Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party posters, poseurs, lions, tigers, and infiltrators, oh my!

Trouble is brewing, and the movement of patriots demanding individual economic freedom is being infiltrated, co-opted, and derided. But fear not. Restore the Republic, a truly grassroots, unregistered organization of freedom fighters is going to be there to ensure that the true message of liberty will be heard. For my contribution to the effort, I designed a series of posters for them that you can download here.

The Tax Day Tea Parties that began as a grassroots effort have been somewhat co-opted by big money sponsors and "neocon types." If they want to invest in a message that is important to us, I say let them. This may not be a day for our movement, but it could be a day for a much broader coalition to form. In Santa Fe, we even have a former Democrat State Senator speaking.

It is for this co-option (and her obsession with our tongue-in-cheek use of the verb "to teabag") that they have been derided by Rachel Maddow. She claims Obama is going to be cutting taxes for most people present, and only raising them for the rich sponsors of some of these events. Oh Rachel. If only you were paying attention when Bernanke himself admitted to Ron Paul in a Congressional hearing that inflation constituted a tax. In fact, it is the most insidious and regressive tax there is.

There have been reports that ACORN reps plan to infiltrate these events and gather signatures of people who like to sign things without reading them, only to tell Obama they were collected from people who support his economic policies.

And on top of all that, a number of movement insiders are calling the whole thing an exercise in controlled opposition. I suppose if they have us building coalitions at rally after rally (the 25th End The Fed followed by 4th of July Tea Parties) we won't have time to build a real resistance. I don't think so. Rallies will always have their place in any movement, even if they only become really effective in places like France and Thailand. Those guys know how to shut a country down! Maybe the rallies are helping our movement build towards 2010 and 2012. Believe me, the opposition our movement puts forth in 2010 and 2012 will be nowhere near controllable!