Monday, February 18, 2008

Stop-Loss Congress!


This was an idea I came up with over dinner at Busboys & Poets about a month ago. I was with Ashley Casale and Robbie Diesu (who are organizing Our Spring Break) my roommate Geoff Millard, Jamilla El-Shaffei, and David Rubinson. We were just brainstorming for stuff around the anniversary and this campaign just popped into my head almost fully formed. Of course, I am focusing on Winter Soldier right now, and there is no way I could imagine taking on organizing a project of this scope, but David and Jamilla liked it enough that they decided to give it a try. I did the basic graphics for the banner with some conceptual help from Geoff (we brainstorm together a lot) and let them have at it. What they have developed now is something powerful beyond my wildest dreams. It is such an honor to be able to share a vision with someone and see it get stronger and stronger the more that it is shared. When I finish the video for Sick Of It Day, I'll tell that story too.


Daisy said...

Adam, just found your blog through the Blogswarm against the war... I invite you to go here: War is hell
...and check out the last comment. In your opinion, ARE the majority of the troops in favor of what they are doing in Iraq?

I'd LOVE to hear an antiwar veterans viewpoint!

Anonymous said...
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