Friday, October 5, 2007

Two More Members of the Gathering of Pigeons On My Shitlist

Meet Fred Peterson:

Apparently, he scuffed his elbow while beating up on Carlos Arredondo.

I'm not even going to comment on this, but please note the use of the word "liberated."
From an anonymous poster at After Downing Street:
Cut and paste from the GOE forums.
From the pen of Fred Peterson:
I was leaving Capitol Grounds. The activity there had just about ended with the arrest of over 600 provocateurs and agents 'anti-war' of violence. There, we Eagles had organized teams of six men - mostly veterans- to protect the safety of Gold Star Moms (and Dads) from the physical threats and insults of hard-edge left socialists, Seattle anarchists, random lefty Raggamuffins and reflexive anti-Americans who made up the ANSWER Coalition …
My teams broke up at the Capitol, mission accomplished, and I was walking alone back to the Mall when I saw the photo-image of a proud young Marine in dress blues being held hostage in company not of his own choosing and affixed to a coffin not his own.
The insult to his honor and disrespect to his Corps and cause by his captors was immediately obvious and intended. These same peddlers of provocation are paid to push their coffin-prop all over the country they revile. They subvert a common will and undermine the cause and country for which this hostage-Marine had sacrificed his very life.
The captive Marine was not among his own. He was surrounded and outnumbered by those who shamelessly exploit his image and memory, disgrace his uniform, his brothers in arms, and his willing sacrifice. He would never choose such company. He needed a rescue…
I liberated his image from the midst of the hostile crowd, intending to replace it in a position of honor Arlington, where he would rest with heroes and among his own …I respectfully carried the image of the fallen Marine and was not opposed nor confronted in any way until I has walked perhaps 25 yards down the sidewalk. There, I was attacked without warning and tackled from behind by a demonstrator who crashed into my back at a full run. I went down forward, tearing pants knees and shirt sleeve and five separate wounds requiring hospital attention. The Marine's image, along with camera and sunglasses were smashed into the pavement. Before I could respond, six or so Eagles-vets were immediately pulling me away from the anti-war attacker.
Police Interviews were conducted and Eagles were asked if they wanted to prefer charges…No charges were filed by Eagles, who are unaccustomed to whining about minor injuries when they stand in defense of larger principles unappreciated - uncomprehended - by their attackers.
Two Gold Star Mothers who witnessed the entire episode and gave police statements said, "I am so proud of what you did! I wanted to do it myself …That coffin is such a disgrace to my son and all the others who have died to help others be free. Thank you so much! It made my day."
Well, actually, - those few precious words, from one who has given the full measure of issue from her own body to the defense ofour country, 'made my day' also …

Let me get this straight. By wingnut logic, this guy didn't deserve to have a picture of his own son. So this thug, Peterson, decides to steal the picture, with about five other goons as backup?
Then he plays the martyr angle, when he gets tackled trying to make his getaway. And he claims to be noble for not going to court.
Am I reading this right?

Meet Asshole Number Two:
DC BrownShirt #2: ASSholes' BLOG MODERATOR "RORY"
Submitted by Matty on Wed, 2007-09-19 17:40.
Yes, I did take a look at that "must-read" thread - where I ALSO happened to notice the following "avatar" - the little, signature picture - for the following blogger who is their forum moderator:
LogOn: "SpockWasRight"
Does that pus look familiar; from the above pics of the assault on Arredondo? You be the judge:Here it is (left); scaled to more or less the same height as a headshot cropped from one of the above, Arredondo assault pics. Same nose, same style sunglasses, same (potato-) shaped head.
Who is this prick? Well, on his personal profile page he self-identifies as "RORY" FROM CONNECTICUT.
So this guy who assaulted Arredondo is obviously from within the inner circle of the Gathering of ASSholes; he is not just some random, pissed-off neighbor. And his (first) post above smacks of pure CIA-type psy-op - just exactly the kind of professional shit-stirring you'd expect from a spook with "extensive post military travel to and residence in some 23 different countries", as claimed in his profile.
This guy - and clearly, the leadership of the Gathering of DipShits - are TRUE, PAID PROVOCATEURS - precisely that which they accuse the protesters of being - except these people truly are from a government conspiracy - probably straight from the CIA itself.
"Rory"'s profile names his "Industry" as "Communications or Media". No fucking doubt! Why, here he is "communicating" in his preferred "medium" - attempted intimidation - in DC last Saturday:It's hard to know just exactly what he was screaming, but I daresay it couldn't have been much other than: "SOMEBODY PLEASE LOCK ME THE FUCK UP AS I AM A LUNATIC GOON, WORKING FOR A FUCKING LUNATIC GOVERNMENT!"
I take one look at this asshole and I say only this:

Fortunately, an effort is under way to track down and hold these men accountable. Pray to whatever you believe in that they are brought to justice. And I don't just mean by a judge . . .