Sunday, June 22, 2008

Demanding Impeachment

Last week I had the honor of joining VFP to present petitions for impeachment to Congressman Conyers. While a lot of the vets took the nice approach, Bill Perry and I were distinct in confronting him directly, and expressing our anger and disappointment in his failure to start impeachment hearings. While a lot of people in the room were shocked with how I spoke to him, I have been receiving a lot of support for directly confronting him.


Kokesh: I'm not here to blow hot air up your ass like some of these other people have. But I hope that the petitions in front of you have made it clear that there is significant public pressure and support for impeachment at this point. And I know you don't get to twenty-one terms in Congress without being concerned about reelection, and I hope that these petitions make it clear that not impeaching is a greater liability for you than impeaching at this point. And I hope that having known that impeachable offenses have been committed for some time now, that you will finally take it upon yourself to do what you can to support that impeachment and support your own oath to support the Constitution instead of abdicating that responsibility as you have thus far.

Conyers: Well, just a minute. I think you should know that the twenty-one terms that I have been voted into office didn't come from me currying favor with my constituents as much as it is for doing the kind of job that they wanted me to do. So I don't think I got here by backing off of the strong issues. As a matter of fact, my record might indicate to even you that it's because I took on the difficult issues that I am now the second most senior person in the House of Representatives.

Kokesh: And that's why it's all the more surprising that you haven't yet brought impeachment hearings.

Conyers: Well, let us decide how we're going to discuss this subject since it's surprising to you. I didn't agree to this meeting because I was going to try not to let you know what has been happening and what it is I intend to do about it. Maybe you will be surprised again.

Kokesh: I hope so.


He didn't tell us anything about what he intended to do about the issue of impeachment at that meeting, but instead scheduled another meeting with us for July 8th. I am hoping, (but not counting on it) to be surprised. I will be there and I will be reporting on it here.

The documentation and some of the supportive emails I have received since then are below.


In an article from Philly IMC:
Vets meet w/ John Conyers, Kucinich, & Wexler Wed, 6/11 re:IMPEACH

While most of the 20 some Veterans were conciliatory and pleased to hand our 23,000 pro-IMPEACH petition signatures to Chairman Conyers, both Iraq Veterans Against the War Board of Directors Co-Chair, Adam Kokesh, and Delaware Valley Veterans Executive Director, Bill Perry, made it clear to Judiciary Chair Conyers that we felt betrayed by Conyers failure to advocate for Impeachment, as he had done earlier, ever since the Downing Street Memos, in April, 2005.


Veterans for Peace Meeting With John Conyers to Demand Impeachment


Veterans for Peace Demand Impeachment of President Bush


From Tarak Kauff:

Thanks Adam for speaking up the other day at Conyers. The rest of us were way too polite. I'm still kicking myself. What a song and dance he gave us. Next time, guaranteed, I won't be so mild.


From Susan:

Hi! I just watched some of the VforP meeting with John Conyers(on youtube) about impeachment, wow- I could really sense your anger. Of course I don't blame you, in fact I admire your ability to be clear and not hold back, I would not have been able to be so icy.(Also liked the guy- i missed his name- who said 'impeach the bastards').

I tend to go from being very, very, very angry that this bullshit has been allowed to go on- (which I'm glad you made that point to Conyers, that something judicial should have been done by now) to trying to be more diplomatic than angry.
But, sometimes enough is enough- and your 'confrontation?' with him struck a cord with me. At first I thought, well Adam, way to alienate the one person who might be able to do something further about impeachment, then I thought about it and realized that you were reflecting your true anger at the situation and displaying what more people should do- which is hold our Senators and Reps. personally accountable- they work for us and should be confronted by the will of the people, esp. when they are not acting to protect our rights and the principles they swore to uphold.

So, I don't know, I was just inspired to write to you about it. I hope you know I support you(posting on your blog for awhile now), and even though I don't know you, your actions(as well as others who are standing up) have a reaching affect to many people. Even though we are strangers, we are all in this together.

Anyway, I have a renewed sense of hope that with Kucinich's resolution having been introduced, what is truly right and just will prevail. I admit I got a little teary eyed watching him read the articles- is that stupid?:)- I can't help it, hopefully you understand. It's just so important to me that someone is speaking these truths on the House floor, it's been a long time coming.

take care-




My name is Miranda and I have been talking to Ron Fisher about the impeachment articles against Bush. While speaking with Mr. Fisher he told me about you guys and asked me to come up when they go back to see Mr. Conyers. I went online and saw the video of when all of you spoke in his office. Then I looked you up, since yours was the first name I saw on the video and I saw your blog.

I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you and the others for your bravery and what you have done, not just on the impeachment, but all you have done for our country, no matter where you went or why. I am saddened and outraged by what has happened to my country in just a few short years and if it weren't for people like you, I don't know where we would be and what we would do. I hope that we can live up to your expectations of us. I live in Norfolk, VA and I believe that civilians have a duty to you to make sure that you are never sent anywhere that isn't absolutely necessary. Like I said to Mr. Fisher, we are taking chances with your lives that we shouldn't be taking, no matter how much money goes in your pockets or Haliburton's. I knew Bush was lying before we went into Iraq and I feel as though I failed in my responsibilities as an American. I did all that I could. It just wasn't enough. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help now. I have been very busy already.

Take care and keep up the good work,