Monday, September 15, 2008

Keep the Pressure on McCain!

By request, the original graphics from the RNC action:

Click on the images above to see the high res versions. To recreate the sign, you can go into any Kinko's and have them make each one as a 20" by 50" print, then laminate them back to back. I would love to see these every time McCain shows his face in public between now and election day!

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, even tell Obama supporters! Let's make this happen and keep showing people how full of crap McCain is!

(Apparently, someone is already making some money with these slogans on CafePress.)
Since someone asked, you can save the files to a thumb-drive, then bring them into Kinko's, or call your local print store and email the files to them, then they can pull them up when you get there.


Chantal from facebook said...

haha @

i LOVE that site. i got my hitler=george bush tshirt from there.

anyfuckery, i just made a poster all layman style so i'm glad you led me in the right direction to kinko's. i knew i could go there, but just didn't know what to get/make. thanks adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chantal der said...

so, do we print this out and take it to kinko's? or do we give them the link and they print it out?

Avit187 said...


I just stumbled on to your blog and could not be happier about it. Keep spreading the message bro...your an inspiration. I look forward to reading more from you.

Too bad i missed the Barr Sunday fun...would have been fun to slap down some of those comments (I saw Some guy asked you to consider voting for Obama...HA!)

You must be really misunderstood to get a comment like that! Great response though.

Nathan said...

I was sitting at a bar watching the RNC (and, appropriately, downing some hard liquor to try to cope with the idiocy I was seeing), when suddenly Adam Kokesh appears on the screen holding an anti-McCain sign.

That was priceless, and the best 10 seconds of the entire convention.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a "McCain votes against vets" T-shirt? Can't find any on cafepress, their search results are horrible.