Saturday, May 26, 2007

Legal Case Update: WE GOT A BUS!!!

When I told Brigadier General Moore that I would not roll over and accept an Other Than Honorable Discharge without a hearing, I requested that it be held close to DC because that’s where most of my witnesses and I live. But that request was denied and the hearing will be held at 8am on Monday, June 4 in Kansas City. While the Marine Corps was willing to fly me out for the hearing, there was nothing they would do to help get my witnesses there.

Enter Jim Goodnow. Jim is a member of Veterans For Peace and proud owner of the Yellow Rose of Texas Bus for Peace. He has graciously volunteered his bus and his time to drive myself, and my witnesses all the way to Kansas City from Washington, DC.

We will be leaving from Union Station at 6pm this Friday, driving to Columbus, then from Columbus to Kansas City on Saturday. We will be having a send-off press conference in front of Union Station at 5pm, and you are all welcome to attend, even those of you who are only reading this blog to get me in more trouble.

My attorney has just informed me that the Marines plan to use posts on my blog against me at my separation hearing. So, a quick message to those of you who are wasting government time and resources to spy on me: go fuck yourselves. I was very reluctant to start a blog after hearing the statistics that there are a bazillion new blogs and ten bazillion new blog posts every day. If everyone in the blogosphere is so busy posting this crap, who the hell is reading it? At least someone is reading this blog.