Thursday, October 4, 2007

Heaven Help This Guy If I Run Into Him On The Street

(Because if I do, I'm going to scream, and point, and yell, "Look everyone! This is the guy that beat up a gold-star father!")

Courtesy of David Rubinson

The Bastard Who Jumped Carlos

Here is the bastard from Gathering of Eagles who jumped Carlos on Sept 15, seen here with his biggest supporter and good friend and pal GWB, at a White House breakfast hosting The G.O.E. and Chris Hill three days AFTER they attacked Carlos, in full knowledge and clear support for what had been perpetrated.
We can have no illusions about what we are fighting -
These are the hired Brown Shirts, organized and financed by we all know Who.
This is all part of The Plan, part of business as usual.
It's time for business as usual to be stopped.
As Cindy just wrote: Imagine.......
Chris Hill ('National Director of Ops' for the Gathering of Eagles, a pro-war advocacy group) and other members of his group verbally and physically attacked a Gold Star father of a fallen soldier who was participating in a anti-war march on 9/15. The Gold Star father, Carlos Arredondo, was marching with a picture of his fallen son when Hill and members of the pro-war group began verbally harassing him and then physically confronted him to take away the photo of his son. In the process Mr. Arredondo was knocked to the ground and kicked. Hill wrestled the photo of Mr. Arredondo's son, Alex, away from Gold Star father, claiming to have liberated it. The Gathering of Eagles Group had attended the anti-war march for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the protesters.
Three days later, the President, his wife Laura, Condi Rice, Karen Hughes, and, of course, fellow chicken-hawk Dick Cheney hosted a breakfast on the south lawn of the White House to honor pro-war groups, including the Gathering of Eagles, who they consider to be properly "supporting the troops." Although the attack on the Gold Star father was well known at the time, the President proudly takes a photo with Chris Hill to show that this is his kind of guy.
The attached photos are of Chris Hill posing with Bush on the WH lawn, and Chris Hill and fellow G.O.E. at the anti-war march.

Are you now, or have you ever been a terrorist?

We had our pretrial hearing today for the "defacing public property" (Tina Richards and I) and "assaulting a police officer" (Ian Thompson) and we all rejected the plea bargain. Trial date is set for January 3rd. You can see the video of the incident here.