Friday, November 2, 2007

New Tattoo

As a demonstration of my commitment to Iraq Veterans Against the War, I have decided to get an IVAW tattoo on my right forearm to mirror the USMC tattoo on the left. (see photo)

It reads:

For those who fight for it,
Life has a special flavor,
The protected never know.

I have an idea for what the IVAW tattoo would say that would be an expression of the philosophical ideals of IVAW, but I am open to suggestions. It should be approximately the same number of words or letters per line, and ideally in the same tempo. If anyone comes up with something better than what I have, I'll use it and put your name underneath. Just kidding! But you will at least get credit for it here and my eternal gratitude.

I will be posting suggestions as they come in, even if in the form of hate mail and good-natured joshing. Here is the first from Sholom Keller, IVAW member extraordinaire:

Goddamn hippies,
They say they want to change the world,
But all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.