Saturday, October 20, 2007


My name is Captain Kopekein, I will not go away,
I´ve served in many armies but it is Iraq today--
Civilians have me in their sights and have me in their pay,
But when it comes to benefits,
Then it´s--
"What´s that you say?"

"Cannon" destroyed my ears and scrambled all the brains inside,
But politicians label me a nation´s foremost pride;
Alas the springs of sympathy have all gone up and dried,
For when it comes to benefits
Then it´s
"Good lad, abide."

"Soldier abide" they tell me but I´ve been abiding long,
Can´t get no work; but I am broke that once was manly strong,
Yet though parades call up my name when there´s a motley throng,
When it comes to my benefits
Then it´s
"Is something wrong?"

It´s hard to hobble half a man but I am growing old,
Perhaps I have sweet children to be sheltered from the cold,
And though they might be gratified their father "was so bold"
When it comes down to benefits
Then it´s
Patience to hold.

You sent me to Fallujah when I couldn´t find no job
At home--it´s robbing Peter whereby Paul so as to rob,
But even in Iraq a-firing shots into the mob
Has brought me meager benefits,
When it´s--
Corn on the cob.

God bless you--all so civilized--as I tried to uphold
Your words of truth and beauty; thought your words were good as gold,
In which I was mistaken--that am no more thought-controlled,
For now I know the benefits
Of it´s
Less than extolled.

As Captain Kopeikin I cannot die or go away,
But rest upon your conscience, even while the children play,
For my wounds grieve me less than must your own auto-da-fe,
For when it comes to benefits
Then it´s
Your hell to pay.

--I.M. Small

Thanks to the anonymous poster who left this as a comment on the previous post.