Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jason Mattera interviews Adam Kokesh at GWU

This was a fun discussion I had with Jason Mattera last night outside of the "Pray for Peace" event after Horowitz spoke across the street. I have never said that Horowitz shouldn't be allowed to speak, but it's funny that people have taken it that way. Horowitz's whole shtick is to say "the left does this," and "the left does that." He has said repeatedly that white conservatives are under attack on college campuses. He's right. I'm a white conservative. Ned Goodwin who helped put up the fliers is a white conservative. Horowitz, a former communist himself, has accused us of being communists, liberals, leftists, and moonbats. He has called for us to be expelled. Apparently, Horowitz is attacking white conservatives! Ironic, isn't it?