Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You and One Final Sign Waving

I got this wonderful email from a friend I met through a Ron Paul meet up group in Virginia. This seems to capture the sentiment of a lot of us in the "Freedom Movement" as I have heard it called, or those of us who proudly call ourselves part of the "Ron Paul Revolution." So for all of you who thought we might go away after this election and were breathing a sigh of relief because McCain has all but locked up the nomination, think again. You cannot stop freedom.


I can only speak for myself and echo the words of so many with whom I have
spoken. Failure to get the party nomination for Ron Paul does not end it for
me. I've been called delusional for supporting Ron Paul. I would be delusional
to think that our movement ends with Dr. Paul not being elected as president
or that we would be able to reset this country over night. I've been honored
to meet and get to know so many good hearted people, true patriots, who I am
honored to know and stand with against corruption and oppression. We have
accomplished so much in so little time. Because I know you're still there, you
know who you are, and willing to continue the fight so stand I here with you.
I'm not quitting, sitting down or shutting up. I continue daily to educate
myself, friends and family. I continue to take action when and where I can. I
continue to believe that someday, hopefully in my life time, that we will once
again enjoy the freedom, liberty and way of life that made this country the
envy of the world, a safe haven for an ideal to emulate and a true source of
individual pride when one say's, "I am an American." Thank you all for being
there and letting me know that I am not alone.

semper vigilance,