Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Liam Madden is currently facing a Separation Hearing similar to mine, but with slightly different charges including one of making "disloyal statements." He was recently offered an interesting plea bargain, and below is his response.

Right now we are on the IVAW Deployed Bus Tour in Jacksonville, NC getting ready to host a cookout for some Camp Lejeune Marines. More on that later.


Lt Col Blessing,

This letter is in response to the offer the Marine Corps Mobilization Command relayed to me via my military appointed attorney. I am prepared to accept the settlement proposed in which the Marine Corps agrees not to continue with the discharge proceeding regarding my alleged disloyal statements and protest activity. I understand that this is contingent on my oral promise not to engage in further political protest while wearing articles of my Marine uniform.

I will make such an oral agreement and stand by my good word if the Marine Corps is prepared to meet the following condition.

I will orally agree to not wear my military uniforms while engaged in any political protest, hell, I’ll have it carved into stone if you’d like, upon receiving a signed, written statement on official USMC letterhead acknowledging that my statements in question were neither disloyal nor inaccurate. If the Marine Corps issues this statement, apologizing for erroneously (or possibly vindictively) accusing me of disloyalty to my country, I will not share it with another living soul.

I believe that the statements I make and the protest I engage in is necessary. If it’s not true that the war in Iraq is illegal, then I believe it would be indeed disloyal to declare such a position. However, the fact of the matter is that the United States is violating the sovereignty of another nation without the approval of the UN Security Council or a legitimate claim to self defense. Sir, is honesty disloyalty?

Additionally, if it isn’t true, I would hope the US Government would prove to the skeptical world that the war is legal instead, of trying to stifle political opposition. I am sure we can agree that protesting against an illegal war, premised on lies and baseless assertions cannot be considered disloyal.

If the Marine Corps decides to not accept this condition, then I cannot agree to stop wearing my uniform at protests and we must continue to exhaust my legal alternatives. Which at present, include my right to an administrative board and may ultimately result in a case in federal appeals court.

I assure you, as a fellow patriot, my actions are taken in the best interest of the American people and the people of the world. Therefore, if the Marines decide to stop pursuing this case, I will accept that measure as your implied tolerance and support of protesting against war crimes while wearing military uniforms.

Thank you for considering my counter offer and I hope we can come to agreement on the matter. I understand men in your position have their careers to think about, as I’m positive many German Colonels did in 1939.

Semper Fidelis,

Liam Madden