Friday, June 15, 2007

Just a little something for fun, serious updates coming soon!


iamsofaking said...

I heard that you lost your appeal. Sorry. Keep making noise, I think that you are winning people over. Hopefully someday people will remember what integrity is and decide that it is important again. Good luck.

Laurie said...

You've got common sense on your side. That's got to count for something.

Jo Rumpell said...

Keep fighting Adam. This war is unjust, inhumane, and WRONG.

Thanks for your service.
Thanks for your voice.


JD said...

You've won us over ...

Would love to give you as much ON AIR time as you want.

Give us a call - 858-764-4449

"political talk without all the bullsh*t"


Anonymous said...

Voice of Freedom:

Your are taking a stand against criminals in and criminal activity by our government. You and all who take such a stand are heroes.

The current government siege in New Hampshire of law-abiding Americans Ed and Elaine Brown shows the fascist, Hitlerian/Stalinist approach that the U.S. government is taking with the military and police.

We are facing lawlessness in government, and your Military Code of Justice requires that you resist and oppose, with whatever tools and skills are available to you, all enemies of the Constitution, whether foreign or domestic. Domestic enemies of the Constitution are government officials, including the President of the United States! You are required to oppose the government when it acts criminally, meaning unconstitutionally.

There are many who stand with you in this fight to reclaim our country from government thugs who have undermined the Rule of Law and the American way of Life.

God bless you, Corporal Kokesh.

Medical Corpsman 1973-77 said...

Sgt. Kokesh,

I am so proud of you. You are what the word patriotism embodies. It's a matter of doing whats right, moral and ethical.
Stand tall my brother, for you are a GIANT amongst the multitude moral pygmies who support this unholy conflict.

sgtcswife said...

Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight. See you in St. Louis!
Dena Ciferri MFSO- Board of Directors