Friday, July 18, 2008

The Evidence - That Lying Pig Officer Monahan

A police officer from the DC MPD leaked this report today. It is written by Officer Monahan, (featured in my last two videos) and contains some blatant lies, but at least confirms that the guy in the Durango was an FBI agent. It also confirms that he called in a 10-33. According to the report, (see page 3, it's the only really interesting one) the FBI agent told Monahan that I was yelling at him. This is an outright lie, and I have two witnesses who can attest that until the MPD showed up, the only person doing any yelling was the FBI agent. For the time after MPD showed up, I have a dozen witnesses (but then they were in uniform, so who knows how reliable they will be in telling the truth) who can attest to the fact that I never yelled at the FBI agent.

The report also says that Monahan stopped me, but skips the part where he cuffed me and went through my wallet. Fortunately, we have the photographic evidence of that. (See the videos below for all of that.) The report says that the FBI agent was off-duty. Either the agent lied to Monahan, (taking him for the chump that he is) and told him he was off-duty, or Monahan is lying for him in this report. We heard from at least three different cops that the FBI agent was tailing someone, and Eric Wexler in his little red Celica screwed up his tail. So there you have it.

For the record, most of the cops I have met have been kind, well-intentioned, caring people, even in DC. If we are going to give them guns and entrust them with our safety, it should be all, not most. I want cops to know that people are watching them and holding them accountable. I don't mind pissing them off in the process if it means that next time they are going to search someone they shouldn't, or arrest someone who doesn't deserve it, or pull the trigger, they think twice about it. If it saves one life, (literally or figuratively) it will have been worth it.

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