Saturday, August 11, 2007

Momma Momma Can't You See

My first attempt at a music video. The lyrics are based on a marching cadence I learned in the Marines. Warning: Video contains graphic images of a dead Iraqi.

I wrote this when I was in Germany because our host had a recording studio and wanted us to record something but we never had time. Last night I was compelled to put this together at three in the morning and busted it out in about an hour, start to finish. Maybe someday there will be a version with better production values, but I'm not holding my breath. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

powerful reflection, imagery and sound. Nothing like an afro-slave tune to bring home the reality of your pain and the suffering of your brothers in the conflict; as well as the suffering of so many Iraqis.

Joey said...

Wow, powerful images, sound and content. Nothing like an afro-slave tune to evoke your pain, suffering and that of your brothers in Iraq and the suffering of the Iraqi people. The message is loud and clear. You remain in my prayers.

Stlspeaksout said...

This video is hard to watch, the effect of this war is monumental.
Keep 'em coming. Best wishes.