Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chris Capps Joins the Crew in Germany!

Chris Capps, a fellow IVAW member who I first met at our east coast strategy retreat, joined us on our tour yesterday after an interesting adventure with the Army. He even gave a statement at the press conference. Here is the email he sent to his friends describing what happened:

This is Chris Capps. Last tuesday I turned myself in at Ft. Sill Oklahoma
from being a deserter. Friday I was finshed outprocessing out of the army. I
have been placed on indefinite unpaid leave until they mail me my DD-214. I
am now in Ansbach germany helping the peace movement here.

-chris capps

Chris Capps is an Iraq veteran and deserted to avoid deployment to Afghanistan. Technically, a member of the US Military can be sentenced to death for desertion, but it hasn't happened in decades. It's true, the Army is getting soft! But his story serves as an important example of how easy it can be for troops to get out with reasonable punishment. We are glad to have him back in the real world.