Friday, May 29, 2009


Please share this, repost it, put it on your facebook status, etc. We're not starting the r3VOLution without you, but you don't want to get left behind! We can't do this without you . . .


ClayTrainor said...

Those RepFreedomForce guys aren't messing around.

This was one badass video!

Anonymous said...

Even if you don't win Adam, you're doing a great job reminding the American people that they are free, even though, it often seems like they don't want to hear that.

I'm looking forward to celebrating July 4th this year, and having a real reason to.

Feels Like Forever said...

Hi Adam!

I have a son serving in the Air Force, who is stationed in Japan right now. I must say that I was relieved when he told me he was going into the Air Force, and I am proud of him. I would have worried, much more if he had gone into any other branch of the military. He is not very political, however I hope that one day he will take an interest in what is happening in our country today, like you are doing.

It is great to see someone like you who served in the best way he believed how, and now wants to serve our country in the best way he KNOWS how. I believe that you will be successful in helping to save the Constitution from Washington if you remain passionate and faithful to the Constitution. It is like scripture to me, and I believe authored by God himself.

I wish you the best, and will contribute to your campaign, and although it may be a small amount, I believe that God can and will multiply it. We need people like you to stop the maniacs who want to rip our sacred constitution to shreds, and us along with it.