Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Michelle Malkin Alienates Everyone From NeoCons

In case the NeoCon name hasn’t been dragged through the mud enough by the Bush Administration and their litany of ludicrous scandals, Michelle Malkin is doing her part to ensure that it receives the domestic equivalent of the international anti-American hatred that NeoCon policies have fostered abroad. In a recent editorial published in the New York Post, Michelle Malkin referred to the ANSWER Coalition as a “far-left group.” ANSWER stands for Act Now, Stop War, End Racism. I’m not sure which part of that she’s against, but if those are things that only the “far-left” stand for, then I might just have to turn in my Libertarian Party Lifetime Membership card. (Over my dead body!)

The ANSWER Coalition is organizing the September 15th march from the White House to the Capital to demand an end to the occupation of Iraq. Malkin goes further to say that we will be “descending” on the Capital (it may be an appropriate image, as our leaders sink to new lows and we must stoop to their level to communicate our grievances; perhaps we can tell them to stop the war by passing notes under bathroom stall partitions) to “demand immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan; immediate closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and immediate release of every last suspected al Qaeda operative in American custody; immediate impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney; and immediate capitulation to our enemies at home and abroad.” That last part is hers. Actually, almost the whole thing is hers. The single unifying message of the action is, “End the War Now!”

But it is very telling that as a regular cheerleader of the NeoCon agenda, she associates these causes of compassion and common sense with the “far-left.” The vast majority of Americans want our leaders to end the occupation of Iraq. That puts “far-left” in the middle of America and the NeoCons on the fringes. But then, we have always known this to be true. NeoCon = big government Republican = fascist. Remember kids, the opposite of fascism is freedom, as advocated by the Libertarian Party.

The September 15th march and rally, followed by a week of direct action, will mark a turning point for the entire anti-war movement and possibly for the course of American Democracy. The theme of this “protest” is “Protesting is not enough. Come for the rally, stay for a week of direct action.” The day after the march will be a training day, followed by National Truth In Recruiting Day, Congressional Challenge Day, a day of Pentagon outreach, Veterans’ Lobbying Day, and the Iraq Moratorium. There will be a number of direct actions to participate in for those who are willing to work to bring our government back in line with the will of the people.

I am against the continued occupation of Iraq primarily because it is bad for America. It is bad for our security and ability to protect ourselves. It is bad for our ability to respond to natural disasters. It is bad for our military. It is bad for America’s stature in the world. It is bad for our ability to fight terrorism. It is bad for making enemies of America faster than we can kill them. It is bad for my brothers and sisters in arms who continue to die while “the insurgency is in its last throes,” “we are turning the corner,” and “as the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.”

The government that governs least governs best. Unfortunately, our government has not been satisfied over-governing, over-taxing, and over-deceiving Americans. It has to extend its authority to the other side of the world to deny Iraqis and Afghanis their God-given right to self-determination. Malkin refers to the protestors as the, “surrender lobby.” I, for one, refuse to surrender to the oppression of this administration. In the immortal words of Edward Abbey, “A true patriot must always be ready to defend his country from his government.” It is the poor, deluded supporters of the NeoCon agenda who have surrendered to lies, oppression, war crimes, torture, and the sacrifice of their own civil liberties on the altar of American imperialism. Unfortunately for them, the Marine Corps trained me too well. I don’t know how to surrender.

Our democracy is failing us. The time for protests, rallies, and demonstrations is over. It is time for the people to stop this war and bring our government back to the will of the people. We cannot fear their threats of violence and oppression. Something is wrong in a democracy when the people fear the government and not the other way around. It is going to take nonviolent direct action in the form of strikes, blockades, counter-recruiting, and supporting GI resistance. Let’s scare the crap out of those who would abandon principle to perpetuate their own power. Iraq Veterans Against the War will lead the way as veterans are always willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe is right.

Michelle, you have chosen your side, I have chosen mine. I will see you in the streets.


Anok said...

Fantastic post. I couldn't agree with you more. I read your clip on AlterNet. You even got some anarchists backing you up, my friend.

Best of luck on the 15th, I will be there in spirit. (and at home, cooking too much food in body).

Oh, and I thought we were "cheese eating surrender monkeys", not a "surrender lobby"?


Anonymous said...

Amen, Adam!

Anonymous said...

ANSWER is run by the Becker Brothers (Brian and Richard) who started this front group while members of the Worker's World Party. WWP are the folks who split from the Socialist Workers Party because the SWP didn't want to endorse war as a means to spread or reinstate communism around the globe.

But the "peace movement" is anything but peaceful, and a struggle for power ensued. The Beckers took their ANSWER football and left. They started the Party for Socialism and Liberation (www.pslweb.org). Checkout the Che graphic in the name logo and hit "Education" underneath the name logo. They are far left and they call for the "unconditional support of Iraqi's anti-colonial resisitance". That means, when the "anti-colonial resistance" kills the guys you left behind, we're supposed to support them killing the guys you left behind. That's what "unconditional" means.

Not hard to find that as either an ANSWER flyer or the original article on Workers.org, just google "Counter-revolution & Resistance In Iraq". It's either the last line or neaxt to the last line in that screed.

Tonya Jone Miller said...


Thank you for consistently speaking the truth and for being willing to defend our freedom in the most profound way possible- by standing up to those who abuse their power and exploit the people they are supposed to serve.


Anonymous said...

I heard you were arrested. Hang in there bud, peace to you and yours. My prayers are with you on today, wherever you are, and on the 15th march in D.C. A Texan who believes in your cause.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You Threat to National Security! Maybe you should lick the wheat paste next time so they dismiss you as a paste licker. That is one of the most absurd things I've ever heard fly out of a cops mouth, and I've heard a lot.

Anonymous said...

i think you are fucking crazy.

francoise said...

You're a brave man, and a real American who keeps his free will and his freedom of mind. It's good to see that people like you exist and are courageous enough to think, act, inform, and tell the truth.
Thank you !
françoise from france

Kenyon said...

Haha I blogged about the exact same article! http://www.ivaw-sd.org/2007/08/military-speaking-out.html

Anonymous said...

C'mon ANSWER is a front group for the
Stalinized Trotskyists of the Workers
World Party. WWP supported the Soviet tanks that smashed democratic socialism in Czechoslovakia in '68 and the tanks in Tienanmen Square in '91. What you should know about the WWP, IAC and ANSWER | Infoshop.org - 17 visits - Sep 1
What's more, scarce movement resources have been diverted into ANSWER's organization, which has only helped promote the authoritarian politics of the WWP. ...

Anonymous said...

Hey man, why'd you cut the Reverend and take the last protest spot at the hearing? You left him alone with a gang of thugs!!!

Vox Populi said...

I hope to meet you very soon. I may not make it for the 15th but I will one day afterwards. I'm very proud of you and I think you look just FINE being arrested. It was your finest moment thus far as an American.

We're winning. You're not alone.
We're all watching. Just because you look around and there's not a ton of people with you, don't underestimate the behind-the-scenes support.
For a good laugh, watch that goofball michelle malkin's stuff with the volume off. OMG it's the funniest thing ever.
I remember when I first read her columns locally I thought they were a joke. I almost called the paper. I swear !!! I had no idea such a lame brain could get published.
Fight the good fight.
Don't give in.
I'm preaching to the choir.
It makes me feel stronger to know you are there.

Anonymous said...

Lol, a coward speaks and we are supposed to listen? Run to Canada baby boy. Let the men defend out country.

Sherri said...

Way to Go!! Mr. Sergeant Adam Kokesh. Thank-you Sergeant Kokesh! Anyone can see we must end the war now. Yes, it is the will of the people to end this war now!!Yes, the majority of the people want an end NOW!! It was an unecessary, unlawful war to begin with.It is bad for our own security and our ability to protect ourselves. It is VERY BAD for our miliary. It is bad for Americas stature in the world. It is bad for making enemies of America.
I congratulate you for your courage and willingness,to Duty, Honor, and Country. To defend his Country from his own Government. I congratulate you for being on the frontlines in defense of our freedom. I congratulate you for protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, Foreign and Domestic. Including a Rogue President and Vice President. And for upholding the UCMJ. (Uniform Code of military Justice) And for your courage, and Duty to refuse and illegal order. We will bring this Government back to the will of the people.
Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you for your Courage. And God Bless you!!
We will be behind you!!

Scott Pigeon said...

It was nice to meet you yesterday in DC. You seem very well spoken, and handled yourself well in front of the march. Good luck.

One Angry Patriot said...

Edward Abbey paraphrased Thomas Paine who wrote, "It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government," more than 100 years before Abbey was born.