Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jonathan de Wald on GOE

The Gagglefuck of Pigeons has recently decided on a new flag, but Jonathan de Wald's parody below is much more apt. I'm not sure what "NEVER AGAIN" refers to. But I have some ideas:
"Never again will we think before we yell obscenities."
"Never again will we be seen in public without making asses of ourselves."
"Never again will we respect anti-war veterans' freedom of speech."
"Never again will we question any of Bush's lies." Oh wait. Nevermind. That never happened to begin with.

This is the new GOE flag:
Jonathan de Wald's version:


Anonymous said...

Funny how you are willing to slam GoE members for never serving, but you won't slam other "anti-war" groups for not serving. When will you and your friends call them out?

Anonymous said...

Ha HA!! Preach it, Adam! Just stopping by Kokesh's Blog 2 c what is up, and u delivered..;)


james said...


I am the blogmaster for the Sir! No Sir! Blog, "Sir! No Sir! Exposing and Debunking Military Lies from Vietnam and Iraq".

I have reproduced your post about the Gathering of Eagles new flag and added a few more versions of the eagle. Feel free to use any of them

Address of my post: http://militarylies.typepad.com/military_lies/2008/02/gi-blog-posts-7.html


JD said...

I don't have an issue with those have never served and are against Bush's war of terror. I have an issue with those who have never served clamoring for more war, chicken-hawks i.e. Dick Cheney.

Army Sergeant said...

If you have never served you have a right to an opinion, just like any other citizen. However, I think it does call into question your willingness to send other people's sons into combat.

Anonymous said...

You may have just pissed off alot of good men; combat vets who served very, very honorably. The men you will likely infuriate are not necessarily GOE members, but rather GOE admirers. You guys may have woken a sleeping giant.

Anonymous said...

"A sleeping giant." More like a fucking sleeping alcoholic. The Gathering of Dumbshits are a bunch of fucking loser nobodies. Who cares what they get up to when they're awake? Screaming on street corners and waving flags around like the fucking Sturmabteilung. So what?

Grung_e_Gene said...

I'll question everyone and anyone, who is willing to send Men off to war, while having no intention of placing their own precious lives at risk, interrupting their own dreams and placing their own aspirations on hold to fight "Islamo-fascism".

If you have never "seen the elephant" and don't plan to don't champion War.