Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey Adam!

Hey Adam-

Just wanted to let you know that "Is It Time" Hit over 6000 plays this week!

Though it's been out since January - I continue to get great responses to it, and the message just becomes more powerful with each passing day.

Here it is on my Myspace:

and here is the Free Download link:

I think it's a powerful message that everyone should hear - which is why I had to put it to music.
It's an easy format to burn and pass to fellow Americans. Motivational!

Hope you're well, man! Must go back to work. Thanx much again for spreading the truth & continuing to fight for freedom!

In solidarity-
Jeremy / jerm


Anonymous said...

Adam Rocks!

Jennifer said...

Jerm is the man!
Thanks for all of the work you're doing, totally deserve a song!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Adam!!! Keep preach'n it! In court Tuesday, somewhere in Southern Cali, the judge asked 3 ppl in a row, why were they driving w/o their licenses..each, thru a translator, said they "didn't have the proper papers." So, u see, the big elephant in the room here in the great state of California, is illegal is commonplace now for illegals to be 1 with US.. sucks! Plus, all be damned who wish to have a payment plan, AND traffic school! You may have a 90 payment plan to pay the 312.00 for going 12 over the limit, but don't even dream of attending the Traffic School with that payment plan, that is NOT an option- So, those that are the working poor, are not granted their Constitutional rights, at least here in CAHitlerLand, I mean the land of Arnold.