Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Touching Response to My Last Post

Nicely written and inspiring Adam,

As the power elite and their lackeys push us toward and ever increasing
state of oppression under the "police state" and suffocate us with
un-Constitutional laws and morph the occupations while spending our money at
an unprecedented rate, I have become increasingly more disaffected as a
federal employee. I fear that sticking it out to retirement may be for
naught for the possibility that my retirement benefits may be held ransom in
exchange for my loyalty to the system or, that once we've reached a breaking
point, I may be unable to claim and enjoy those benefits for risk of
exposing myself to confinement as an "Enemy of the state".

In recent days I have done a serious soul searching and find that the time
may be close that I should leave the safety of the federal nest. This is not
an easy pill to swallow as I have grown accustom to the security and
standard of living which my employment provides. I have grown fat and lazy
while living off the public dole, wasted the talents and ability that
Providence has provided while selling out the Birth Right bequeathed me by
our Forefathers. At the same time I have grown weary of the low
energy-sleepy pace of this pitiful existence.

While you announce an Exploratory Committee for public office, I announce an
exploration of my own and myself in search of a mission loyal to the cause
of Liberty, worthy of my existence, and the trials endured and sacrifices
made by those who left us so much.

I care not what the call may be; whether as a cog in the political machine
to grind away at our fiat government and it's hidden masters, a voice in the
wilderness of sheep in denial or, as a last resort, a soldier risking life
and limb in defense of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I stand
committed and willing to defend, at all costs, those ideals which made our
Federation of States what it once was and can be again. Long live Liberty!

In Liberty,

Bill *****