Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Coverage From the New Mexican . . .

. . . of the Sotomayor nomination that is. But apparently, I've reached local talking head status:

Adam Kokesh, a libertarian-leaning Iraq war veteran considering a run for Congress
in New Mexico's Third District, said Tuesday: "It's just sad that we're not discussing
how capable (nominees) are to interpret the constitutionality of legislation and their
commitment to those principles. ... In terms of faithfully upholding the constitution
(Sotomayor's) record is tragically deficient in terms of her views on general government
intervention and her disregard for the Second Amendment."

I would say I was misquoted, since I'm sure what I said was far more eloquent than that, but the points conveyed were exactly what I intended, and I got the last word in the story!

More Support From Our Very Talented Movement!

Someone just sent me the link to this video today and it was very exciting to see that our movement is really starting to gear up for 2010 and put its creative talents behind our viable candidates. I am honored to be counted among them.

While supporters are gearing up for a July 4th money bomb, we're gearing up for a huge Independence Day weekend here in Santa Fe. We'll have more details about that with the launch of the full site on June 1st. I also just saw the first draft of a video to promote the money bomb that should be coming out on Monday with the launch of the new site at from Clay Trainor. If you thought his previous videos were good, this one is going to knock your socks all the way to next November.

***EDIT: The crew from REP Freedom Force is also working on a video that will have significant footwear removing capabilities. Standby to be fully blown away as soon as tomorrow evening!***

Rand Paul's supporters are also gearing up for a "mini money bomb" for June 1st. I just donated and you should too! While having folks like myself, RJ Harris, or BJ Lawson standing behind Ron Paul in the House would be a giant leap forward for liberty, imagine our movement occupying a Senat seat! It's also looking more likely that Schiff will be entering the race to take Dodd's Senate seat in Connecticut. With Ron Paul considering backing a "10 in 2010" slate, this is looking to be a good time to be fighting for freedom!