Thursday, November 6, 2008

Peace - It's Not Just For Hippies Any More

Do as I say, not as I do.

An email from Casey J. Porter, currently in Iraq. He has an extraordinary YouTube channel and is an outspoken member of Iraq Veterans Against the War:

What do you do when the Chaplain doesn't even care? Not only is that a good question, it's one that I am asking myself right now. I have been having issues with a supervisor and the treatment of not only myself, but other Soldiers. She is a Staff Sergeant and is one of those "Do as I say, not as I do." types. I would attempt to feel sorry for her, since it is clear that she is very, very insecure. But you know what? I do not care. Let me say that again so everything is clear: I do not care. She sets rules and standards in play that she does not live up to, but then will break her own rules. She is so incompetent and unprofessional in every aspect of her job it becomes clear why she has stayed in the army for twenty years: She can't get away with the shit she pulls here in the real world. I got so mad at her yesterday that I threw my weapon across the room. I know that if I continue to become and stay this angry it will only get worse and I might end up doing something I regret. So last night I went to go see the Chaplain, a man that is supposed to help you. I walked into his office and let it all out about how NCO's treat their Soldiers like crap, Soldier's do not feel that they are not cared about, and how they are not, so on and so forth. You know what he told me? You can't do anything about it. I can only change how it affects me, change my attitude towards it. Wow gee wiz! That some swell advice, beaver! Why didn't he just tell me to go fuck myself? It would have been more honest. I told him how angry I got, I told him how these Soldiers are being pushed beyond their breaking point, and I got brushed aside. Hello! McFly! It's only when Soldiers start shooting their bosses, or killing themselves that the army does anything. However what they do is the absolute minimum, because guess what? They don't give a shit anything but getting ahead on the backs of Soldiers.

I have NO respect for the United States Army, the Corps of Non-Commissioned Officers, Officers, or any other branch, unit, creed, value, or mandate of ethics that comes from this army. There are some of you who will read that and be offended, but if I do not call you out by name, then don't be. Because I respect you for who you are, not the rank and title that you carry, or once carried.
The next time some civilian comes up to me and says "Thank you for what you do." I will reply with "Fuck you for what you don't do." because civilians are just as much to blame.

Casey J Porter

Oh, yeah, how could I forget! If you think this so some sign of giving up or breaking, think again. I have even more planed to expose this mess for what is, and put these people in the spot light for what they do. Keep fucking with me, see where it gets you. Oh and that's not a threat of violence "big army", so don't even try to pull that shit.