Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Press Release - Adam Kokesh Rejects Marines' Plea Bargain

For Immediate Release:

May 29, 2007

For Further Information Contact:

Adam Kokesh ###-###-####

Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582

In Unprecedented Prosecution Former Marine Adam Kokesh Rejects Plea Bargain

Fights to Protect Free Speech Rights of Vets

Washington, DC: Former Marine Sergeant Adam Kokesh is embroiled in a conflict that could have major implications for the free speech rights of veterans especially recent Vets who are in the Inactive Ready Reserve. Kokesh is facing an administrative hearing for his anti-war activities but recognizing the high stakes the military has offered a plea bargain. In response, Kokesh rejected the offer saying it risks the “free speech rights” of vets and “allow you to silence the voices of those whose experiences are most relevant in the most pressing debate before the nation.” Below this release is his letter to Captain Sibert and Brigadier General Moore, who is the convening authority for the hearing.

This Friday at 5:00 PM at Union Station Kokesh will be participating in a press conference when he departs to Kansas City, MO for the hearing which is scheduled for June 4th at the Marine Mobilization Command. Adam Kokesh, his attorney, and his witnesses, will be taking the Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus from DC to Kansas City.

Adam Kokesh was deployed to Fallujah and received an honorable discharge last November. Since then, he has become active with the national organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War. After participating in Operation First Casualty, a demonstration at which he wore parts of his utility uniform, he received a warning from Major Whyte, an active duty Marine Corps Major who had been assigned to investigate the incident. After replying with a strongly worded email, the Marine Corps decided to prosecute him and separate him from the IRR with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. He could have ignored the letter of notification, but instead chose to exercise his right to challenge the decision in a hearing.

The implications of this hearing may be far reaching, as the prosecution of a member of the inactive reserves under these circumstances is unprecedented. At stake is the right of freedom of speech for the hundreds of thousands of members of the Inactive Ready Reserve, as well as the nation’s right to get the unbiased truth out of Iraq. Last week, the prosecuting attorney, Captain Sibert, offered Kokesh a general discharge. To accept this would be to allow the Marines to say that members of the IRR do not have freedom of speech, so naturally, he declined.

The hearing will be held on June 4, at the Marine Corps Mobilization Command in Kansas City, MO. Kokesh requested the hearing be held closer to Washington, DC, his current residence and a much more convenient location for the witnesses to the event in question, which happened in Washington, but was denied. He has the right to call witnesses, but has to provide for their transportation.

Adam Kokesh is represented by Mike Lebowitz and Eric Seitz. Mike Lebowitz is a combat veteran of Iraq, having been deployed in 2005-2006 as a paratrooper in the Pathfinder Company of the 101st Airborne Division. Lebowitz currently serves part-time as a JAG officer in the National Guard. He also is an attorney at the Washington, DC-based intellectual property law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman. Mike practices media law, First Amendment and military expression. He previously worked as a journalist and consultant in places such as East Africa and the Middle East. Ph: 202-625-7000, Fx: 202-625-7001, cell: 571-251-1490. Eric Seitz is an attorney engaged in private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii emphasizing civil rights, criminal defense, and military law. Mr. Seitz graduated from Oberlin College in 1966 and received his law degree from Boalt Hall (University of California at Berkeley) in 1969. Among the thousands of military cases in which he has participated Mr. Seitz represented Navy FN Patrick Chenoweth who was acquitted in a general court-martial of sabotage in time of war, Marine Cpl. Jeff Paterson who was the first service member to refuse to deploy during the first Gulf War, and most recently Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada who refused to deploy to Iraq.

# # #

Dear Captain Sibert and Brigadier General Moore,

As an esteemed US Attorney and a General, you both must have a sense of the potential significance of my separation hearing. The prosecution of a member of the inactive reserve under these circumstances is unprecedented. As citizens, we all have a right to freedom of speech. In the Marines, we often joke that you signed away that freedom, and I understand the necessity for certain restrictions while on active duty. But those who have risked their lives to defend the rights of all Americans have a special claim to those rights when they have completed their service. Is the Marine Corps attempting to strip away those rights from the hundreds of thousands in the inactive reserves?

Maybe that’s not the case. Perhaps I am being singled out because I have become a vocal opponent of the war. Maybe Brigadier General Darrell L. Moore just got upset when he saw a picture of a Marine in the paper disagreeing with him. Maybe that’s when he decided to order Colonel Steve Brown, Deputy Commander of the Mobilization Command to recommend that I be separated with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. Maybe he thought that I would be intimidated by the long letter, the official letterhead, and the threats in official Marine Corps terminology. Maybe he thought that I would just ignore it, and let the Marines “paper-f***” me behind my back. Maybe I would shut up for a while. But let me tell you, you messed with the wrong veteran.

While there may be some purpose of this prosecution in order to maintain the, “good order and discipline” of the inactive reserve, it is clear by its prejudice that it is intended to silence the voices of dissent. Thousands of taxpayers’ dollars are being spent on this case. I love the Marine Corps, and to see it abused for political ends makes me sick. You should all be ashamed to call yourselves Marines.

I joined the Marines out of patriotism. I said that when I enlisted in 1999, before it was cool, and even wrote it as my reason on the form I filled out at the Military Entrance Processing Station. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.” Now that I am out of the Marines, I am continuing my patriotic duty by speaking out. It is Marines like you, Brigadier General Moore, and Colonel Brown, who are preventing the American public from hearing the truth about Iraq by intimidating those who would disagree with you from speaking out. If the policies that you support are so righteous, why are you afraid of the truth?

If I accept this “plea bargain,” I would have to allow you to punish me for speaking my mind, allow you to say that it is somehow less than honorable for thousands of IRR Marines to exercise their freedom of speech, allow you to silence the voices of those whose experiences are most relevant in the most pressing debate before the nation, and allow you to say that Thomas Jefferson was wrong. If this is your intent, I would ask to please, kindly, go f*** yourself. I will not allow it.

Semper Fi,

Adam Kokesh, PFC

Proud F***ing Civilian


Anonymous said...

Good for you for not accepting their offer.
This only strengthens our resolve regarding Tim's case.
Peace always,

Anonymous said...


I am not to sure what to think of you. You are going to bring your little parade into Kansas City and for what. I am not to sure what your goal is. I mean you know what you did is wrong, just take the punishment. What is that called, oh yeah Courage. I know that even though that boot camp may have been soft for you they still teach you the Corps Values. Hell you might still have your Honor, Courage and Commitment card. You might want to read it on your road trip. If boot camp was hard like you wanted it, you would have a blog about how the Marine Corps kicked your ass. But you can do what you want. You know what you remind me of. Those Marines that want things to be hard core till it is too hard then you cry about it.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely professional and mature.

Lana said...

I admire your SPIRIT!. I have recently become an activist,signing MANY petitions and harrassing MANY politicians! I think our troops should be brought home,before it costs the U.S.,a whole generation of young men and women. Kudos to you for fighting for the lives of our troops!Stay strong,you have A LOT of "Proud Fucking Civilians"who support you and everything you're doing.Now, go kick some ass, Sergeant!
Best Regards,

Marcus Eriksen said...


Semper Fi! Be always faithful to your core (Corps) values - honor, duty and country. You are a combat vet. You've been there, and earned the right to speak about the occupation of Iraq. We all know this war is based on lies. And sometimes you've got to speak out against your government in order to defend your country. You're a good Marine. Hang in there.

Marcus Eriksen
Gulf War Grunt

William W said...


Good for you. Don't listen to annonymous haters. What you're doing is an inspiration to all of us who still love our country more than our power.

Charles Wilson said...

Sgt. Kokesh, I have mixed feelings about your activities. I support your right to free speech and wish you well in your hearing, but frankly I am uncomfortable with military members using the uniform for political activities.

On the other hand, from what I've been able to glean from your website, you did so as a non-drilling reservist, which in my understanding is a status tantamount to being a civilian.

All of this is a sticky question. Obviously, military personnel do and should have rights as citizens, but I get nervous when military personnel appear in uniform in partisan causes. Believe me, I'm just as unconfortable when they wear a uniform at, say, the Republican Convention.

I am curious about the procedures and a bit of the terminology. The easy question first: I have seen IRR rendered as "Individual Ready Reserve" and "Inactive Ready Reserve." On your website, it's "Inactive Ready Reserve."

Does the acronym's precise meaning vary by service branch? I had thought the USMC's IRR members are part of the "Individual Ready Reserve." I know it's a minor detail, but as a civilian who has written about military affairs, I always want to be sure I get the terminology correct.

Secondly, my understanding of military law is that you cannot be disciplined by the military for anything you do while in a non-drilling reserve status. Therefore, what is the legal basis of the Marine Corps's action against you?

Finally, you mentioned the USMC's offer of a plea bargain, but you have not said what terms they offered. How about publishing the complete text of their offer?

Anonymous said...

Well, I was never in the Corps, Mr. Wow-I'm-not-sure-what-to-think, but I was a FMF Corpsman and I think it took sack (that'd be the courage part) to stand up say this war is just stupid. And I think it's downright DIS-honorable for the REMFs in the Pentagon to try to back door slam someone this way. If veterans can't speak up and something is wrong who can? I guess he's Committed to free speach. This IS still the USA. Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Screw those stupid jerks and screw Mr anonymous Wow. Keep on truckin' dude, eat the apple, screw the Corps. I can't belive what they are trying to do. What will they do next? Try to cancel Christmas? Take away your birthday? Thank God that you won't have to go back to the meat grinder and drive on.

David Cook said...

I'm sure of what to think of you. Kudos and good luck. I agree that this administration is the most corrupt and inept ever.

David Cook
USAF Retired.

Anonymous said...


You are a patriot. Thanks for serving, and thanks for putting your neck on the line by living your politics and beliefs.

Aaron S.

Anonymous said...

Way to f***ing go Dude. We need a few more people with balls among the Generals to bring this clusterfuck to an end.

agum said...

Way to stand up, Adam. Sounds like selective prosecution to me.

Hey anonymous whiner about professionalism and maturity: the President and his minions lied to start a pointless war in which 3000 Americans have died. And he still has not been held responsible for his actions.

And you're concerned about Adam's civility? Get your priorities straight, you dumbs***.

Calabama said...

Thank you, Adam, for standing up for our civil liberties. Keep it up, and ignore the locksteppers who want you to be a "good Marine" and keep your mouth shut.

A veteran Special Forces member I knew once told me that a TRULY good Marine is one who bases his actions on conscience, not blind obedience. Your work defines this noble goal.

Kudos! There are many of us who appreciate your brave stand to preserve the freedoms this Administration is systematically assaulting.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore those idiots. There's nothing like an organization that turns on itself at the first sign of dissent. Apparently you're only a Marine these days until you have the nerve to exercise the right to free speech that you protected. Call me crazy, but I doubt it was the first time those Marines had read/heard the word "fuck".

Ryan said...

Let us know when you roll in to KC and we'll happily buy you a beer.

BadTux said...

Our military is supposed to be about killing our nation's enemies dead, not about suppressing free speech within the borders of our country. There's a name for the kind of country where the military is used to suppress free speech within the borders of the country. It's called "military dictatorship". It's not what our nation is supposed to be about. For shame, General Moore! Whether you agree or disagree with Adam, you must agree that military dictatorship, the military telling civilians what they can or cannot say, should be repugnant to each and every American.

Onyx said...

Keep fighting Adam, there are a lot of us behind you. I can't believe that they don't have better things to do - like taking care of and bringing our people home. For shame. I have the utmost respect for you.

Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Dear "Anonymous #2",

I love how you're basically calling Mr. Kokesh a wimp (I could have used a stronger word but I'll try to keep it clean) and yet you go by "anonymous". If you're so effin' brave, man up (or woman up) and put your damn name down, leave all your contact info as Adam has and let us say what we want to you or else just STFU.

Adam, I stumbled on this page completely by accident but want to say I am proud that there are soldiers like you. I know others who feel the same way you do but don't have the heart to fight the battle that you are because they feel so let down by their government. Please keep up the awesome work and know that we DO support the troops, no matter what they or we think of the war.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for standing up for those who cannot. The Kansas City press ( May 31)is reporting that you are facing reprisal for using freedom of speech and the Marines don't want the press involved!

You Know Me said...

Sgt. Kokesh,

You are indeed a true patriot. Jefferson, I suspect, would be proud.

I have been greatly moved by your pointblank telling your Marine Corps brass persecutors to go fuck themselves.

Imagine the impact if those appearing before McCarthy's committee had had the courage to tell the senator to go fuck himself.

There have been countless instances throughout the history of the USA, and the world, when the failure of citizens to tell their persecutors to go fuck themselves has enabled them to continue.

Gutlessness is pandemic. To wit, "anonymous" commenter number one above, who supposes to lecture you but lacks the juevos to put his name with his words.

Give 'em hell.

Chris Brown
Xalapa, MX

Dee Dee said...

I believe what you are is absolutely right and within your rights. Adam, keep doing what you are doing! Don't listen to this guy on the 30th - take your parade everywhere - people everywhere need to know your perspective.


Anonymous said...

you are my hero, twice a marine, and as a a have my respect, S

anonymous said...

"I mean you know what you did is wrong"

What did he do wrong, dittohead?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with your views on the war, but I totally agree with fighting for your rights to free speech. I have been out of the military for about 28 years, and I remember the fact that we expected to give up some of our rights for the mission, but we got them back when we left the military. Do not let them take your rights away.

Anonymous said...


When did honesty and truth become wrong?

Dan Cook said...

Does the ACLU Know about this?!

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of starting a video blog on youtube and mirroring it to myspace video? I think it would be incredibly effective getting Adam's story to as many people, very cheaply. This plea deal is crazy considering every young person has been blasted with Military Adverts saying how your fighting for freedom, and never mention when your finished fighting, you'll lose your freedom if you don't lose you life. This government is absolutely insane.

WilliamBollingerr said...

Now, there's a recruiting poster for you.


Kind'a makes you proud.

Keep up the good work, Marine. Support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

ariadne said...

Keep fighting!

Tim Draeger said...

Sgt. Kokesh:

I applaud your conviction and your courage. Obviously, the poster from 5/30 at 22:07, the frightened fool that had to post anonymously, has forgotten what created this country - honest and open debate. At the end of the day, this is the only way we learn, and the only way we continue to make this a better nation. We may not agree on everything, but for the Corps to now dishonorably discharge you for speaking out against the political realities of this war while not in any way disparaging the fellow Marines you served with is exactly the kind of muzzling this administration continues to pursue, to the detriment of the republic. Keep up the good fight, Sgt. Kokesh. True patriotic Americans applaud you patriotism.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration. You are a hero. These are the values people who really believe in Freedom stand behind-Speak Your Truth to Power. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. Peace and Victory to you.

Stucco said...

Comment #2- And "Wow" to you too. You are so sure of your probably completely uninformed smear against this guy that you couldn't even be bothered to sign your name. THERE's some backbone- or was this a demonstration of what "courage" means to you?

Comment #3- Is this sarcasm? If you meant that in jest, what exactly were you expecting? This guy was/is a Marine. He's not the sort to lift his pinky finger when sipping his tea.

Sgt. K. - Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Sionnach, the Celtic Kitsune said...

The outcome of this case may affect the right to free speech for more than just veterans. Keep fighting for the greater good. Thank you and luck be with you!

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a true hero and the embodiment of the honorable ideals of the Marine Corps.
I can only hope your other Corpsmen and the Officers can see this and learn from your example.

Semper Fidelis
and Good Luck in your hearing.

Nate said...

To the last two comments: wow, sure takes a lot of guts to post anonymously.

To the first anonymous: I don't see you over fighting in Iraq. If you were, perhaps you'd understand what Sergeant Kokesh was talking about. Instead, you're hiding out in your mom's basement, staining her keyboard with your Cheetos-covered fingers.

To the second anonymous: it may not seem professional, but we're beyond professional when it comes to this war. Our kids are dying for no good reason while fat old men get rich dancing on their graves. What's there to be professional about?

Adam, good on you for standing up to these bullies. I would definitely take your case to the ACLU. It seems that this is a violation of your right to assemble. When you signed up for the Marines, you didn't sign your constitutional rights away.

Wretched Refuse said...

Wow anonymous, As a peac loving pacifist, your pussy of a post, though you do use the word "courage", you have not the slighest idea what it means, you shill little twit.
Sgt. Kokesh ( will call him by his real rank, not the penalized rank the enemy cabal in Washinton gave him) is doing the COURAGEOUS thing you shithead. Speaking truth to power IS courageous, but you being the little suckup who always does what he is told, and never relies on your God's good graces to have given you brains to use, you just allow for the mindless drone of the fascist war machine to continue.
So FUCK YOU Anonymous pussy.

Sgt. Kokesh, If I had airline miles I would give them to you for you witnesses.

Brian Tully said...

Good going Kokesh

To "anonymous" in the second post: go to hell you f**king idiot. Kokesh is standing up for freedom, you are just another slave of government.

TripMaster Monkey said...

Powerful words, Adam. Thank you for continuing to fight for our country in this fashion.

Despite what some other commentators might say regarding your conduct, it was NOT wrong. Rejecting this admission-of-guilt-by-plea-bargain was the only correct course of action. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest course, but you've already demonstrated that the courage of your convictions trumps your desire for comfort, both in the war theater and here at home.

Adam, I just want you to know that us American citizens are proud to call you one of our own. Please don't let your resolve falter in this battle...know that the American citizens who actually remember and hold dear the values that formed this nation (and there are more of us than you might think) are solidly behind you.

All the best, Adam. Semper Fi.

Kenyon said...

Hey anonymous. What is that called? Oh yeah, English. How about you try to learn it. But I guess you're just following the example set by your fearless Republican leader and hero.

And speaking of courage, it's quite contradictory that you hide behind anonymity.

Carl Unruh said...

Adam, God (whoever he, she, it is) bless you. And if the aforementioned doesn't have the balls or grace to bless you, I will.

Carl W. Unruh

Mithras said...

I'm donating to the VFW in your name.

Good luck, Marine.


Rob C. said...

Good luck with the court case. And thanks for your service - both in and out of the Marines.


anysia said...

When I read what the Marine Corps was doing, I was livid. I cannot express just how infuriated I was.

Thank you for not caving in to the bullying tactic.

As far as I am concerned, you have you DD214 and it's says Honorable. As my grandma used to say when someone does something despicable, they can go pound sand.

CB said...


You make me proud.

And, I have a question to Anonymous who said "Wow, I am not to sure what to think of you"

What did Adam do wrong? It is his outspoken criticism of the war that has caused the Marines to try to silence him, and nothing more. Free speech is one of the freedoms he was fighting for in Iraq - we were supposed to be bringing democracy to the Iraqis, remember?

We fought tyranny and facism in WWII against the Nazis, another regime that tried to control the freedoms and speech of its citizenry. How far away from Germany in the 30s and 40s are we now?

Oh, and I really find it courageous of you to post your criticism of Adam ANONYMOUSLY! If you have the courage of your convictions, speak up and put your own name on the line. Adam has.

--Blue Girl said...

Pretty bold talk coming from someone who doesn't even have the balls to post under a pseudonym, there, Anonymous - or more appropriately, Nobody.

How can this be justified, when active duty personnel can speak out against the war so long as they do not do so in uniform or on base (wanna argue UCMJ with me, fella? I'll spank your candy-ass and hand it back to you raw and stinging.)

Stand tall, Marine. Fight like they taught you to. Never flinch and never back down.

It has been a couple of decades since I saluted - but you, Sarge, get my most crisp.

See you in KC.

MaryS-NJ said...

Hey anonymous #2,

What did Sergenat Kokesh do that is "wrong"?

Do you really think our democracy and our Constitution is best preserved by silencing those who speak truth to arrogant men in power who let our soldiers and marines die in their vanity war?

No American interests are being served in Iraq. Our military men and women, and countless innocent civilians, are being killed for the President's selfish ambition.

It takes COURAGE to speak up against that.

--Mary S.

saildude said...

Dude! Didn't you get the memo?

They will do the thinking for you. Then you are supposed to quietly go away when they no longer need or want you.

Fuck em all

ongoingly said...

You're bringing back the hope I lost after this recent disheartening Dem cave-in to the neocon war machine. Thank you for all you do now and for your service to your country. You are a truly courageous man, in a time when our country is being run by lying cowards, we need to keep seeing you to remind us about what is just. Seriously, you make me proud to be an American.
If you are ever in CT, look me up and we can raise some hell over at the Lieberman residence.

Anonymous said...

Of course, command wants to use you as an example. They consider you a traitor because you no longer subscribe to the "group think."

I went to Vietnam and did my ONE year tour but knew when I came back home that that war was a mistake. We used to count down until our ONE year tour was UP! The current crop of expendible bodies now must rotate back and forth in a "never ending" war! The bullshit never seems to end, does it? One wonders which imbecile in the Bush team created this unrealistic objective ... never ending war ... but the supplies of bodies are dwindling.

Quite frankly, I think the fundamentalist Christians, fundamentialist Jews, and the fundamentalist Muslums should find some place to go drop bombs, drain the blood of their enemies ... and let those of us who want to live in a peaceful world alone.

All you gotta do is TELL THE TRUTH ... that can never be stopped, Adam. Keep on the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Adam, good for you for standing up to those that would censor/silence you, however powerful or threatening they appear to be. In these days of fearmongering by our highest elected officials, I think this quote says it best:

"Those that would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

The author of the second post here appears to be too threatened by the fact that you are challenging authority to understand that it is just this type of refusal to cave in (as he would have you do) that actually protects the rights of even the small and narrow minded to express their opinions without fear of government reprisal.

I wish you the best of luck, and I applaud the fact that you have taken a stand when you could have easily stood down and let these cowards try to steamroll you into anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up. Don't let those ignorant Americans get you down. Yes, they may be the majority, but our minority is more vocal and we have God on our side.

SteveSchalchlin said...

You are the true definition of a hero: a man who serves his duty and then tells the truth, in public, about the sick thugs running this government. Thank you for your service to us in every way.

asha said...

YES! YES! YES! and THANK YOU for stepping up. From the feet to the head, all parts of the body have a job to do. Right now, we especially need faces and voices like yours to bring light to this madness. Keep it up. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

What you did is wrong and you know that it is wrong. Quit crying to the public for help when a lot of them don't know what you did is wrong. When you raised your hand your gave up some rights and you knew it. Yes, people might think that you are a great marine, but I don't think so because you intentionally did something wrong. Shut up and take your punishment.

Anonymous said...

Double-time standards?

Over on a TPM Muckraker thread ( regarding Senator Steven’s (R-AK) there is mention of a Staff Sgt. James Moore introducing the Senator at a political fundraiser. It seems that Staff Sgt. Moore was in uniform. This was recently reported in a May 31, 2007, Fairbanks Daily News article by Eric Lidji ( ).

Is the DOD going to bring UCMJ proceedings against SSgt Moore - dishonorable discharge with no VA benefits?

Is the DOJ going to investigate Senator Stevens campaign activities for violations of the Hatch Act?

Anonymous said...

I served not only to protect the people of this great country, but its Constitution. I am beyond proud to see you fight not only for your own rights under that same constitution, but the rest of us IRR. *salute*

The South Point said...

Do what you know to be the correct thing to do about this illegal and immoral war to steal the oil reserves of other countries that has murdered hundreds of thousands of people and permanently poisoned large areas with uranium dust.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous commenter that wrote "Those Marines that want things to be hard core till it is too hard then you cry about it" is a fucking idiot and should go back to sucking his momma's tits that he left for the few minutes to write his shit.

First of all, Kokesh served honorably and was honorably discharged. The brass is going after him AFTER he was honorably discharged. His courage is in taking a stand and speaking up despite all the hardships anonymous coward assholes who never seved want to pour on him.

Fight the good fight, Kokesh!

SSgt John said...

You know what you remind me of. Those Marines that want things to be hard core till it is too hard then you cry about it.

Except that he was hardcore when he served, hardcore when he went to Iraq, hardcore when he went fucking Fallujah, received an honorable discharge when his time was up, and then, after completing his term of service, stayed hardcore by speaking out against the war while in the IRR. The Marine Corps was at no time too hard for him, he did his term of service and was honorably discharged at the end of that term. So you're pretty much completely wrong. And a dumbass into the mix. Congrats. He did more then most Americans will do. Probably more then you did, certainly more then most of the cheerleader chest-thumpers will ever do, and assuredly more then the monkey in a clown suit leading the circus ever did.

For Adam,
I also picked up an honorable discharge recently at the end of my term of enlistment. I'm stuck on the IRR until July 23rd. You've got my full support. Keep fighting.

Dave Patton said...


As an ex-Army Officer, (First and Second) Iraq war veteran, citizen, and ardent war opponent. I want to commend you on your actions and for standing up for what you fell is right. A discharge is just a piece of paper, it does not define you. The meatball who left the comment above me speaks of courage and honor, and values. But it is apparent that they neither know the meaning of the words nor have those attributes as part of their character. Courage is standing up for what you believe in despite the cost. Cowardice is verbally defaming someone from the shadows of anonymity offered by the internet.

Make no mistakes that the Marines, will railroad you on this. They will probably wind up giving you a negative discharge. But it is not the end of the road, but merely the beginning. I never served in the Corps, rater I served in both the Army and the Navy, but I do recognize a Marine when I see one. A Marine is someone who stands up for what is right, who holds the good of his fellow troops and those around him above his own good, someone who doesn't quit when things get tough. You are a Marine Kokesh. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Dave Patton

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,

I'm in the IRR. Those bastards already tried to call me back.

Thanks for taking one for the team. I've already been to Iraq and I am completely against the way the US has been stomping around the world for the past 6 yrs.

For a while after I got out I thought we I had done good things while in Iraq in 2004. After a while I began to realize I was wrong. Slowly I began to uncover the disaster I was a part of.

I never would have thought all the naysayers had a point. As a matter of fact the truth was much worse than the worst case scenario. As I dug deeper and deeper I was more and more upset.

The US is the greatest country in the history of western civilization. We are ruining everything that has made us so great. The problems of the last few decades could have been solved in millions of different ways all of which would have been better than how we, Americans, have choosen to react.

Thanks Adam!

Ed Parman said...

anonymous, anonymous, anonymous - My name is Ed Parman, Hatfield, Missouri, Viet Nam veteran and proud of it. I you haven't got the guts to sign your name to your comments, then keep your mouth shut.

The proposed military tribunal to prosecute Adam Kokesh is a complete and absolute travesty. If this assinine action is allowed to proceed, then there is not a freedom of any kind that is safe in this country. If a military court is allowed to exercise authority over a CIVILIAN (yes, civilian)then every citizen is at risk. Persons in the IRR are cililians not military personnel. Their names are merely on a compliled list of persons available to be recalled into active duty, if the need arises. It does not mean that the military has any control over their actions as a cililian.
This is not only a sorry reflection upon the Marine Corps and the many persons that serve with honor. But it is also a pathetic response by some high ranking Marine officer that has been offended by Mr. Kokesh's actions. Sir, you are not a credit to the Corps.

Anonymous said...



Sincerely, Matt C

Anonymous said...

"What is that called, oh yeah Courage."

Good for you to stand up and speak your mind courageously, Mr... um... Miss... Mrs... Anonymous?

Nick Wilson

Anonymous said...

What was the plea agreement? You disn't say.

Anonymous said...

Why does Marine Brigadier General Darrell L. Moore hate America?

Heck, I'm old enough to remember when the United States Marines fought to PROTECT the Constitution.

Oilwellian said...

Hello Mr. Kokesh,

I've been following your story and support your right to free speech...the very same right you vowed to protect when you joined the Marines in the first place.

I don't know if you saw the VFW's letter to the Corps today but it appears they're siding with you and two other Marines on the chopping block. I'm so excited to see this development. You can find the letter on the VFW's website.

Best wishes to you and if I may add, ooo la la. :D

Kim said...

Thank you Adam.

There are so many people who are supportive of you. Let those of us who can't come to KC know what we can do to help your cause.

Brandon said...

Well argued rebuttal, Adam. I'm a Louisiana native and current resident of China, and though I can't say that I've served my country in uniform, I can say that unlike most of the general population I do remember the principals that our country was founded upon. I'm glad that there are people out there (especially former soldiers) who realize the difference between serving your country, supporting your troops, and differentiating between "bull-shit" policies and politics. Although I can't say that I agree with the powerful use of the "F" word in your letter (you must remember that we live in a politically correct world), I can say that I am a firm supporter of it's use in my daily life and that I think you have the f***ing right to use it. Rock on, Marine. We need more like you in uniform.

Samuel N. Woods said...

Good for you, ignore the disparaging remarks from some. What you are doing is right.

It is a sad state of affairs when nationalism is called patriotism and real patriotism is regarded as sedition.

Best of luck to you in your case and I dearly hope for your success, not just for your sake but for all of us.

Patricia White said...

Bravo, Adam! Thank you so much for speaking out against this dreadful murderous war. Keep the faith, Baby!

PJ White

Anonymous said...

Adam, I was completely opposed to this war from the start. I couldn't believe that anybody would follow Bush over that cliff. Everytime I saw him on TV I got so angry. "Fucking shit!" -- automatic speech just came out of my mouth, didn't go through my brain at all -- as I dove to turn the TV off. My town council passed a pro-war resolution and I wrote a letter to the editor against it: "Not in my name!" and the editor called me to make sure my letter wasn't a joke. On the day Bush started the war, I sent e-mails out to all my friends of Sen. Byrd's speech: "Today I weep for my country."

All I'm saying is, big disconnect between me and the war crowd. One of us must be crazy.

When I doubted myself ("CAN democracy come by bomb?), I wondered if there wasn't a greater good possible in this war that Bush wasn't expecting -- which was that he couldn't control you, the troops, and that your inherent decency would out as you did your work, and you would help Iraq rebuild in ways Bush could never imagine. When I look at the picture of you in Fallujah that all comes back to me. I think you're terrific.

Don't be bothered by stuff like what anonymous Wow wrote. You ARE fighting for your country now in a bigger and better way than anything possible in Iraq. Lt. Watada was perfect and you are perfect and fun.

Operation First Casualty, the Gonzales hearing -- brilliant, wonderful stuff! Way to make the Constitution live! Thank you for preserving and protecting it. The rest of the people who took that oath have failed it miserably.

I salute you, sir! My hero! Good luck Monday.

KL in California

antagonisme said...

Revolutions are made by slodiers who doesn't want to shoot.
I use some small piece of a text you write in my blog for reason I explain there. If you don't want to, please let me know.

Sol said...

First and foremost: G'luck Adam, I hope your case goes well.

I have come across so many stories of people speaking their minds to our military & political leaders and in being harassed and threatened in consequence, it's very disheartening. It takes a lot to make me angry, but when I see those in power saying "You can have free speech as long as you agree with me" - it just enrages me. I hate Illinois nazis as much as the next guy, but in this nation they have a consitutional right to march & parade & act like the prejudiced pricks they are. (Sorry, that reference just fit so well there!)

If you don't like someone's point of view you can picket, protest, counter-protest, counter-counter-protest, boycott, make faces at them and complain about it on your blog. All of those actions are fine. Arresting them for exercising their rights? Not so much.

This has gone a bit long, but there's one more bit I want to add. The second anonymous poster, who seemed to be confused... I'm not certain, but I get the feeling you're in the armed forces (or would like to be?) and feel that soldiers should just shut up & soldier on. My fellow countryman (or woman, if we're being PC) - the Honor, Courage and Commitment that Adam is showing is greater than the paltry fervor you wish him to display. He's gone above & beyond mere military loyalty - he is serving our country. Our hopes, our dreams, our future - a free future. One that we can hope is not just free from terrorism from abroad but tyranny from at home.

Remember: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Ben Franklin. Ya gotta love it.

Gabe said...

Adam- You keep saying that Thomas Jefferson stated, "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." No Founding Father ever said any such thing. It is a total urban myth.

Please educate yourself. Support of our men and women in uniform and their mission is one of the highest forms of patriotism, certainly not some ACLU type of dissent. Give us all a break.

Finally, the mainstream media is misconstruing the VFW's statement. They hardly support your demonstrations and look for a clarification soon.

Glenda said...

Adam, we will be posting a story about you on tomorrow, with links to your blog.

Hang in there. Many of us war protesters are proud and patriotic Americans and veterans who hate to see where this country is going. Freedom of speech is what my brother, father and grandfathers fought for. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Semper Stupid"...I hope you're not only given an “other than honorable” discharge, but I hope they take the rest of the rank they should have taken after you were busted the first time. You're a problem child and a loser.
Sergeant First Class Cheryl McElroy US ARMY (RET)
Veteran of Desert Storm, Bosnia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom

Kerstin Lanham said...

Fabulous Adam, wonderful guy,

Several posters here have repeated Benjamin Franklin's quote about how those who would trade liberty for security deserving neither. He had another one, which was that he was asked after the Constitution was signed what kind of government they had made and his reply was, "A republic, if you can keep it."

This fake president, evil vice president, rubber stamp Repuglicans and spineless Jellocrats in Congress, and the rotten Supreme Court that started this whole nightmare when it stopped the vote count in 2000--ALL of them have failed this country, and if it weren't for people like you I would say our beloved republic is lost.

What TOTALLY EXCELLENT service to our country and to all the people of the world, each of us created equal to each other--you rock! Hooyah! Plus you're way fun and gorgeous, finally something to make me happy in these times.

The Marine Corps could not have a better representative. Put the insignia back on and your name tag too and let that light shine when you finally wear your uniform in public.

Keep on rockin' in the free world,

Kerstin Lanham :-)
Campo, California

Kerstin said...

P.S. The guy who thought you should be posting videos of your adventures as episodes on YouTube--"Sgt. Kokesh Goes to Washington"--a really good idea, can somebody on the bus do it? I remember when Mr. Smith went to Washington and I still like to watch it when it comes around. And M*A*S*H. Semper fi!

Kerstin Lanham
Campo, California

Charles Wilson said...

After spending quite a bit of time looking into as many details as I could, and then spending more time thinking about it and discussing it with others, I come to the conclusion that your game has been to goad the Marine Corps into treating you in a way that will look too harsh to civilians.

To me, your case is a public relations I.Q. test for the Marine Corps. If they're smart, they'll give you a General discharge and be done with it. This would be consistent with military regulations and common sense.

An OTH discharge, which is what you've clearly been bucking for, is inconsistent with the regulations and will cause the Marine Corps more trouble than it's worth. It'll be interesting to see if they take your bait.

Smith said...

Apparently it's okay to wear the uniform to political rallies... so long as you're a conservative.

Here's a picture of USAFR Maj. Eric England at the Conservative Political Action Conference with rightwing blogger Michelle Malkin.

Oh, and that other guy's name is Matt Sanchez. He's the reservist who was outted as a gay porn star and prostitute.

vania said...

First of all, good luck on your case Adam. Second of all, being in Toronto, we get alittle bit of a better perspective on the war in Iraq and a less biased viewpoint from our media..
Guys, i am sure that there are a great deal of good and hard working people in America however the American government and more specifically the Bush administration has given the American public a bad name to the rest of the world.
As a student for Human rights law, i have visted Iraq on two different occasions and have found certain parts of Iraq to be intolerable.
The American troops were sent in for their country and out of the patriotic will of each one of those soldiers, they served their country but hardly any of the soldiers understand why they are still in Iraq or why they were kept their so long.
Has it crossed anybody's mind why gas prices have been sky rocketing ever since the Bush administration took over Iraq? hhhmmm....makes you think, doesnt it?
The war in Iraq is senseless and completely unnecessary.
Corps values, military honor, and so on and so forth does not matter when your own government is lying and manipulating you to get you to do what they want...
No soldier should ever have to die for the greed and power of their government, its one thing to fight for your country, its quite another to fight for your politicians dirty work.
I would much rather have somebody with experience and that has been in a state of war tell their story than somebody who hasnt the slightest idea of the events in the war.
The American government and the leading politicians can ramble on all they want about the right to preserve a nation's dignity and respect, but let me ask you this, Mr President Bush, isnt your country the land of the free? So how can you sit their and punish somebody for what they believe in!!! appears to me that the American government are a bunch of walking contradictions....
But thats ok, you guys can try and minimize Adam Kokesh's credibility as a civilian by attempting to dishonor his name in the hearing but the funny thing is, the joke is on you, President Bush! Because, the word is out and the American People are starting to open their eyes to the corruption and propaganda used by the American government in the justifications of the Iraq war....

Adam, they have tried to instill fear in you and you still stood your ground, alittle faith goes along way!

Take care,

Kim Kaeser said...


You became my hero the day I watched our Attorney General spend all day lying to the Senate - I had no idea who you were but I was so impressed with the fact that you kept score of the blatant lies of omission.

Today I read the article from the VFW defending 3 Marines that are speaking out against the war and I stumble onto this sight and this insanity you are going through.

You are a Hero. You are a True Patriot. You are an example for every American - You make me proud to be an American!! Good Luck, You have a lot of people behind you that you don't even know exist...

Bear Pastor said...

Sargeant Kokesh:

Keep up the good work. I am glad that "Anonymous" spoke up. His/Her right to speak up--however misguided this person may be--is what your fight is all about.

This threat to you is yet another example of the petty and not-so-petty policy of retaliation that OUR government is executing against is. The goal: stomp out dissent. Your actions have been courageous and patriotic and they are deeply appreciated. Give 'em hell, Adam.

Pastor Dave

Brian said...

Mr. "Take your punishment" Anonymous sounds like DIA. Typical psychological harassment.

Rob said...

So are you actually being considered for a dishonorable discharge or an OTH? The only place I see "dishonorable discharge" on your page is in the comments so I'd just like that cleared up.

Jim Goldstein said...

Amazing! I hope this gets more press coverage because the American public need to be made aware of this.
I salute you for your patriotism.

ThinkSoJoE said...

I think it's absolutely disgusting that our troops are supposedly "fighting for our freedom," but here at home those of us who are utilizing the right to free speech and to criticize the government are being silenced. This is truly, in the words of Metallica, "freedom with their exception."

DellaLuna said...

Now you, sir, are an AMERICAN. You represent everything that the original Revolutionary War soldiers were fighting for...Freedom from Oppression, the Right to Speak Freely Against their Government.

Bottom Line, if an IRR has to obey a law, made up by the Military Command, that violates the Constitution, then that law is WRONG. So, right on for you and your day in court. Give 'em Hell!

Have you or your lawyer set up any kind of defense fund, to help cover the costs of flights and hotels and food, etc.? If so, could you post on your blog where folks can donate? A lot of us would like to help you, if we can...just point the way.

May God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Shock said...

As a Soldier (not a Marine!) currently in Baghdad, I'm wondering... did the Corps ever stop to think they would be embarrassing the country as well as themselves?

Show them how the name Teufelhunden was earned.

ronn cantu

lojasmo said...

Thank you, Seargant kokesh.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Adam, and more power to you. Don't let the brass and this corrupt, thuggish administration bully you. In a year and a half they'll be gone, and they and this idiotic, mishandled, and immoral war will be consigned to the dustbin of history (where it belongs), but you'll be able to hold your head high, knowing you fought for what's right.

Very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Adam, bravo. Most of these posts seem to be from Americans - here's one from an Australian living in Japan applauding your actions, and letting you know that the current political crisis in America doesn't just affect your family and friends, but affects the world as a whole. I wish you all the best, and applaud your stand against the fear-mongering and blatant corruption that threatens us all. You are a light in dark times.

david michaels, vietnam vet

Sean said...


What you are doing here is nothing short of holding yourself to the standards expected of you as a United States Marine. Honor, duty, courage, patriotism -- these words are often, unfortunately, slung about without cause. I use them without reservation here to describe your conduct in the face of the decidedly un-American attempt to silence your constitutionally-guaranteed right to dissent.

All luck,

Dan said...

Screw those pencil whipping Rear Echelon Mother F@#*%s, this is the most ate up thing I have ever heard of.

Brain Blurbs said...

If 'they' agree with you or not. As you said, you have your freedom of speech. Doesn't make that what they are doing quite illegal?
It takes balls to stand up and it's great somebody that can do it.

Wish you success in your endeavors.

Sgt Knigge, Netherlands Royal Navy

Anonymous said...

Jefferson never said "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."

Anonymous said...

From those of us who are currently active duty and CANNOT speak out without risking our jobs, we support you!


Gabe said...

The VFW has clarified its comments and now says Adam Kokesh is "sophomoric."

Also, Adam, please tell us where Thomas Jefferson ever said "The highest form of patriotism is dissent." He never did. It's a liberal urban myth.

Anonymous said...


Brian said...


I got paper fucked at the same place almost seven years ago while serving in the AR program.

Don't let these "Jag" wanna bees get ya down. GIVE THEM HELL!!

LCPL Brian "Biggernutz" Biggerstaff

Anonymous said...

You are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of you, and Kokesh need to read the UCMJ. Until then, STFU, because you have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
I just read the news about the hearing. You are not finished ... but you have done well.

There are millions of FREEDOM LOVING Americans who reject this attempt to impose the CONservative view upon us. Adam has shown REAL leadership. If one reads his letter to the officers, one hears the voice of a FREE MAN trying to assert his right to FREEDOM. Ours is a DEMOCRATIC NATION ... what aout that do not the CONs understand? We can NEVER allow the militaristic AMERICAN "Taliban" to impose their narrow view of things upon us. LET LIBERTY not be forgotten! We ARE AMERICA! WE ARE FREE! LONG LIVE LIBERTY!

Thank you for fighting in Iraq for us, Adam ... but more importantly THANK YOU for fighting for LIBERTY in our own country for us. Many of us are VERY proud of you. dp

Anonymous said...

Sgt. Kokesh,

You are a good Marine for following orders initially passed down to your superiors from our nation's Commander-in-Chief. You served honorably, and all Americans should thank you. I thank you Sergeant. Your buddies and other patriotic service people in country were placed in harm's way for no good reason -- a lie, told to the American people for purposes other than what was proclaimed. However, there is not a single American service person who died in country for nothing! I genuinely grieve for them all, their families, and friends. YOU FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT WHEN YOU WERE ACTIVE IN WATCHING YOUR BUDDIES BACKS, FOLLOWING LEGAL ORDERS, AND PROTECTING THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED AND TOO WEAK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, JUST LIKE YOU ARE FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT NOW. As an IRR Vet, you are D*** right when you say you have the right to speak out about the war. I would say you, and those like you especially, have a moral and ethical responsibility to do so. You were wronged, and the record should be set straight. You do not deserve an Other Than Honorable Discharge from the Reserves, Marine. Fight! Take it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary until you get the relief you deserve. After that, if you still feel like it after the way you have been treated, continue speaking your mind about the war, or anything else for that matter. Lastly, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG ON TWO POINTS in your letter to the General posted here. First, I assume the General has served honorably until this matter. Your use of expletives toward a Superior Officer, in my book, is disrespectful and unnecessary whether a Marine or any soldier is inactive or discharged. For that, you are wrong. How can you be so sure of the General's motives until he has been tried and found culpable? I realize sometimes things are clear, but he is innocent until found guilty. Second and as a veteran myself, neither you nor I have any more special right to our first amendment freedoms than any other citizen in good standing in our country. There are no special freedoms for special people in this country. Make no mistake, you and those who served with you in this war are special alright -- just like the Troops who fought, lived, or died in Vietnam, for example, and there are many more from other wars or "conflicts, police actions, etc.". However, veterans have no more special claim on inalienable human rights, that those who do not volunteer to fight, or those who because of illness or injury cannot fight. G-d Bless and be with you and yours Marine. There are plenty, like me, who stand with you.


~S Kent

Anonymous said...

Devil Dog,

I'm an active duty Marine in Iraq - forgive me for posting anonymously - and I'm behind you 100%. Don't let the rights of Marines and servicemembers on the IRR be taken away. Maybe I'll see you at a protest someday.

Semper Fidelis.

Anonymous said...

There is a long line of military justice cases stating that reservists not on active duty for drilling or mobilization are not subject to military law.

Anonymous said...

When we silence one, we silence all.

You have the right to be heard and be seen.

Vietnam Vet who participated in Anti-Vietnam War protests.

Anonymous said...

You are are a disgrace to the uniform, the Corps and your comrades at arms. You are too young, stupid and arrogant to know the history you are about to repeat. I have no sympathy for you or the liberals who will go to any lengths to besmurch the standing of our country in the world. You were told when you first came in the service that you were not allowed to wear the uniform in protests against your superiors; I know because I was also told this 40 years ago.
Instead of all of your 4-letter invective offered up for the equally emotional who would listen to you, you might consider getting an education.

Chuck Penn

Anonymous said...

As a former Marine, I am embarrassed by the actions of the Marine Corps in this incident. How can a Marine be discharged from the service, be in the INACTIVE RESERVE and still be subject to any military code? It boggles the mind.

Why are they even wasting time and money on this?

You have every right to protest the war if that is what you want to do. The Marine Corps has no authority over you after you are discharged.

You have my support and admiration for taking a stand against those in the Marines and in government that would support this type of baseless proceeding.

Semper Fi!

Jason A.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, I read about your protest against the military/government and I am so very impressed with your remarkable courage and integrity to stand up against so much opposition and speak out about wrong and right. Not only was the hearing a disgusting waste, but so much of what this government and military does is such a disgusting waste. It's about time someone said so and was heard!!! Thanks for speaking up for all those who have been mistreated by the are a hero of mine! Keep it up, don't get discouraged no matter what!!! My son and I will be praying for you! If you ever need to hear from a friend, you have one in Georgia! Contact me anytime...Blessings to you, Amy(

Joe said...

Sgt. Kokesh,
Out-fucking-standing patriotism Marine! Some of those anonymous posters who bash you should display half the intestinal fortitude you show and not hide behind an anonymous post! I too am an Iraq War Vet, as well as Afghanistan. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are rolling over in thier graves at this administration. Where the hell did America go? Apparently it's spirit only lies with the few remaining patriots of our time. Marines such as yourself! Semper Fi! Now kick some ass!

Becky said...

Right on! You know what you are doing, and we support you 100%! Stand firm, because you know you are right.
As for "anonymous" people who try to discourage you, let them hide behind their cowardice.

Ed said...


I know you haven't had time to write an update yet, but I strongly advise an appeal. By the UCMJ's own plain text, it does not apply to members after they have been separated. I fail to see how the Corps has the standing to do anything to you for what you, a civilian, do.

Simply put, the UCMJ does not apply to members of the IRR.

I admire your courage to stand up to these thugs.

Rocky said...

Adam, thank you for your service.

message to Gabe

the VFW did not say: "Adam Kokesh is "sophomoric."...

the VFW does not support Kokesh's position on the war, but it does support his freedom of speech. Where the VFW mentions "sophomoric" in in response to Kokesh's use of "fuck" in his writings. -- and in that case the VFW calls the actions sophormoric.

link to the actual VFW statement:

Gabe, why don't you go back to blowing Sanchez your gay porn Marine.


Anonymous said...

Update, boys and girls, even the Marine Corps says the UCMJ doesn't apply to IRR members. Huge, huge waste of time on their part. Guess they thought he'd back down. Oops. Get back under your rocks, NeoCons.

Charles Wilson said...

I congratulate the Marine Corps for its handling of your case. I had written earlier that it was a P.R. I.Q. test for the USMC.

Under military regs, you were vulnerable to a General discharge, not the OTH that you were obviously hoping for so you could use it as a publicity tool. To the USMC's credit, they didn't take the bait you offered, in the form of provocative, insolent and insuborindate statements to them. They followed military law and common sense. Good for them.

So you know: I agree with you about the war. I am intensely opposed to it. I give you credit for protesting it, and I especially enjoyed your appearance at the Gonzales hearing. I'm a huge believer in free speech.

However, you know full well what the military regs are with respect to a military member, including one in the IRR, wearing the uniform at partisan events. I think the reg should be more evenly enforced, particularly by the Air Force, which I consider to be an evanglical Christian wingnut cabal. They've allowed their people to appear in uniform at all manner of Republican events, even after the Pentagon reinforced the rules against wearing the uniform in a partisan context.

But two wrongs don't make a right, and the Marine Corps is not the Air Force. You were notified of the problem, and you could have solved it with no muss and no fuss simply by wearing non-USMC camos. You chose otherwise.

As a civilian, none of those regs will apply to you. I'll look forward to seeing Cpl. Kokesh, discharged from the USMC with a General discharge under honorable circumstances, at future protests. Good luck to you.

Mark said...

Adam, I'm sorry about the way things worked out today, and I say continue fighting the good fight. It's a disgrace, and I want you to know that we are behind you 100%.

Sam said...

SGT Kokesh,

I am an Army veteran who swore to defend the Constitution. The last time I checked, that document included the right to free expression. I am appalled that a fellow veteran is being punished for exercising the very rights for which he fought. It is a corruption of everything the U.S. military is supposed to stand for. I hope you continue to fight.

Anonymous said...

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then." -- Thomas Jefferson

"Keep on rockin in the free world." -- Neil Young


Willo said...

okay, it could have been said without the "fuck you"s, but I applaud and salute you. Thank you for defending our country in the service, and defending our rights outside of it.

evilganome said...

Sgt. Kokesh, I just wanted to express my admiration for your courage of your convictions. Keep up the good fight.

Peter said...

You sir, are an American hero. Firstly for serving your country with honor, and secondly for speaking out again a foolish, misguided and unjust war. Thank you for taking a stand.

As for Chuck Penn who wrote:
"I have no sympathy for you or the liberals who will go to any lengths to besmurch the standing of our country in the world."

Wake up man, the administration has done a pretty thorough job of besmirching this country's standing in the world. Also, you might want to look up archaic words before you use them. Ever heard of spell check?

Jim Provenzano said...

the Marines are definitely wasting their time and our money to hassle Adam and his fellow protestor vets.

But Adam & Co. are by no means wasting their time. The media pays attention to vets more than non-vet peace activists like me.

Keep it up, Adam and Co.!!

Anonymous said...


You fought for it, you earned it, now you are free to exercise the right to speak your mind. I will tell you this, though, you should rise above those you criticize by professionalism. Using profanity in an otherwise well-crafted message to the captain and the general will decrease your credibility. Believe me, you have no need to curse to show anger and tell people off. The best way to be a thorn in their sides is keep doing what you do. Swift, (not-so) silent, and deadly!

Anonymous said...

You rock, dude. Your courage goes far beyond whet these hate mongers have ever experienced. You have my support all the way!

Anonymous said...

I think you're awesome. :)

farmboyz said...

Isn't it ironic that what you are doing now will better protect my liberties than what you did over there. I appreciate it.

jal said...

Congratulations and keep up the good work. You are an honor to your country for standing up for what you believe in and who you are. I think that what America was founded on in the first place. Stay strong brother!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you lost your case, but am so proud to be a supporter of your cause. American citizens' rights should not be curtailed because of loyal service to their country.

This administration and this war are an abomination and an embarrassment.

As as for the moron who called you a "faggot," above, I only wish the LGBT community were fortunate enough to call this hero one of our own.

Drew said...

Hey Sgt. Kokesh,

I'm old enough to remember when Ollie North disgraced the Marine uniform when he got out of mothballs and wore it to go before Congress to explain his lies that bordered on treason.

Your service, courage, convictions, and principled actions have honored that uniform. You're what makes this country great.

God bless,

Drew Kramer
Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania

Marion said...

Since the Corps gave you the great big green winnie, you have every right that they should kiss your ***. It was my understanding too, that if all insignia was removed, that any body could wear the uniform. But once you put on the insignia then you are held to the military codes. Is the Corps going to prosecute all former Marines for wearing any part of their uniform (ie:covers and camie jackets)that some vets like showing off? Maybe I should drag out my old uniform.
ooh rah dog,
the former LCpl Mittendorff

jeff anderson said...

Adam - count me among your supporters. Fight the fight.


Marion said...

Since the Corps gave you the green green **** up the ***, they might as well kiss too. What I remember from boot camp was that along as there was no insignia on the uniform anybody could wear it. But once you started to put the insignia on, you had to wear the complete uniform and that only marines could wear it. Anybody could buy camies anywhere.
Is the Corps going to start going after all those vets that wear parts of their old uniforms just for fun. Maybe I should drag out my old uniform.
Oooh rah dog,
The former LCpl Mittendorff

Daisy said...

Adam, you rock. You are a true American Hero, and our founding fathers would be so proud. As many people yell at you for doing what you believe, never forget that millions more Americans agree with you and support you.

foresightreviews said...


I know that you love the military and have wanted to do what's right to defend this country, and you're STILL doing it. Thanks for being a vocal activist for all of our right to free speech. you're a god :)


Oaktown Piet said...

Just want to say that I support what you're doing. I think the way the military has handled this is a shameful attempt to silence principled dissent and stifle reasoned discourse on the war. I notice that other military personnel are permitted to make political statements while wearing their uniforms, are photographed doing so, but never prosecuted for it even though they are active duty. You have said nothing against the United States, you have only protested against this immoral war. More power to you.

Moby said...

Kudos man. You got my support. People seemed to have forgotten this county was founded on freedom of speech, even if that speech is contrary to the current political propaganda.

Nice to see everyone tear a man down just for standing up for his beliefs. I wonder how many of you would do the same or just turn tail and run like a coward.

You are my hero Adam.

rodger said...

What is wrong with these hate mongering asshats? They don't realize that you, a proud marine, have fought, unlike most of our politicians and they're families, for our freedom. Then they use that freedom against against you.

They don't get it and never will. Don't cave to that ignorance Adam. There are many of us that appreciate what you did for us and our country and will back you 100% for your commitment to our freedoms which include the freedom to speak out against this dictatorial administration and the unjust and inhumane situation they have created.

Fight on brother, we've got your back!

Mike said...


I support you and the rest of the vets denouncing this war. You are in our prayers.


David said...

Thank you for once again serving your country loyally by bringing your dissent to the public eye. You are a hero twice over.

croftinator said...

Brilliant work Adam,
You are a hero, a role model, and I wish you the best. You have my support

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kokesh,
Check is in the mail...
Thanks for acting and speaking out.

Tom Furgas said...

You are a true patriot and a man of unflinching principles. To hell with the right-wing bigots and haters who want to ruin your good name, anonymously of course! They're just a bunch of cheap, cowardly morons. Semper Fi, Adam!

Anonymous said...

You go, Adam. You're doing the right thing. Keep up the great work!

Madison, WI

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage to speak out against the insanity of this continuing war. Your spirit, patriotism, and desire to protect all American's given First Ammendment rights are admirable. Please don't give up the fight.

patrick said...

Hi Adam,

My name is Patrick and I'm very, very proud of you! Congratulations on standing up and fighting for something real. The right to voice your own opinion. You are a real Hero!

Anonymous said...

You're a hero twice over as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you for both fighting to protect my freedom of speech and exercising your own.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you for speaking the truth

Anonymous said...

Thank you for having more guts than our elected officials, and speaking truth to power!


Chris said...

Too bad you're not old enough to run for President. I'd vote for you. Brave, Honest, Well-spoken, and the resolve to stand by your beliefs no matter the consequences.

Our country was founded on the principles that the MAJORITY should NOT rule. The fact that the LITTLE guy is being bullied by the government is why we have rights written into our Constitution. Serving in the military does not usurp these rights....when one is NOT on active duty, which you are not.

You are an inspiration to the SPIRIT of what being AMERICAN means. And shame on our government for their cowardly behavior.

Cipher said...

I admire you Sgt. Kokesh, you understand what being an American means. These people that criticize you don't. They don't understand democracy and free speech, they enjoy their fear, they enjoy trying to make other people afraid, they worship fearmongers and thugs, and they crave a life where they are powerful enough to deal fear to other people. They aren't Americans. They don't understand what America is. They're desperate now, because their conservative government has made such a mess of everything, that nothing they say is credible anymore.

Mere said...

Bless you for standing up for your beliefs. I truly hate how any talk against the war is spun as not supporting our troops when indeed supporting them is not sending them off to death. You will always be "honorably discharged" in the eyes of those who support you.

Anonymous said...

Give em Hell Adam,

I find it mind boggling that some of the posters of comments here are slinging crap at you, calling you a "disgace", calling you a "faggot". The latter being among the most often and overused insults used by sub-intelligent cretins.

It goes to show how amazingly mindless and ignorant some people are about what is going on over in Iraq, and in the is county.

By default, I am not a violent

I, for one, am glad there a soldiers, civilians, and PATRIOTS like you who are not afraid to stand up and say "NO MORE".

To all the Adam Kokesh detractors, I say (taking que from one of my new HEROS) "GO FUCK YOURSELVES!"

Thank you Adam!

Jeff Bosco

Anonymous said...

100% support for your efforts! Good man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck... "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"

Before you go telling young Mr. Kokesh to get an education, you may want to pick one up yourself.

Take a moment to read your own post and find the numerous spelling, grammatical, and logic errors.

I would recommend a dictionary, or perhaps a remedial course in English before you attack people for stupidity.

Semper Fidelis, Adam!

Jeff Bosco

Anonymous said...

Adam, thank you for being a voice of reason and standing up for what you believe in.

SteveSchalchlin said...

Thank you so much for your bravery and inspired actions. You are a true American hero.

Lulu--Back in Town said...


I just wanted to add another voice here: Thank you so much for your astounding strength and commitment. It has been inspiring, overwhelming, heartbreaking. . .

I wish you the best of luck in the appeals process--maybe they'll actually do the right thing, on the second go around.

Thank you,

zippityd said...

i think you rock, incredibly. what you are doing is brave, strong, and calling to issue some very wrong things going on in this nation. you've done so intelligently, visibly. i wish there were more people like you.

Americans said...

Go Adam! Here's yet another voice that is behind you all the way.



Sue said...

You rock! I love it that you stood up for what you believe in. I hate that now they are unjustly punishing you for it. Stand tall Marine! You've been in worse fights than this. Give them some hell!!!

Charles Wilson said...

I'd like to say that, while I am critical of the way you've handled this whole thing, I don't go along with those who are dumping all over your service and/or your speaking out against the Iraq War.

I think you made mistakes in the way that you dealt with the Marine Corps. For all I know, maybe there's still a chance to patch it up with them, although it would involve eating some humble pie.

It's not the Marine Corps that decided to go to war in Iraq. That honor goes to Bush, Cheney and the neocons who surrounded them. The Marine Corps is the sword, not the swordsman.

I feel for where you're coming from, Cpl. Kokesh, and for the emotion behind it. But I think you acted unreasonably and inappropriately, and that the USMC took the high road here.

If there's a way to keep them from implementing the recommendation, and thereby preserving your Honorable discharge, I think you should pursue it. Long after these events are forgotten, I think you'd be glad you did.

I think you're right about the war, but I think you were wrong in the way you dealt with the Marine Corps' objections to your wearing of USMC camos at protests. No one's above acknowledging a mistake. Except for George Bush, of course. You're better than that, so if the opportunity exists I think you should think about fixing this.

Best of luck to you.

Aman About Town said...

You were eloquent and well-spoken on GMA.

I'm floored that people are still questioning the patriotism of anyone who protests the war, even when that individual is a veteran.

Thank you for taking a stand!

Anonymous said...

you're a fine man, Sgt Kokesh. I'm proud that you're an American. In my experience, an American does what he knows to be right, no matter what. And he does it with kindness, civility, and honesty. That is you. Sure, I'm just a nobody from a little city in Western Maryland, but I love my country, I love our world, and I love the fact that you're speaking truth to power. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

i left a comment a few minutes ago, didn't know how to do it anonymously. still don't. but i want people to know that i support this wonderful person, so i'll risk posting my email here. i'm a Kokesh supporter, and my email is i would have posted a statement of support a lot sooner, but i didn't realize there were so many ass*oles out there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Adam. I'm proud of you!


Daimeon said...

Thank you Adam! As a veteran, in my eyes your service will always remain more than just honorable. You are a pillar of what ALL Americans should strive to be. Thank you for your service and your guts to stand up for your country in so many ways.

What they've done to you is unfair and unjust. As a person who was in the military I don't see how they can say you disrespected the uniform by just wearing a hat of all things.

Stay strong and know you've got 70% of America behind you.

Danbo9 said...

Hey Adam,
Former Army grunt here from the 80's. I spent some time in a few overseas "hot" zone's that I can't even legally admit existed, and was required to do things I can't admit I did without possibly getting some major flak about it from dubya's henchmen (via the patriot act), so I'm no stranger to limited freedom of speech. I've also about wore out my original issue BDU's (with tags removed of course) by wearing them to various military themed events (Memorial Day, Veterans Day parades, etc.) yet never once was I arrested over it. Sounds like big bro is getting all political and selective about who gets to wear the uniform (that they earned the right to wear). Keep up the good fight for our basic rights or someday the Iraqi's and all the other Middle Eastern countries will eventually have better protections of speech than we do in America. 'Ol dub the "decider" has done more harm to Americans than he's done good, unless that American has a thick wallet and the blind loyality of a sheep. Hang in there bro.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will finish your university and then consider political service. Our nation needs leaders who can tell the truth without fear of the consequences. I know I would vote for you if you running for anything in my state of Washington.

I don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life, but our planet is crying for honest and even handed leadership. Thank you for reflecting the best qualities of the Marines and our young America. We are proud of you!

ewe said...

Thank you for your courage. It is noticed by many. I admire you along with thousands of others. You ARE on the right side of humanity. Please continue not to be intimidated.

Anonymous said...

Brother, you are a great American Hero...keep strong and don't give up the fight until our men and women are home.

To the chickenshit detractors you face--serve your country during war and you'll realize what a honor it is to have Adam continue to fight for American values.

Not only "over there" but right here, where they're being stolen from under us while we watch Briteny and Paris.

Anonymous said...

Invite the Colonel to the "treeline" - what a bunch of 0100 cowardly crap from that guy. Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

Man a bunch of frigging ediots... First address MR K by PFC not SGT. This guys has nothing to be proud of one tour please. I have 4 tours 3 in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. You have turned you back on everything that serving your country stands for and for what? Your an idiot, and should receive a court martial. Get a job and stop being a pu--sy!!

Anonymous said...

The following was a response on discussion of Adam's case on the Military Times BB. It was in a response to an angry Marine Ssgt who said that Adam had to FOLLOW the RULES (UCMJ). Here is the response and the link to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice).It appears TO ME that the Marines have abridged Adam's CONSTITUTIONAL rights!

"The UCMJ applies only to the IRR when the individual is performing active duty service. If he isn't on active duty service, then he is not subject to the UCMJ as a serviceman.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have watied for the Ssgt of Marines to post his response on the Military Times BB. He posted a link to a DOD directive signed in 2005 (Yes, the Bush regime Under Secretary of Defense signed it). It appears it makes it illegal for those who are inactive reserves to wear their military uniforms in a number of situations.

Check out the url sent by the Marine Ssgt:

It would appear like many prodemocratice rules once held by our great nation, the wing nuts in Washington D.C. are trying to return us to a system of feudal militarism.

I have lots of thougthts ... mostly sadness to see our once democratic sytem of government being destroyed by those who do not believe in democracy.

Joe said...

To the anonymous post on June 10th. You said "You have turned you back on everything that serving your country stands for and for what? Your an idiot, and should receive a court martial. Get a job and stop being a pu--sy!!" I say that if you had served you would remember this “I do solemnly swear to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC." Do you remember that? I think that takes place at say either MEPS or the recruiting office. I served as a Marine for 9 years and I did a tour in both Iraq and Afghanistan as well. Seems to me you have your facts jacked up. Looks like Sgt. Kokesh is still protecting and defending the Constitution that WE THE PEOPLE still hold dear. Why don't you be a man and crawl out of this administrations ass you brainwashed idiot! I am a Marine Sgt as well, and guess what I got out in 04. "Once a Marine always a Marine". You are doing a damn good job Sgt Kokesh. Keep at it! Semper Fi!

Cpl/USMC said...


As much as I agree and admire your enthusiasm towards spreading the truth about this illegal certainly went about it the wrong way. I am an active duty Marine myself. But the biggest reason they are prosecuting you is for demonstrating in Marine Corps uniform. That's one of the biggest things covered in all the classes I have ever received in the corps. And your unprofessional reply in your letter. You were kinda asking for it. Kudos for sticking to your guns with what you believe in. But your a dumbass for the manner in which you approached it.....

nomoretwoparty said...

former veteran myself.

I applaud your efforts, I am motivated by your speeches,

Why don't you and Paul run for president?

You have my vote.

we are approaching beyond fascism and socialism, Nazi nation is more like it.

Power to you Adam....

read about what our nation does to its own citizens.

nomoretwoparty said...

i don't like to see anyone burning an American flag.....

but I love seeing that they can do it without fear of repercussions from any authority.....

freedom is sweet....don't take it away.