Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Prez In The Fez!

Last Tuesday I got to see Khalil Bendib's act, "The Prez in the Fez." It was hilarious and insightful. Khalil uses his humor and Muslim perspective to cut through a lot of the ways in which we are deluding ourselves as a country. His main gig is as a cartoonist and you can see some of his work here:

He sent me this cartoon and said he will be coming to my event in Marin on Tuesday at the College of Marin.


Cato Uticensis said...

It should read "Adam Kokless, Legend in His own mind and fag traitor." that's an accurate description of you.

Why do you pretend to love this country when we both know you hate it? Dispense with the BS and show them the picture of you in your keffiyeh dressed like an al Qaeda poser.

lightbringer said...

cartoons: now that's activism...
Also: What do you know about Peter Kawaja?