Tuesday, October 2, 2007

September the 15th in Photos

Adam Kokesh at a press conference at the
ANSWER office after the arrest for putting
up posters promoting the rally.

Adam Kokesh putting signs together in the ANSWER workshop.

The ANSWER workshop from above.

Adam Kokesh speaking at the press conference at the
National Press Club announcing the rally, march, and
week of actions.

Reverend Lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus and
Iraq Veterans Against the War supported by IVAW
members Adam Kokesh and Geoffrey Millard. The Rev
was walking on crutches after ligaments in his ankle were

Carlos Arredondo, Dede Sheehan, Adam Kokesh, Lennox Yearwood,
Brother Ali, Cindy Sheehan, Tiffany Burns, and Carley Sheehan.

IVAW member Dan Black on his way to the rally.

I had the pleasant surprise of meeting my hero Scott Camil
before the rally. I offered him my extra cammie top that I
wore in Iraq for the die-in and it is now among his most
prized posessions and this moment among my most
cherished memories.

Adam Kokesh on stage before the rally introducing fellow
member of IVAW DC, Awall.

Adam Kokesh giving his speech on stage with IVAW members
from across the country. Outside of our annual conventions,
this was the largest ever gathering of IVAW members.

The "Corporate Color Guard" leading the march.

A few of the people that decided to march with us.

Geoffrey Millard at the front of the "Corporate Color Guard"
with the formation behind it. We always put him out front
because he's the prettiest.

Adam Kokesh calling the commands for the ceremony.
"Present arms! Ready, aim, fire!"

Adam Kokesh got pulled down off the wall and thrown
to the ground after trying to address the crowd at the capitol.

A female cop smiles while pulling Adam Kokesh down by
his junk. We were all charged with "crossing a police line"
but I was pulled across it.

After a while, the cops realized that they would have less
paperwork to do if they just pushed people on the wall
back into the crowd.

They hauled us up the stairs and after cuffing and frisking,
sat us down in front of the capitol. After a while, we really
started piling up. I scooted over to my hat lying next to me
with all my belongins and grabbed my cell phone. Holding
it behind my back, I managed to send my lawyer a text:
I might be needing you later.
Because by then, I had decided that we would continue to
resist by standing up and trying to walk down the steps.

After I got up, a number of people to joined me and I
began to walk towards the steps. Three cops came running
up and started pushing us back while I pushed back with
my chest while holding my hat in my cuffed hands behind
my back until finally one grabbed me by the arm and turned
me around and led me around to the back of the building. But
at least that got me to be number 23 out of nearly 200 arrested.

Garrett Reppenhagen managed to get to the top of the
steps to the great delight of the crowd below before
getting turned around.

After the rucus, the beautiful [name removed] found a moment
to pose for the camera.

These last photos were taken by Dan Black, who managed to slip out of his handcuffs. After the cops noticed him taking pictures, he had to ditch the camera, but Tassi managed to pick it up and we got it back to him.

They loaded us all on to buses and took us to the processing warehouse. Ken Mayers did a great write-up of the whole action here. After I left the warehouse around 1am (to a surprising great cheer and echo of my "Power to the people!") with my court date, the fun really started. Geoff did a stand up routine making fun of the cops standing around and they even did a perfect human wave. It took until about 7am the next morning to get everyone processed out. On of the cops I chatted with said that we had "really done us a solid" because they were getting so much in overtime. I waited outside until almost everyone was released and then took a nap before going to the Dave Cline memorial ceremony at the Vietnam memorial.


Andrew said...

I see you're still wearing a uniform!

Aren't you worried about that?

Kim said...

Great photos, though I can't stomach the crotch-grabbing.

I hope you, IVAW, and the other vets organizations continue to lead the way. There will be more and more supporters to your (our) cause.

Will IVAW be present at the NYC Oct. 27th event?

jae said...

You are incredibly corageous!

Thank you for being such an inspiration.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,
Nice! Cool pictures, I especially like the ones of the arrests...a great statement made of standing up to this adminstration. I think all of the weeks activities have made a definite impact and have helped to create a new 'surge' of enthusiasm among people to Do Something to end this war. Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

"A female cop smile while pulling Adam Kokesh down by his junk."

You would say something like that. I laughed!

I'll make you a promise. If you wear what you did in the top photo to the next protest, I'll wear a full burka.
Let me know.


Anok said...

OK, I wasn't going to comment on the crotch grabbing cop, but my quirky sense of humor finally got the best of my personal self restraint...

You see, there are a gaggle of women out there who want to know the answer to one simple question. Its my best guess that this officer really meant to walk up and ask "Sgt Kokesh, do you have a girlfriend?" probably in hopes of hearing "No".

Instead she walked through a lethal combination of chemical spray and testosterone, and grabbed for the Brass Pair instead.

But hey, at least you made her smile, right?

As a side note, an answer to your question about about the quote on my page - I don't know. I have a hard time discerning between the oration mistakes of a bumbling idiot and honest-to-goodness Freudian Slips.

Have a good night.