Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Please send this to ALL Military members

From afmatt at the Ron Paul Forums:

During the Rally For The Republic I was approached at least a
half dozen times and asked for an interview (because I sang the
anthem) My standard answer was

"I'm sorry but regulations prohibit me from talking to you"

I also left right after the rally instead of staying and checking
out the protests the next day.

During my time there I got to meet a couple awesome patriots
from my home state of TN, they introduced me to Adam Kokesh.
Adam convinced me to check out Iraq Vetrans Against the War and
told me that if I was concerned about publicity I could join
privately. I did so shortly after returning home.

I just got a members packet a few days back - after having read
some of the information in it I am ANGRY. Angry at myself for
believing what I had been told - that is that I had to settle
for not speaking out.

PLEASE send these links (and this story if you'd like) to all
service members or friends of service members you know.


My favorite quote from the dod directive linked above - emphasis
is mine.

3.5.6. Off-Post Demonstrations by Members. Members of the Armed
Forces are prohibited from participating in off-post demonstrations
when they are on-duty, in a foreign country, when their activities
constitute a breach of law and order, when violence is likely
to result, or when they are in uniform


I'm going to follow regulations - but I now KNOW the regulations
and what I'm allowed to do within them - I challenge any military
member that reads this to read the regulations for yourself -
they may be VASTLY different that you have been led to believe.

I am not a lawyer, this is NOT legal advice.
None of the above is the official stance of the US Air Force.
I am speaking as an individual under my first amendment rights.

- Matt C