Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clifton Hicks Exposes Christian Ignorance and Arrogance

From Clif:

I used to be friends with this kid when I was in high school, we used to go camping and shit like that. In hindsight I guess he always was a fucking dipshit - clif

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From: Chris
Date: Jun 16, 2008 2:59 AM

Man so it has been a long time since i heard anyhitng from you kid. Hope all is well with you. Isaw your vid on you tube made a joke on it if you see it. It seems as if you never have chnaged. Glad your safe from the war. But sad to see your saying alot of G-- D----- in your speach. I dont have an opinion of the war. All i know is the american pressence in the middle east is causing many muslims to convert to christianty because they feel like they well be in safty. Which means i support the war in that sense. BEcause I know God is at work in this world.

Im moving soon to Kenya to work with some over seas missions organizations. Im pretty stoked about it. I get to live with the poorest of the poor people and see Gods hand at work. As you know I am studiyng to be a pastor still. which is really really cool. I will have my masters in a few. So you got to tell me whats be new in your world.

=========================== My Reply ===========================

I believe it goes, "As you have done even unto the least of my brothers, so have you done unto me."

Chris, I shot a man over there, I don't know if he died but he certainly fell down. I was also directly involved in the deaths of numerous other people, among them a 7 or 8 year old girl who's only crime was being born in Iraq. No one knows who's bullet punched a hole in her tiny body. War is murder, supporting war of any kind for any reason in any sense is supporting blind, wholesale mass murder.

I have been a murderer and I have repented. You on the other hand have not murdered, but you seem to think murder is acceptable as long as it's for the sake of converting Christians. Which of us is more likely to burn for eternity in a lake of fire?

You are not a Christian, you are merely another misled sheep who wishes merely to conform with some strange qausi-Christian American ideal, thus taking the easy wrong over the hard right. No true Christian would or could support this or any war. What do you think Christ would think of war? Which village would Christ select for "precision" bombing? How would Christ punish a terrorist? What would Christ say to a coward, like you, who falsely worships him?

You have studied Christianity for much of your life and you have only succeeded in distancing yourself from Christ. You grow further and further away with every turn of a bible page.
- Clif

Adam's note: Chris said in his email: "the american pressence in the middle east is causing many muslims to convert to christianty because they feel like they well be in safty." (sic) This is most absurd. Clearly our presence is driving people away from Christianity. You can decide for yourself if that's a good thing. I have not heard any evidence of a single Muslim converting to Christianity because of the war. I wonder if anyone is deliberately spreading this insidious rumor within the Christian community.