Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sweet! I knew I had common sense on my side: letter from Florida Veterans for Common Sense

FLVCS LETTER to Senators and Representatives

June 3, 2007

Senator Daniel K. Akaka, Chairman Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee
Senator Carl Levin, Chairman Senate Armed Forces Committee
Representative Ike Skelton, Chairman House Armed Forces Committee
Representative Bob Filner, Chairman House Veterans' Affairs Committee

Dear Senators and Representatives:

Florida Veterans for Common Sense wishes to make you aware of an un-American,
unpatriotic attack by the U.S. Marine Corps against decorated marines who
have served in Iraq and were honorably discharged. When the Marine Corps found
out that discharged marines still in the Inactive Ready Reserve were speaking
out and protesting against the occupation of Iraq, the Corps re-activated them
for a hearing to revoke their honorable discharges as punishment. FLVCS knows
of several honorably discharged marines facing this harassment.

The Corps claims that the Uniform Code of Military Justice was violated by
the marines because they spoke out against the war and while wearing a marine
uniform at a demonstration. The action of the Corps is nothing less than an
attack on the free speech of all American citizens, and particularly veterans.

The marines in question do not deny they have spoken out against the war and
that on occasion wore parts of their military clothing at demonstrations.
Neither marine wore a full uniform. They wore camouflage fatigues without the
marine insignia, a right they have earned in blood. There is no law, or regulation
against wearing camo. A camo shirt, pants, and hat is not a uniform. You can
see people wearing camo everyday all around America.

The corps claims that is against regulations to wear a uniform, or apparently
a part of a uniform, at political events. If that is correct, the regulation
is selectively enforced by the Department of Defense. President Bush, Vice
President Cheney, and other politicians often have soldiers in full dress uniform
standing behind them for the cameras at political events.

In short, the Marine Corps is attempting to stifle legitimate pro-American
speech, which should not be tolerated. Are we fighting in Iraq to lose our
freedoms at home? The Marine Corps has a war to fight against Al Qaeda and shouldn’
t be wasting its time harassing veterans who exercise their democratic right
to free speech. The Commandant of the Marine Corps should be summoned to
Congress to explain the Corps' actions and to explain why those responsible should
not be held accountable.


Gene Jones
For: Executive Committee Florida Veterans for Common Sense.


ultimattfrisbee said...


I just read your story in a column by Tony Norman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, then found my way to your blog. Thanks for being willing to stand up for Americans like me, both as a marine and as a civilian. What can I do to help you, bro?

Matt Weiss

Anonymous said...

hi adam
i hope your hearing went well. i thought maybe i would've heard from you last week but i figure you've been preoccupied. i'm in hk now but send me an email let me know how things went. hope you took pictures and ate something deep-fried.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!! You guys are truely some of the funniest people that I have had the displeasure "meeting". What do you do for a living that allows you so much time to write and send letters on behalf of someone, who over the past year or so, has brought so much discredit upon himself, the Marine Corps and the Nation? I'd like to know so that too can be a worthless lump of dough and still make enough money to survive.
You people do understand that Adam Kokesh illeagally smuggled a pistol home from Iraq? You people do understand that Adam Kokesh wore his Desert Digital Uniform, while still a memeber of the Individual Ready Reserve, to a "protest"? You people do understand that when confronted about it, Adam Kokesh told a commissioned officer to "go fuck yourself". These three things are massive violations of either DoD regulations or the UCMJ and yet you still support him. Why? He has done nothing but screw up and now he's angry that everone is out to get him. I don't get it, I thought that people were supposed to be punished when they did wrong, not supported. Do you also support people who run stop signs, rape children, or murder people? Why not jump on their cause too? They need support just like Adam.
Now, for all of you idiots who think that the UCMJ doesn't apply to members in the IRR, I have news for you. How the fuck do you think the government got the discharge to stick if Adam isn't subject to the UCMJ, and then had his appeal turned down? I know, I know, it was a part of the giant vast right wing conspirecy that is making up rules just to "selectively silence" those vets who speak out agaist the war, and in all honesty, who no one listens to anyway. The fact of the matter is that the UCMJ is applicable to members of the IRR; however, memebers of the IRR are NOT subject to courts martial, or Non Judicial Punishment (NJP) while not on orders. That's why Kokesh could only receive a OTH for his actions. Not to mention the fact that he wasn't charged with anything. The only why that the Marine Corps could punish him was with an OTH or some other type of discharge based on the fact that he violated articles of the UCMJ and DoD regs. That's the misconception and flat out lie that Adam and his goons want you to believe, and you people just tow the line like the usefull idiots that you are. Sleep well tonight knowing that you have done nothing the help our nation in its time of crisis.

Anonymous said...

so what happened at the hearing??!!??!!

Kyle said...

I hope you don't mind, but I sent a slightly edited version of that letter to my senator. I hope it helps.

Charles Wilson said...

I'm really losing sympathy for you, Cpl. Kokesh. The Marine Corps has treated you with great restraint, and you know it. It's time for you to show some class and crawl back down off that limb you're on.

megan said...

News's a free fricken country! Do whatever the hell you want, Adam. Must be pretty boring "over there" if they have this much time and energy to spend harassing you about your choice of outfit.Best of luck with all of this b.s.

Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around, Charles. Even for Uncle Sams Misguided Children....

Alexander said...

Dude, I want to recommend you run letters from other people like this one through a simplified text editor. Not Word or anything like that, this will get rid of the ’ which is there to replace the ' symbol, if you run this letter through a simple text page it will remove the MS Word stuff that makes these problems appear.

-Alex Zeese
Your friendly neighborhood videographer

Anonymous said...

Real heroes are in, and out, of uniform.
Godspeed and prayers to you and yours in this endeavor.
While only the proud son of a retired Korean and Viet Nam vet, my hat is off to you, and my respect deep.
When next I ride to escort the Moving Wall, or attend a funeral of a soldier with the Patriot Guard Riders, you will be on my mind and heart.
Anonymous #1,
Which branch of the "Government" do you take our hard earned money and do nothing for, save spread disinfo and strife?
Wake up before Judgement Day finds you on the wrong side.

Tree Mendez

Tree Mendez said...

Oops, I miscounted.
It should have been Anonymous #2 I was pointing to.
The diatribe which began.."Ha Ha Ha ! ! !"
Sorry for the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Adam -

Just heard your interview on Democracy Now and I want to let you that while I am not in the military - never have been, never will be - you are a true soldier of Democracy and Freedom.

Please forgive and ignore the hate-filled comments that someone or some people feel they need to leave. They are afraid and scared and lack the moral and emotional strength to take a stand against the actions of this twisted and corrupted administration.

Don't give up the good fight and always know that for every one of those individuals that tries and cut you down, there are 10 times as many people that support your right to speak your mind and live your life as you see fit.

Just because you are asked to serve your country doesn't mean you relinquish your right to question and criticize your country. It is enshrined in the constitution and no entity, be it corporate, governmental or otherwise has a right to take away your right to Free Speech.

It is patriotic and it is supportive of the troops to speak out against this illegal and immoral war. It is patriotic and it goes to the very core of what a democratic society is all about to feel safe and secure to speak our minds, to share our thoughts and, most importantly, to be heard, regardless of whether we agree or not.

A democracy is not about goose-stepping to the drumbeat of the government, but about engaging one another and the government in a truthful and respectful dialogue to solve problems.

You have my support and the support of my family.

Bags said...

A dishonorable discharge would be my choice. Non-coms are suppose to be leaders of warriors, not hippies.

Anonymous said...

I agree very much with the veterans from Florida who have spoken so eloquently in defense of free speech which is, after all, part of the Constitution every Marine is sworn to defend. I heard you (Adam Kokesh) on "Democracy Now" last evening. It was quite thrilling to hear a Marine speaking clearly, plainly and beautifully against this unjust war against Iraq. You are a true patriot and it is an honor to post on your blog. I want to post a mention of you on my own blog. Thank you so much for speaking up for common sense. -- a patriotic musician.

Patriot said...


As an Army Sergeant First Class who completely disagrees with your stance and position on this war, I think you were screwed by the Marine Corps for having your honorable discharge revoked and replaced with a general discharge.

I'm preparing a bigger post of support for your cause of getting your honorable discharge back, while still disagreeing with your war stance. Good luck, my friend. If you'd like to give us any updates, you have my email.

Anonymous said...

sorry for my ignorance but, didn't the prez himself wore what looked like a uniform in the 'mission accomplished' speech? is he above the law for this, or is it because it was uniform of a different service?
the congressional members who are REAL veterans themselves would certainly have better understanding of these issues...