Sunday, May 25, 2008

Help Us Get the WSIA Documentary Out by September!


This year, a scrappy, determined band of soldiers and veterans turned this country on its head.

On March 13-16, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) held Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan / Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations in Washington, DC. Over one hundred active duty soldiers and veterans publicly testified—from their own experience–about what they consider to be the immoral and illegal nature of those occupations. They demanded immediate and unconditional withdrawal, and intend to force this issue onto the national stage.

Displaced Films and Northern Light Productions are producing the only documentary film that will be made about this historic moment, and the intense battle leading up to it. If you liked Sir! No Sir! you will love this new film. Winter Soldier/Iraq and Afghanistan will answer the question “Can a new GI Movement happen today?” with a resounding “Yes!”

The Winter Soldier Investigation was by any account a powerful, explosive, and controversial antiwar event, timed to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq five years ago. No one who witnessed it could come out the same. But just as importantly, it transformed everyone involved in profound and unexpected ways. That transformation, both large-scale and deeply personal, is the subject we explore in our film.


We are in a desperate race to make the film and have it in the world by September this year, right in the height of the election campaign. We cannot make it without your financial support, and the more money we raise the faster the film can be completed. Every donation of $50 or more will get an advance copy of the DVD when it is available. Donations of $1,000 or more will be credited in the film.

But don’t limit yourself. This is a chance to play a direct, critical role in making history and forging a new future.


Send a check to:

Pangea Productions
c/o Displaced Films
3421 Fernwood Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

For secure credit card donation, go to:


Anonymous said...

PVT Kokesh;

You did no such thing.....turning this country upside down on its head. WS2 proved to be fake & phony.

Only thing that was coming from inside was a lot of whining & crying about military service.

Something that really had me belly laughing hard was the revelation; "They made us shoot real ammo".

Not to mention the freak shooting a "documentary" & made the claim of days long gone by about performing "abortions" with a painted FT Dix, NJ.

Dude; Stay mobile, keep flapping yer gums. Sooner or later, you'll be caught wearing your panties down around your ankles & the VFP/VVAW crew ain't gonna be able to help you any.


Anonymous said...


Winter Soldier's costs is what help bankrupt them back in the 70's and it looks like it will now.

These kids are controlled by the old VVAW pukes and everything they've done is a repeat of the 60's and 70's but with even less success.

Both "marched" to Valley Forge.

They did 25 miles in two days, 12.5 a day. The old farts did 80 miles in 4 days. About 20 miles a day, for more days.

Dewey Canyon III has tens of thousands sleeping on the Mall overnight, Camp Democracy has about 300 for an afternoon meeting.

They had to beg the 911 Truthers to come and show their movies for Pete's sake.

The old farts had Jane Fonda, these guys had a reuhpolstered Buffy St James.

Anonymous said...


Look at the vids and photos. Half the audience, perhaps more were the old VVAW pukes who remarkably were the security.

Can you say control?