Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you have what it takes to support the troops?


Ryan Hile said...

I just read the email from Matthis via the "I Support the Hempstead 15" facebook group. All charges are to be dismissed! Yaaay!! Congrats man!! Definitely something to be thankful for today. I think we should all eat turkey and take a break from all this for a day. Remember why we do this.
-With hope and respect!

April said...

I am so shocked that I don't know what to say. There are so many things wrong with what this video displays that one doesn't know where to begin.
He was in uniform, for one. Did that settle the decision to target him out of so many people? If yes, then that steps the attack on Nick up to just sick on the part of the police.
This is sick. Sick like the cancer. It is sick to attack anyone like that, but especially our country's own veteran.
I think this attack on Nick by the police was a disgusting symptom of a sicker problem : the cancer of the bush administration. Why can't we surgically remove bush and implant the president-elect, now?
Please communicate my dearest love to Nick for me. I will see how much money I can donate for his surgery, asap.

Stephanie said...

Dude, where you at???

You were posting all of the time and now ... not so much. :( Hope all is good in your hood.

Merry Christmas comrade! Keep up the good fight. :)

Ryan Hile said...

You still with us Mr. Kokesh? :)