Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robert Weiss, US Soldier Stationed in Germany Begins Personal Resistance

Dear Chris Capps,

Thank you for your concern. Mike Sharp has previously told me about IVAW. I would like to become a member I just haven't gotten around to do the paperwork for the application. I am pretty busy for the time being. My unit 4-2 CR in Vilseck, Germany is deploying to Iraq in August so there has been a lot of commotion. Despite the expectations of my unit I will not deploy with them. I have submitted my application for conscientious objector status and informed by chain of command that the only way I will go to Iraq is if they tranquilize me, cuff me, and throw me on a plane. That being the case I won't perform any duties or wear a uniform anyways. I don't plan on letting the situation progress that far. I am hopeful that I will be placed on rear detachment until the decision on my application comes in. When it becomes apparent that they won't do this I will simply refuse to follow any orders given to me or wear a uniform. This will surely result in some jail time but that doesn't deter me one bit. It makes more sense to me to resist the military now rather than in Iraq where the situation would be much more difficult. So far, my unit has yet to set up the mandatory chaplain and psychiatrist appointments or even to let me sign the necessary forms (privacy act, barred from VA, and so forth). So it seems like they have no intention of actually giving my application a chance. Nor do they take me seriously in my stated intentions to resist the army. So most likely I will end up in jail. I have considered going awol and than turning myself in but I think the best way is to flat out not comply with any orders given to me. Hopefully that would eliminate the more serious charge of desertion and give me a lesser one. A lawyer has told me that I might get something like 10-20 months for this but I really don't mind. We all have our own cross to carry. In case you are interested in my motivation for this decision; it is based on Christianity. A while ago an acquaintance of mine was killed in a fight. This caused me to reevaluate my life and to become a Christian again. From there I read a lot of books on Christianity and the bible itself. I eventually came to decide that God is against warfare and killing in any form. Jesus' teachings in the new testament reveal this commandment that we must love our enemies rather than to destroy them. Anyways thats basically my story. I am interested in hearing how your dealings with the army and subsequent discharge went if you would care to tell it. Also I think that publicity might help my case so perhaps that is an avenue to consider. Well, thanks again.


Robert Weiss