Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Letter to the Chairman of the IVAW Board of Directors and His Reply


SPC REPPENHAGEN, I am SFC FRANK TOSTANOSKI, assigned as an Army Reserve Career Counselor with RRTO, Region 7.

SPC REPPENHAGEN, I am certain that you are aware of the fact that you are a member of the Individual Ready Reserve and that we are seeking individuals that are interested becoming part of our organization. Currently the Army Reserve is offering a couple of Incentives to those who elect to join that may interest you. One Incentive for joining is a $10,000 Affiliation Bonus. Current members of the IRR who elect to take advantage of this incentive will be required to service in the Army Reserve for a period of only three years. The Army Reserve is offering 24 Month Stabilization from deployment for those interested in the Army Reserve but feel that possible deployment would hinder their civilian pursuits. In addition, you may qualify to have your Military Service Obligation reduced in half; shorting your obligation by up to 24 months.

SPC REPPENHAGEN, there are a variety of career fields that can be found in the Army Reserve near your home that include; Medical, Computer Tech, Civil Affairs, Drill Sergeant, ROTC, Formal Trainers/Instructors, Chemical, Military Intelligence, Engineer, Law Enforcement, Accounting, Legal, Personnel Management, Public Affairs, CID, Watercraft Marine Operations, Communications, Military Police, Fire Fighter, Transportation, Fire Fighter, Mechanic, Aviation, Petroleum, Logistics, and Linguistics to name a few.

Members of the Army Reserve also are able to participate in two week Active Duty exercises each year in places such as; Alaska, Asia, Europe, Hawaii, and throughout the U.S.

Below is a rollup of some Incentives, Entitlements and Benefits of being a member of the Army Reserve. Please consider your options:

· PART-TIME work with FULL-TIME Benefits
· MSO Reduction
· 24 Month Stabilization
· $10,000 Affiliation Bonus for IRR’s joining a Reserve Unit
· Command Assignments Available
· 100% Tuition Assistance (Allowed to be combined w/ Select Reserve GI Bill)
· Selective Reserve GI BILL
· MOS Re-class options available
· FULL-TIME Soldier Program, AGR
· Post and Base Exchange access
· Commissary access
· $400,000 SGLI
· Dental Coverage
· Medical Coverage
· Free Military Airlift for Space Available Travel
· Earn Retirement Pay for part time work

When you are considering your benefits with the Army Reserve; remember to consider some of the intangibles as well: continued service, pride, patriotism, character, leadership and friendships.

SPC REPPENHAGEN, if you are interested or have questions please feel free to contact me at (206) 941-8453. Thank you for your service and consideration.

Garett's Reply:

Dear SFC Tostanoski,

I would like to inform you of an amazing opportunity to help bring the soldiers in Iraq home immediately, take care of the veterans who sacrificed for this war, and assist the Iraqi people rebuild their destroyed and exploited country and culture. The veterans and active duty service members are organizing in a powerful organization that is working effectively to have an impact on these critical issues. many of our nation's service members would like to see an America that lives up to it's potential to be the democratic and just leader of the world. The most important steps is admitting our failures and being courageous enough to do what is in our power to set them right. I would like to invite you to help this new GI movement directly by joining Iraq Veterans Against the War at http://www.ivaw.org/

Thanks for the letter explaining my IRR options.


Garett Reppenhagen
Board of Directors
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Colorado Springs

Garett, that's why I love you, buddy. I'm sure this letter has nothing to do with them needing people to go to Iraq. You should do it. IVAW could really use the money. And they practically promise to not "hinder your civilian pursuits."


Kenyon said...

Obviously writing isn't a significant part of Army recruiter school.

SFC MAC said...

Dear Ex-Private Kokesh,
I am an Iraq War veteran and not only am I FOR this war, we should have leveled Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan on 12 September 2001. They want a 'holy war' we should give them holy hell. If you want to be an anti-war sycophant, go right ahead, but you do not speak for me or the majority of the veterans of the GWOT. The invasion of Afghanistan (conspicuously absent from the anti-war debate) was prompted by its use as a major operating base for al Qaeda. The invasion of Iraq was prompted by several factors: Saddam Hussein (who now occupies a special corner of hell) filled hundreds of mass graves with men, women and children, and slaughtered 5000 Kurds with “non-existent” chemical weapons. He thumbed his nose at the pusillanimous UN for 12 years, while he continued to research, develop, and hide the evidence of his WMD program. He was well on the way to developing more bio/chem weapons when he was finally stopped. He gave thousands of dollars to families of suicide bombers and in addition, Iraqi intelligence met with al Qadea operatives and provided with training camps in Northern Iraq. Had we tried to limit our operations to Afghanistan, there is no doubt in my military mind that Hussein’s insanity combined with his support of terrorist activities, defiant development of WMDs and willingness to use them, would have still necessitated an invasion into Iraq. Hint: what we did was a pre-emptive strike validated by U.N. Resolution 1441. You ought to read it sometime.

In case you forgot we were attacked by Islamofascist pigs who have support throughout the Middle East. They want to transform the planet into a Caliphate, and all you silly-assed "veterans against the war" can do is piss and moan about what is takes to see that it doesn't happen. I'm very glad you're out of the military. Too bad you haven't done anything constructive since.

SFC Cheryl McElroy


Anonymous said...

You're a dumbass. I'm so glad you're no longer serving our country.