Friday, June 20, 2008

Do you really think fat guys on segways should have AR-15s? DC Metro Police Department does.

I attented a rally & press conference held at the Wilson Building last week to protest the killing of DeOnte Rawlings, demand the police officers responsible be held accountable, demand compensation for the Rawlings family, and keep DC from putting AR-15s in the hands of cops on DC streets. The oppressive heat and humidity of this early summer heat wave DC was enduring were nothing compared to the oppressive policies at hand and were not enough to deter a healthy turnout, both from the press and supporters. While we were there, a couple of cops showed up. One of them was the fatass on the segway seen above.

From the announcement:


Last year 14 year old DeOnte Rawlings was shot in the back of the head by off duty police officers. The officers claimed to have been fired on first but, no gun was recovered and the off duty cops fled the scene after shooting DeOnte down.

Last month all charges were dropped against the officers. The U.S. Attorney's Office announced "that investigators have found no wrongdoing by D.C. police officers."

It was also recently announced that D.C. cops will be issued AR-15 assault riffles. The police department says that officers need to be heavily armed to take on the powerful weaponry they claim is increasingly possessed by criminals.

We say that DeOnte's killers must be fully prosecuted and that plans to arm cops with machine guns must be halted immediately. We also demand compensation for DeOnte's family and a memorial for victims of police murder. Join us for a rally and press conference to shed light on these issues and build momentum against police violence and impunity.

Sponsored by the Black August Planning Organization & the International Socialist Organization


Naji Muhamid was there representing the Black August Planning Organization and spoke at length about the history of police brutality towards blacks in America and the lack of accountability. Obi Egbuna was there and lay down the fire for Cease Fire. My favorite speaker that day was Matthew Fogg. I first met Matthew at the Whistleblower's Conference hosted by the No Fear Institute where he introduced himself as a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Right away I felt an afinity for him as a member of LEAP because of the parallel with Iraq Veterans Against the War. We are both people who carried out policies that we are speaking out against now. He was speaking on behalf of the Congress Against Racism & Corruption in Law Enforcement, and as always, did a wonderful job as a police officer speaking critically about law enforcement policies in DC. Here is a video of a speech he gave for the ACLU recently:


lightbringer said...

Why no street propaganda alerting the black residents of this event east of the anacostia river where this happened?

Well, they are planning for the battles to come with the US people(fortress capitol hill/ checkpoint Trinidad). It appears they fear the up coming Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Ammendment: Black people have historically been denied the 1st AND 2nd Ammendments: study the black codes passed after the end of the war between the states.

They fear an armed and regulated black Washington DC militia; the people protecting and serving themselves.

The legalization people(Dope inc.) are tools of Soros, et. al(kevin zeese, MPP,DPF) I experienced these charlatans back in the late 90's during my brief efforts to help ACTUP Washington organize a marijuana patients intiative. They fought us tooth and nail. The second intiative passed too after steve had died of AIDS in '98 with congress(bastards) finally counting the fucking votes.

I value decriminalization, not legalization!

Concerning the deaths of all our men here in town: only a complete seperation from the culture and and its economics save them. For evey cop who shoots a brother or sister , 15/20 more are destroyed by another sister/brother. Justice cannot come from our oppressor, but from ourselves. You know, you were in Iraq.

Lastly, it is great to see you out and about, mixing and representing with the good people of washington DC.

ps: how does that fat queen use an AR-15 while gliding by on a segway?

Anonymous said...

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jae said...

"I see you are still a useless faggot Kokesh."

Oooh Oooh....if I post as (cowardly) anonymous, can I post grounless & pointless insults too??

Yikes. We're surrounded.

Anonymous said...

It is really not very nice to call someone a "fat ass" and not sure how that is relevant to your point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video, alot of good points.


ILO said...

A cop less capable of movement and action than he ought to be is going to rely less on himself and more on his weapon. Yes, D.C. cops need more support- but arming a police patrol as if it were a combat patrol is a bad idea- especially for a department that's already too dangerous even with only pistols.

Support like additional training opportunities or manpower would be a good idea. A few treadmills might help, too. The picture shows that their administrative types could use a bit of remedial training. That guy should be patrolling on a bicycle, not a Segway!

Scott said...

I'm wondering what type of training he received, and apparently passed, to carry that weapon.

MJ Wilhelm II said...

He is me and I received the same basic police training as everyone else to answer your question.