Friday, May 29, 2009

Letter From Kevin Benderman

Subject: Adam Kokesh

To: whom it may concern
RE: Adam Kokesh

I am writing this to give my endorsement to Adam Kokesh as he attempts to gather enough support in an attempt to run for a congressional representative in the state of New Mexico.

It is past time that WE THE PEOPLE had someone in congress who is as concerned with doing the work of the American people as those currently “serving the people” are in accepting kickbacks and taking bribes from large corporations. It is time that WE THE PEOPLE started looking at the people who want to serve in government with a more critical eye. It is time to start being more involved in the running of our country and I believe that by Supporting Adam Kokesh we will be supporting someone who fully believes in the true authority of the United States as not being in the hands of the few, but is in the hands of the people.

I would ask that you take a look at what Adam Kokesh has to say about constitutional authority and his approach to how government should work in our democratic republic. I have heard some of his positions on constitutional authority as belonging to the people and this is the mindset we need in Washington and throughout our state and local governments as well.

So, if you believe the current system we have is broken and needs to be fixed, get involved, get informed, and become the true solution to the problems we face.

I believe that by Supporting Adam Kokesh and others of like mind, we will be moving our country in the direction it needs to move; back to government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Support Adam as he attempts to bring the voice of the people and the laws of the land back to Washington.


Kevin M Benderman
Concerned United States Citizen
Former Army Sergeant, Iraq Vet, and Conscientious Objector


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