Monday, April 27, 2009

Rick Reyes Calls Out John Kerry

Former Marine Corporal Rick Reyes testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chaired by Senator John Kerry. Of course, Kerry has come a long way since he was in Rick's position, testifying himself about the war crimes of Vietnam. He has sold out. Kerry composed a panel of four veterans expecting them all to support Obama's criminal escalation in Afghanistan as he has. Fortunately, Rick was there to point out his great failure. John Kerry went from being a principled anti-war activist, to being a presidential candidate who, regarding the Iraq war, "voted for it before voting against it," and now is supporting Obama's interventionism. Thank you Rick Reyes!

The video here from Brave New Films doesn't go quite as far as I have in pointing out the great hypocrisy of Kerry, but is still quite informative, and a nice juxtaposition of the two veterans.

Here is Rick's full testimony. You can see Kerry looking extremely bored around 2:00.

I think Reye's predictions about Afghanistan are right on, and simple observations of history (recent and not so recent) back them up. But let me go one step further, because Reye's predictions about Afghanistan are "if" predictions. I predict the Democrats will continue to posture against war while voting to fund it. The precedent of the last two years of the Bush Administration highly support this prediction. Obama will keep his campaign promises (especially those to Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex) and maintain the American empire of exploitation. I hope I'm wrong!


Stephanie said...

I don’t know that it is necessarily a look of boredom on Kerry’s face but more of a look of guilt. He should feel guilty.

My heart goes out to all of my brothers and sisters who were sacrificed (both gone and still living) for the price of oil. How sad of a country we are that we can sit comfortably back and watch tragedy fall before us without doing anything about it.

“I urge you on behalf of truth and Patriotism to consider carefully and rethink Afghanistan. More troops, more occupation is not the answer.” – I have chills.

I too hope that you are wrong with your predictions Adam, but I feel the writing is on the wall. Well said, as tragically true as it may be.

By the way, congrats on!!!! You will make a fine Congressman!!!! :)


beachmom said...

Kerry asked Rick Reyes to testify. This is his committee. Clearly, you did not watch the entire hearing. There was an even stronger voice there against further involvement in Afghanistan -- Andrew Bacevich. Instead of condemning people, maybe do your research next time, instead of watching one sided films?