Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Facebook is Better Than MySpace

A friend of mine recently asked me why I preferred Facebook to MySpace. This was my answer:

If Facebook and MySpace got in a fight, Facebook would start off by looking MySpace right in the eye, causing MySpace to get a queasy feeling before soiling itself. Facebook would then give MySpace a punch in the stomach, causing it to vomit retarded profile layouts, excessive ads, and error messages all over itself. Then Facebook would kick MySpace in the gunch, creating a new asshole from which it could shit people that can't get with the times. Facebook would roundhouse kick MySpace's head off, but then Facebook would use it's laser beam eyes to cause it to explode while still in mid air. Then, Facebook would grab MySpace's body, grind it into dust with one hand, and snort it. And that's why you should try Facebook.



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Roe said...

Hi Adam,
Thank You for a kind reply, this is what my youngest daughter does. I haven't a clue why people do this? I s'pose I would rather write my Blog, talk to my 7 pooches, not too people oriented. Not shy it's as you are aware many people just are unaware, don't care, vote RNC becaus[like my sister, hubbies business is elctronic guidance systems for missile warheads]she was Dem her entire life, now McInsane because she doesn;t think her gazillionaire idiot, murderer of a husband should pay higher taxes. I asked what of the $$$TRN we've spent on Occupations and entering into sectarian conflicts, bitch that she is, Oh, YOU PEOPLE always say that!
It is what it is, Adam if I ever finish this site my own domain, itsa on, Constitutionalert, under construction, would you consider contributing a piece? Of course attribution goes to you. I am not an idiot, yet some of thissoftware shit, Oye!

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome. Here's what I wrote on MySpace:

Without getting too technical, here is why Facebook is way better than MySpace:

1. The applications - Facebook has exponentially more sophisticated applications
2. The atmosphere - Sorry people, but Facebook is a little more "grown up", or maybe "Family-friendly" is the correct term. It has it's share of 'I heart MILF' groups, but there's generally less flirting and more substantial content.
3. Speaking of substantial content - I can't find any good Libertarian, Ron Paul or Campaign for Liberty groups on here
4. The interface - it's so much more user-friendly. It's laid out in such a way that you get the maximum amount of information with minimal digging
5. Interaction - Facebook allows you to interact better with your friends by having a "Wall". You can post comments, links, photos and quiz results to your wall and people can comment on them
6. Presentation - Facebook wall posts are presented to the user as a feed. It also allows you to block seeing updates from people you don't really give a crap about.

Highly recommend using Facebook, though you may find yourself getting addicted.

Anonymous said...

...And then Chuck Norris round house kicks Myspace in the face while telling you about Facebook and how it's the best buddy networking place on the net.