Monday, September 29, 2008

Adam Kokesh at Ole Miss Punks McCain, Obama, and the Debate


Organjic said...

You completely ownd that crowd!
Nice shirt!

Laura Baran said...

it's making a difference what you're doing, saying, and expressing. we might not see the big results so quickly, but the impact is definitely happening. thanks adam.

Jeff Avitabile said...

Excellent speech.

Lisa Wallace said...

Keep it up Adam! You are a true American least in my eyes.

JD said...


There are active duty Marine Corps SNCOs on board with your message.

Semper Fi and Peace...


ElectronicSoma said...


Outstanding speech.

Outstanding message.

Tie the C4L in with the portion about education and you are platinum.

Many thanks for your work

Sara said...

You're an inspiration to me and thousands of other Libert supporters. Thank you for serving.


Anonymous said...

"You wanna rock the debates?? Fuck the debate, vote third party."

WOW, what a damn good way to end that speech. They didn't even know what hit them! :)

Chuck Baldwin 2008!

Myrth said...

Adam, thank you for your activity.

A question for you as a veteran:

With our troops being relocated to US as an active duty and talks in congress about martial law, do you think it is possible that most soldiers will carry out orders of killing American civilians?

Thank you.