanding of these issues...

It would seem that Georgie boy thinks he is above the law in a number of ways.

Ed Snyder said...

Something not mentioned is that the Marine Corps is not only trying to apply the UCMJ to someone for whom it does not apply, but they are also violating their own regulations. From the Marine Corps Separation and Retirement Manual (as of 30 May 2001):

1004.4.d. Conduct by Reservists. Conduct in the civilian community by a member of the inactive reserves (including the Individual Ready Reserve) who, at the time of the conduct, is not on active duty, or active duty for training, may form the basis for characterization under other than honorable conditions only if such conduct directly affects the performance of military duties (service related). Such conduct may form the basis of characterization as general (under honorable conditions) only if such conduct adversely affects the overall effectiveness of the Marine Corps including military morale and efficiency.

Basically, each of the conditions has to be met. They are in order:

1. The conduct must directly affect the performance of the service member's military duties.
2. The conduct must adversely affect the overall effectiveness of the Marine Corps including military morale and efficiency.

Member's of the IRR have very few military duties. Really, the only duties that they have is to hold onto their uniforms (or at least have a complete inventory if recalled) and ID card, update their contact information when necessary, and show up once per year for a physical. That's it. Protesting in part of a uniform does not affect any of those duties.

Anonymous said...

you've got my support but I've been doing this for a few months already of course.

-Chris Capps

Chris, you are the man. What you have done took a unique courage that I have not yet had to tap. I only wish that I had the awareness that you have when I was still in.

Anonymous said...

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion (Ethiopian proverb)

Thank you for all you are doing, and have done, for all of us.


Anonymous said...


I am not to sure what to think of you. You are going to bring your little parade into Kansas City and for what. I am not to sure what your goal is. I mean you know what you did is wrong, just take the punishment. What is that called, oh yeah Courage. I know that even though that boot camp may have been soft for you they still teach you the Corps Values. Hell you might still have your Honor, Courage and Commitment card. You might want to read it on your road trip. If boot camp was hard like you wanted it, you would have a blog about how the Marine Corps kicked your ass. But you can do what you want. You know what you remind me of. Those Marines that want things to be hard core till it is too hard then you cry about it.

Actually, I know that what I did was right. It takes more courage to speak out than to take aim.

William W said...


Good for you. Don't listen to anonymous haters. What you're doing is an inspiration to all of us who still love our country more than our power.

It’s great to hear that I’m reaching people. Well said.

Charles Wilson said...

Sgt. Kokesh, I have mixed feelings about your activities. I support your right to free speech and wish you well in your hearing, but frankly I am uncomfortable with military members using the uniform for political activities.

On the other hand, from what I've been able to glean from your website, you did so as a non-drilling reservist, which in my understanding is a status tantamount to being a civilian.

All of this is a sticky question. Obviously, military personnel do and should have rights as citizens, but I get nervous when military personnel appear in uniform in partisan causes. Believe me, I'm just as unconfortable when they wear a uniform at, say, the Republican Convention.

I am curious about the procedures and a bit of the terminology. The easy question first: I have seen IRR rendered as "Individual Ready Reserve" and "Inactive Ready Reserve." On your website, it's "Inactive Ready Reserve."

Does the acronym's precise meaning vary by service branch? I had thought the USMC's IRR members are part of the "Individual Ready Reserve." I know it's a minor detail, but as a civilian who has written about military affairs, I always want to be sure I get the terminology correct.

Secondly, my understanding of military law is that you cannot be disciplined by the military for anything you do while in a non-drilling reserve status. Therefore, what is the legal basis of the Marine Corps's action against you?

Finally, you mentioned the USMC's offer of a plea bargain, but you have not said what terms they offered. How about publishing the complete text of their offer?

I understand the discomfort about uniforms at partisan events, but this was not a partisan event. We were representing our organization and ourselves as veterans, and we ensured that this was made clear by having a team of people distributing flyers that made that clear. The fliers also made it clear that what we were doing was street theater. Technically, it is the Individual Ready Reserve, but is commonly referred to as the Inactive Reserve. That was my mistake. There is no basis for their action, and the decision itself was legally faulty.

The plea bargain was made by Captain Sibert to my attorney over the phone and my attorney communicated it to me by email. I can publish that, but it’s pretty simple. He offered me a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, which is what I received anyway. Of course I told him by email to shove it, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was never in the Corps, Mr. Wow-I'm-not-sure-what-to-think, but I was a FMF Corpsman and I think it took sack (that'd be the courage part) to stand up say this war is just stupid. And I think it's downright DIS-honorable for the REMFs in the Pentagon to try to back door slam someone this way. If veterans can't speak up and something is wrong who can? I guess he's Committed to free speech. This IS still the USA. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Way to f***ing go Dude. We need a few more people with balls among the Generals to bring this clusterfuck to an end.

Generals don’t have balls. They have careers. That’s why we can’t trust any of the “Generals on the ground” who never leave their bunkers and care more about their careers than the truth. They have repeatedly misrepresented what is going on in Iraq in order to give us the impression that they are doing a great job and everything in Iraq is getting better. We can’t always trust the media to get the truth from the troops on the ground either, as everyone is “coached” about talking to the media. The briefings we got can be summed up by the old saying that my mother was so fond of: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But there are a lot of “not nice” things to say about the occupation of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore those idiots. There's nothing like an organization that turns on itself at the first sign of dissent. Apparently you're only a Marine these days until you have the nerve to exercise the right to free speech that you protected. Call me crazy, but I doubt it was the first time those Marines had read/heard the word "fuck".

Right on. This is how Marines talk to Marines. I actually thought the content of the emails was the disrespectful part, not the “go fuck yourself.”

You Know Me said...

Sgt. Kokesh,

You are indeed a true patriot. Jefferson, I suspect, would be proud.

I have been greatly moved by your pointblank telling your Marine Corps brass persecutors to go fuck themselves.

Imagine the impact if those appearing before McCarthy's committee had had the courage to tell the senator to go fuck himself.

There have been countless instances throughout the history of the USA, and the world, when the failure of citizens to tell their persecutors to go fuck themselves has enabled them to continue.

Gutlessness is pandemic. To wit, "anonymous" commenter number one above, who supposes to lecture you but lacks the juevos to put his name with his words.

Give 'em hell.

Chris Brown
Xalapa, MX

Thank you. I’m trying to bring back the phrase. Maybe someday it will be known as the “go fuck yourself” defense.

ongoingly said...

You're bringing back the hope I lost after this recent disheartening Dem cave-in to the neocon war machine. Thank you for all you do now and for your service to your country. You are a truly courageous man, in a time when our country is being run by lying cowards, we need to keep seeing you to remind us about what is just. Seriously, you make me proud to be an American.
If you are ever in CT, look me up and we can raise some hell over at the Lieberman residence.

If you are ever in DC, we’ll raise hell at Lieberman’s office, as we did last week with Code Pink over his comments on Iran. Apparently, he wants to make foreign policy during TV interviews. McCain wants to do it in song. Shameful.

Anonymous said...

Of course, command wants to use you as an example. They consider you a traitor because you no longer subscribe to the "group think."

I went to Vietnam and did my ONE year tour but knew when I came back home that that war was a mistake. We used to count down until our ONE year tour was UP! The current crop of expendable bodies now must rotate back and forth in a "never ending" war! The bullshit never seems to end, does it? One wonders which imbecile in the Bush team created this unrealistic objective ... never ending war ... but the supplies of bodies are dwindling.

Quite frankly, I think the fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Jews, and the fundamentalist Muslims should find some place to go drop bombs, drain the blood of their enemies ... and let those of us who want to live in a peaceful world alone.

All you gotta do is TELL THE TRUTH ... that can never be stopped, Adam. Keep on the good fight!

That would be an interesting solution. We could call it Vietraqifundamentistan. You also bring up an interesting contrast to the war in Vietnam. With the draft, the burden of the war was distributed to a new 500,000 troops with each rotation. A lot more people were directly affected by the war. In that sense, we did learn a lesson from Vietnam. The administration is much better at propaganda too. The burden is being born now by a much smaller group that comes home from Iraq, has just enough time to unfuck their heads, say hi to their wife and kids, and go straight back into training for the next tour. As a result, the burden is very isolated.

Anonymous said...

What you did is wrong and you know that it is wrong. Quit crying to the public for help when a lot of them don't know what you did is wrong. When you raised your hand your gave up some rights and you knew it. Yes, people might think that you are a great marine, but I don't think so because you intentionally did something wrong. Shut up and take your punishment.

Actually, I knew what I did was right, and actually not against any rules. If your definition of doing something wrong is breaking the rules, you are sorely mistaken. There are numerous unjust laws, and as a Marine, I know there are a lot of inane regulations that are routinely ignored, as they must be in order to accomplish the mission. Sometimes you have to break unjust laws in order to do what is right, and if that were the case, I would be happy to break the law. It’s not God’s law after all. Shut up and get a clue.

Anonymous said...

I served not only to protect the people of this great country, but its Constitution. I am beyond proud to see you fight not only for your own rights under that same constitution, but the rest of us IRR. *salute*

Great to hear from guys in the IRR that think this is ridiculous.

Dave Patton said...


As an ex-Army Officer, (First and Second) Iraq war veteran, citizen, and ardent war opponent. I want to commend you on your actions and for standing up for what you felt is right. A discharge is just a piece of paper, it does not define you. The meatball who left the comment above me speaks of courage and honor, and values. But it is apparent that they neither know the meaning of the words nor have those attributes as part of their character. Courage is standing up for what you believe in despite the cost. Cowardice is verbally defaming someone from the shadows of anonymity offered by the internet.

Make no mistakes that the Marines, will railroad you on this. They will probably wind up giving you a negative discharge. But it is not the end of the road, but merely the beginning. I never served in the Corps, rater I served in both the Army and the Navy, but I do recognize a Marine when I see one. A Marine is someone who stands up for what is right, who holds the good of his fellow troops and those around him above his own good, someone who doesn't quit when things get tough. You are a Marine Kokesh. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Dave Patton

Wow, thank you for those very powerful words. Hopefully, you too will take the first step of standing up for what you believe in and join our organization. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,

I'm in the IRR. Those bastards already tried to call me back.

Thanks for taking one for the team. I've already been to Iraq and I am completely against the way the US has been stomping around the world for the past 6 yrs.

For a while after I got out I thought we I had done good things while in Iraq in 2004. After a while I began to realize I was wrong. Slowly I began to uncover the disaster I was a part of.

I never would have thought all the naysayers had a point. As a matter of fact the truth was much worse than the worst case scenario. As I dug deeper and deeper I was more and more upset.

The US is the greatest country in the history of western civilization. We are ruining everything that has made us so great. The problems of the last few decades could have been solved in millions of different ways all of which would have been better than how we, Americans, have chosen to react.

Thanks Adam!

Hopefully you too will take it upon yourself to join IVAW and lend your voice to the movement.

Anonymous said...

Adam, I was completely opposed to this war from the start. I couldn't believe that anybody would follow Bush over that cliff. Everytime I saw him on TV I got so angry. "Fucking shit!" -- automatic speech just came out of my mouth, didn't go through my brain at all -- as I dove to turn the TV off. My town council passed a pro-war resolution and I wrote a letter to the editor against it: "Not in my name!" and the editor called me to make sure my letter wasn't a joke. On the day Bush started the war, I sent e-mails out to all my friends of Sen. Byrd's speech: "Today I weep for my country."

All I'm saying is, big disconnect between me and the war crowd. One of us must be crazy.

When I doubted myself ("CAN democracy come by bomb?), I wondered if there wasn't a greater good possible in this war that Bush wasn't expecting -- which was that he couldn't control you, the troops, and that your inherent decency would out as you did your work, and you would help Iraq rebuild in ways Bush could never imagine. When I look at the picture of you in Fallujah that all comes back to me. I think you're terrific.

Don't be bothered by stuff like what anonymous Wow wrote. You ARE fighting for your country now in a bigger and better way than anything possible in Iraq. Lt. Watada was perfect and you are perfect and fun.

Operation First Casualty, the Gonzales hearing -- brilliant, wonderful stuff! Way to make the Constitution live! Thank you for preserving and protecting it. The rest of the people who took that oath have failed it miserably.

I salute you, sir! My hero! Good luck Monday.

KL in California

Gabe said...

Adam- You keep saying that Thomas Jefferson stated, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." No Founding Father ever said any such thing. It is a total urban myth.

Please educate yourself. Support of our men and women in uniform and their mission is one of the highest forms of patriotism, certainly not some ACLU type of dissent. Give us all a break.

Finally, the mainstream media is misconstruing the VFW's statement. They hardly support your demonstrations and look for a clarification soon.

You’re right about the Jefferson quote. My bad. As I explained in an earlier post, it was said by Howard Zinn, but he was referencing something Jefferson said in a more drawn out way. What exactly is ACLU dissent? What does it mean to you to support the troops? Allow them to keep dying in a futile occupation and supporting Bush’s mission to make his friends rich? I hope not. By advocating for vets’ rights on the Hill in DC, we do more to support the troops than 99% of the jackasses with magnets on their cars put together.

The mainstream media has not misconstrued the VFW’s statement. In fact, every time I’ve seen it mentioned, it quoted the letter directly, including the part about not supporting my position, but rather my assertions in this case. If you can’t understand that, maybe you need a clarification.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Semper Stupid"...I hope you're not only given an “other than honorable” discharge, but I hope they take the rest of the rank they should have taken after you were busted the first time. You're a problem child and a loser.
Sergeant First Class Cheryl McElroy US ARMY (RET)
Veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom

“Semper Stupid.” That’s a new one. Maybe it’ll catch on. Actually, I’m a solution child and winner! (Fighting inanity with inanity.)

Kerstin Lanham said...

Fabulous Adam, wonderful guy,

Several posters here have repeated Benjamin Franklin's quote about how those who would trade liberty for security deserving neither. He had another one, which was that he was asked after the Constitution was signed what kind of government they had made and his reply was, "A republic, if you can keep it."

This fake president, evil vice president, rubber stamp Repuglicans and spineless Jellocrats in Congress, and the rotten Supreme Court that started this whole nightmare when it stopped the vote count in 2000--ALL of them have failed this country, and if it weren't for people like you I would say our beloved republic is lost.

What TOTALLY EXCELLENT service to our country and to all the people of the world, each of us created equal to each other--you rock! Hooyah! Plus you're way fun and gorgeous, finally something to make me happy in these times.

The Marine Corps could not have a better representative. Put the insignia back on and your name tag too and let that light shine when you finally wear your uniform in public.

Keep on rockin' in the free world,

Kerstin Lanham :-)
Campo, California

Charles Wilson said...

After spending quite a bit of time looking into as many details as I could, and then spending more time thinking about it and discussing it with others, I come to the conclusion that your game has been to goad the Marine Corps into treating you in a way that will look too harsh to civilians.

To me, your case is a public relations I.Q. test for the Marine Corps. If they're smart, they'll give you a General discharge and be done with it. This would be consistent with military regulations and common sense.

An OTH discharge, which is what you've clearly been bucking for, is inconsistent with the regulations and will cause the Marine Corps more trouble than it's worth. It'll be interesting to see if they take your bait.

That’s an interesting take, but a bit too much like a conspiracy theory. I only wish I was clever enough to have planned things the way that they have worked out. But the thought has crossed my mind that someone in the Pentagon is making this happen to get publicity for IVAW and the cause. We may never know. I honestly never thought the Marine Corps would waste so much time on a case like this.

Smith said...

Apparently it's okay to wear the uniform to political rallies... so long as you're a conservative.

Here's a picture of USAFR Maj. Eric England at the Conservative Political Action Conference with rightwing blogger Michelle Malkin.

Oh, and that other guy's name is Matt Sanchez. He's the reservist who was outted as a gay porn star and prostitute.

Shock said...

As a Soldier (not a Marine!) currently in Baghdad, I'm wondering... did the Corps ever stop to think they would be embarrassing the country as well as themselves?

Show them how the name Teufelhunden was earned.

ronn cantu

Dan said...

Screw those pencil whipping Rear Echelon Mother F@#*%s, this is the most ate up thing I have ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

From those of us who are currently active duty and CANNOT speak out without risking our jobs, we support you!


Brian said...


I got paper fucked at the same place almost seven years ago while serving in the AR program.

Don't let these "Jag" wanna bees get ya down. GIVE THEM HELL!!

LCPL Brian "Biggernutz" Biggerstaff

Anonymous said...

Devil Dog,

I'm an active duty Marine in Iraq - forgive me for posting anonymously - and I'm behind you 100%. Don't let the rights of Marines and servicemembers on the IRR be taken away. Maybe I'll see you at a protest someday.

Semper Fidelis.

I just hope that all of the active service members who have been inspired by my case will also find the courage to speak out. Know your rights. There is nothing your command can do to you for just joining IVAW. We also offer confidential membership. It means a lot to be able to say that as an organization, we represent a lot of guys on active duty, but right now it’s not nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

When we silence one, we silence all.

You have the right to be heard and be seen.

Vietnam Vet who participated in Anti-Vietnam War protests.

Rocky said...

Adam, thank you for your service.

message to Gabe

the VFW did not say: "Adam Kokesh is "sophomoric."...

the VFW does not support Kokesh's position on the war, but it does support his freedom of speech. Where the VFW mentions "sophomoric" in in response to Kokesh's use of "fuck" in his writings. -- and in that case the VFW calls the actions sophormoric.

link to the actual VFW statement:

Gabe, why don't you go back to blowing Sanchez your gay porn Marine.


Charles Wilson said...

I congratulate the Marine Corps for its handling of your case. I had written earlier that it was a P.R. I.Q. test for the USMC.

Under military regs, you were vulnerable to a General discharge, not the OTH that you were obviously hoping for so you could use it as a publicity tool. To the USMC's credit, they didn't take the bait you offered, in the form of provocative, insolent and insubordinate statements to them. They followed military law and common sense. Good for them.

So you know: I agree with you about the war. I am intensely opposed to it. I give you credit for protesting it, and I especially enjoyed your appearance at the Gonzales hearing. I'm a huge believer in free speech.

However, you know full well what the military regs are with respect to a military member, including one in the IRR, wearing the uniform at partisan events. I think the reg should be more evenly enforced, particularly by the Air Force, which I consider to be an evanglical Christian wingnut cabal. They've allowed their people to appear in uniform at all manner of Republican events, even after the Pentagon reinforced the rules against wearing the uniform in a partisan context.

But two wrongs don't make a right, and the Marine Corps is not the Air Force. You were notified of the problem, and you could have solved it with no muss and no fuss simply by wearing non-USMC camos. You chose otherwise.

As a civilian, none of those regs will apply to you. I'll look forward to seeing Cpl. Kokesh, discharged from the USMC with a General discharge under honorable circumstances, at future protests. Good luck to you.

If they thought I was dangerous then . . .

Marion said...

Since the Corps gave you the great big green weenie, you have every right that they should kiss your ***. It was my understanding too, that if all insignia was removed, that any body could wear the uniform. But once you put on the insignia then you are held to the military codes. Is the Corps going to prosecute all former Marines for wearing any part of their uniform (ie:covers and camie jackets)that some vets like showing off? Maybe I should drag out my old uniform.
ooh rah dog,
the former LCpl Mittendorff

You absolutely should. And get yourself an IVAW t-shirt to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Give em Hell Adam,

I find it mind boggling that some of the posters of comments here are slinging crap at you, calling you a "disgace", calling you a "faggot". The latter being among the most often and overused insults used by sub-intelligent cretins.

It goes to show how amazingly mindless and ignorant some people are about what is going on over in Iraq, and in this county.

By default, I am not violent

I, for one, am glad there a soldiers, civilians, and PATRIOTS like you who are not afraid to stand up and say "NO MORE".

To all the Adam Kokesh detractors, I say (taking que from one of my new HEROS) "GO FUCK YOURSELVES!"

Thank you Adam!

Jeff Bosco

Charles Wilson said...

I'd like to say that, while I am critical of the way you've handled this whole thing, I don't go along with those who are dumping all over your service and/or your speaking out against the Iraq War.

I think you made mistakes in the way that you dealt with the Marine Corps. For all I know, maybe there's still a chance to patch it up with them, although it would involve eating some humble pie.

It's not the Marine Corps that decided to go to war in Iraq. That honor goes to Bush, Cheney and the neocons who surrounded them. The Marine Corps is the sword, not the swordsman.

I feel for where you're coming from, Cpl. Kokesh, and for the emotion behind it. But I think you acted unreasonably and inappropriately, and that the USMC took the high road here.

If there's a way to keep them from implementing the recommendation, and thereby preserving your Honorable discharge, I think you should pursue it. Long after these events are forgotten, I think you'd be glad you did.

I think you're right about the war, but I think you were wrong in the way you dealt with the Marine Corps' objections to your wearing of USMC camos at protests. No one's above acknowledging a mistake. Except for George Bush, of course. You're better than that, so if the opportunity exists I think you should think about fixing this.

Best of luck to you.

I am always happy to admit my mistakes, but I don’t think there are any in the way I have handled this case. What would you suggest I should have done differently? Theoretically, the military is a weapon of our democracy; the Marine Corps is the sword. But what happens when the sword becomes one with the swordsman and the military becomes a political tool? Just because it is not the swordsman, does that mean that we should not resist the sword when it is pressed to our necks?

Anonymous said...

I hope you will finish your university and then consider political service. Our nation needs leaders who can tell the truth without fear of the consequences. I know I would vote for you if you running for anything in my state of Washington.

I don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life, but our planet is crying for honest and even-handed leadership. Thank you for reflecting the best qualities of the Marines and our young America. We are proud of you!

Joe said...

To the anonymous post on June 10th. You said "You have turned you back on everything that serving your country stands for and for what? Your an idiot, and should receive a court martial. Get a job and stop being a pu--sy!!" I say that if you had served you would remember this “I do solemnly swear to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC." Do you remember that? I think that takes place at say either MEPS or the recruiting office. I served as a Marine for 9 years and I did a tour in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Seems to me you have your facts jacked up. Looks like Sgt. Kokesh is still protecting and defending the Constitution that WE THE PEOPLE still hold dear. Why don't you be a man and crawl out of this administration’s ass you brainwashed idiot! I am a Marine Sgt as well, and guess what I got out in 04. "Once a Marine always a Marine". You are doing a damn good job Sgt Kokesh. Keep at it! Semper Fi!

Please join us! We need strong voices like yours. There is much you can do to help end the occupation.

tankertux said...

I'm not sure when you were last in Iraq, but I got back in April '06. As a communications soldier in the Army National Guard, I did a small stint at the Iraqi Police Headquarters in Baghdad to provide internet and voice communications in support of the October '05 "elections". Speaking through a translator, I learned from several Iraqi police and soldiers that this recent sectarian violence is indeed a development of the US' attempt at "political affirmative action". Keep up the great work! I'm another vet (still enlisted unfortunately) who reads and truly enjoys your blog.

Cato Uticensis said...

Kokesh, you are a poster boy for Liberal traitors trying to help the terrorists win in Iraq. You are not a victim here, and you well know it. You are just trying to set yourself up as a Liberal Media darling and living the high life while you are doing it. Stop whining like a little bitch.

We all know when we take the oath that you can't speak out against the military when on duty. And disgrace to the service that you are, you are still obligated to obey its rules.

So, you want sympathy? While the people of Venezuela are risking their necks in the streets TRULY fighting for free speech that is being taken from them, you want us to look at you and cry?

OK, here's a pity party for you-


poor baby.

You betrayed this country on foreign soil, you are a disgrace. And don't give me the BS about "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." Dissent is what people who love this country do who sincerely seek to better it. It is not describing traitorous swine who oink for the benefit of enemies who seek to kill us.

Matt Dedinas
3rd Infantry Division 1996-1999
Amrican Conservative Veterans

No, I don’t want you to cry for me. Only a paranoid jingoist would want to cry over such a trivial matter as my case. I would rather you take your moronic insinuations and shove them up your ass. Speaking of traitorous swine, are you aware that George W. Bush has become the greatest recruiting tool in Al Qaeda’s arsenal? I never said I was a victim, and I don’t whine. I rather consider myself benefited by the idiocy of this administration. But tragically, there are many who have suffered as a result of Bush’s bungling.

CT said...

Anonymous 8:38, hunting is not a political activity, should you be wearing your uniform while hunting, that is up for debate. Here is my view on it folks, I think Adam has every right to speak what he feels, even though I don't agree with any of it. The problem is that he is using a military uniform in an unauthorized manner, ie. for political means. He knows and all of us that have worn a uniform know that this is a big no no. Now if he would have waited until the end of his 8 years obligation, they couldn't touch him. He still has to abide by the USMJ and no he can't go tell an officer to go "F" himself. For those of you with the "doesn't the Marine Corps have better things to do" questions, well yes and no. The majority of the Marine Corps could care less about this situation and maybe don't even know about it, because they are busy with fighting a war. But there are Marines and units out there (HQ Marine Corps Legal) that has the job of ensuring all members, regardless of duty status abide by the rules. That is what makes the military the military folks, we have rules and we enforce them, at least better than the civilian sector. Anyway, Adam, I don't agree with a damn word you say, but think you should be allowed to say it, I know I've fought for you to have that right. But the uniform represents the Marine Corps and this country, not any individual. So wearing it, or part of it to a political function is saying that you are representing the Marines in your cause. The majority of us (Jarheads)don't agree with you, and that is why we have the rules we do and probably why legal action is being taken against you. Take care and Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

Adam, Do you recall if you where telling the trouth when you said "I had a great experience, and I'll never regret for a second that I volunteered." Refering to your first and only tour in Iraq.

Let me count the Lies. For you.

That’s not a lie. I did have a great experience in Iraq. I learned a lot, challenged myself, and broadened my horizons. And I don’t regret volunteering believing what I believed and knowing what I knew at the time. What I regret is that our military was put in a situation to clean up a mess that never should have been made, and that a lot of Marines died trying to clean it up.

An Adj said...

Here’s the basic breakdown of this situation. Cpl Kokesh is using his position against the war in an attempt to paralyze the command element at MOBCOM. This is where the email sent to him originated. By his actions, the Adjutant, CG, and all others involved now have to pay special attention to Cpl Kokesh because Cpl Kokesh’s intent is to hold the unit hostage. Due to his lack of tact and personal bearing, leadership traits I’m sure he’s completely forgotten, Cpl Kokesh has taken this issue, disguised at a veteran against the war, and turned it into an issue of a disgruntled Marine against the Corps.

The command element of this unit could be spending valuable time conducting the day to day business of processing awards, fitness reports, and mission related correspondence. The CG now has to focus attention on this annoyance, along with many others that are sure to exist in the form of routine NJP’s and investigations internal to any command. Cpl Kokesh is aware of this. He has been the recipient of an NJP in the past while on active duty. He knows how this can affect a battalion or regiment respectively. What he doesn’t fully understand is the implications of his actions in depth.

Not only does the command now have to assign an officer or SNCO as an investigating officer, extra time has to be taken away from the day-to-day business; business that is meant to serve the Marines who are either doing their pre-deployment work-ups, or others who are in the process of getting out of the Marine Corps. Stack this onto the aforementioned nuisance of the 10 percent who are being administratively separated for to the wide variety of offenses against the UCMJ and you have a constant thorn in the backside of any given command. Cpl Kokesh is just one such thorn. Good job Marine. You must be proud. After all, you’ve made this all about you. Let’s hear your speech on troop welfare now.

This post is so inane, I don’t know where to start. Why do so many crazy conspiracy theory nuts read this blog? OK, I’m trying to hold MOBCOM hostage. Did I succeed? And he’s right, I am disguised as a “veteran against the war.” I’m really the Easter Bunny. Golly gee willikers, now you all know my secret identity.

Anonymous said...

This is just a little FYI for all you right wing cretins out there who've either never worn the uniform or haven't put one on since the first Bush administration. Kokesh is not alone in his feelings. More and more Iraqi military folk are seeing what this war is really about. Profits for KBR/Halliburton, ie Cheney and friends. And let me tell you. They are PISSED OFF! And when they come home, I suggest you keep your right wing comments to yourselves because they will beat you til you piss blood. Too bad you neo cons don't believe in PTSD, well I mean too bad FOR YOU. We're coming for you! PS Keep up the great work Kokesh. We military families are behind you! PSS If I wasn't married and ten years your senior, you'd be in big trouble mister, keep hitting the weights. From Strawberry Bitch.

We are currently in the process of recruiting a lot of really angry young men.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kokesh,

You should have done the protest in Army Style BDU's without ANY insignia of any type.
Unfortunately, as you are finding out you wore the MARPAT uniform complete with the EGA, which makes it a Naval Service uniform.

By wearing the MARPAT uniform, complete with boonie hat with EGA, you wanted people to know you served in the Marines. That was against the regs......since you are a grad need to research into political movements by members of the reserve components a little better.....

You even said the below statement, which makes me puzzled:

"I love the Marine Corps," he said. "I always have loved the Marine Corps, and that is why I'm particularly offended to see it being used for political ends."

If you said the above, then why wear a MARPAT uniform, using it for political ends?

If you get out of this scott free, you need to go back to GMU, and retake the undergrad critical thinking class.

If you get an OTH, you may lose your VA educational benefits, but I think you should ask for them to be re-instated so you can take a class about critical thinking...or take out another loan.

You are NOT a disgrace to the Marine Corps, but next time, you need to think before you act.

But in this case, your past precedes you, especially in the matter of bringing a weapon back from theatre......

You are a loose cannon that the Corps needs to get rid of....either Honorably, or Other than Honorable.

In your case it was un-honorable to utilize the uniform you had friends die in for political statements.

Read the regs next time. The Corps still owns you....for 2 more weeks anyway.

Adj said...

I've read the email letter from Major Whyte a few times over and I can't seem to find anything in the content that would indicate a threat or any other possible wording of mal-intent. To me it seems the major was trying to establish a good rapport by indicating that you “might be” in violation of a UCMJ article. He even goes a step farther in comparing your issue to the current geopolitical issues as if to say: “hey, this is silly, but let me tell you what my obligations are on my end”.

If you would have hit the reply and said: “roger sir, got the email, thanks for the heads up”, I have a strong feeling that would have been that. Instead you personalized the issue and asked the major to kindly go “fu_k himself” or words to that effect. Are you stupid? No, really, for real now, how dumb are you? Hey if Cpl Kokesh can tell a major to go “f-himself” then it must be ok for PVT’s, PFC’s, LCpl’s to tell officers to fu_k themselves. Why not? As an NCO you have set the precedence.

The major was hanging all kinds of olive branches out but you chose to be an ASS. He didn’t have to tell you he was assigned as the investigating officer. He didn’t even have to tell you he had a strong desire to help a fellow Marine. But, he chose to be on the level with you and you chose to take a piss on the whole thing. You’ll get what you deserve.

You’re right, I could have said, “roger sir,” but I don’t stand for bullshit no matter where it’s coming from. I would tell the President to fuck himself if given the opportunity. That just so happens to be my right as an American citizen, even in the IRR. I stood on principle, and expressed my disrespect appropriately. Excuse me for standing up for what I believe in. Please stay seated.

Anonymous said...

You asked. IMO you should not be able to have it both ways. It's wrong to except benefits when you don't follow the rules. I'm a tax payer. I don't feel you should be given the benefits. Both of my sons are defending our freedoms. We're not free to break rules and disobey laws. Further, I feel your premise is based in selfish lies. Mostly, your words and action show disregard to those still deployed. I take this personal so I'll keep an eye on this to see what happens. It's made very clear that you are not allowed to use the uniform in this way. You decided to anyway. You owe me, my sons, and this country an apology.

President Bush owes your sons an apology. The moneyed interests and liars that are keeping us in Iraq owe this country an apology. Everyone who has remained silent and allowed this country to slide into its current state owes this country an apology. I have the utmost regard for those still deployed who do so with honorable intentions. I think the best way to support the troops is to bring them home now.

Cheryl Suellen Smith said...

I find your comment "It occurred to me how lucky America is to have not had to experience modern warfare on our own soil." shocking and frankly, incredibly naive. What is terrorism if not modern warfare?
Also, your butchering of the English language and your pedestrian writing "style" (I use the term loosely) serve as clear evidence to me that higher education is wasted on the likes of you. I would surmise that with you as their very vocal representative, you do IVAR far more harm than good.

Terrorism is terrorism. Modern warfare would be the thousands of tons of depleted uranium bombs that we have dropped in Iraq. The closest we have come is Pearl Harbor, which might fall into that category, but it was a one-day strike, and the only one the Japanese managed on our soil. Hardly would that one incident constitute a war by itself.

What’s IVAR? Butcher.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother,

As a former Soldier in the Army's 82nd Airborne (Infantry) and the Natioanl Guard (Combat Engineer), 28 year Fire Fighter, EMT and a GOD fearing Patriot who intends to fight in defense of the way of life and freedom the Constitution my ancestors created to insure that we never again suffer under the yoke of TYRANTS,
"Have no concern what you will say" the SPIRIT is with you.