Saturday, October 20, 2007

The trailer for Veterans Against the War

The trailer/demo reel for Veterans Against the War (working title): a documentary produced and directed by Katherine Niemczyk about soldiers speaking out about past and present war experiences. Look for the completed documentary at the end of 2008!


Anonymous said...

well, I'm crying after watching this...and it's only the trailer....sometimes it's too much thinking of all the pain that so many are going through....the woman sleeping in front of her fiance's coffin- just one story out of so many....and thinking of who might be dying or being injured at this moment....we need to keep working to stop this war Now and work toward recovery...and let our anger at this administration's lies and our pain and compassion for all of those affected fuel us on this mission....

may all who suffer be at peace


Anonymous said...


My name is Captain Kopekein, I will not go away,
I´ve served in many armies but it is Iraq today--
Civilians have me in their sights and have me in their pay,
But when it comes to benefits,
Then it´s--
"What´s that you say?"

"Cannon" destroyed my ears and scrambled all the brains inside,
But politicians label me a nation´s foremost pride;
Alas the springs of sympathy have all gone up and dried,
For when it comes to benefits
Then it´s
"Good lad, abide."

"Soldier abide" they tell me but I´ve been abiding long,
Can´t get no work; but I am broke that once was manly strong,
Yet though parades call up my name when there´s a motley throng,
When it comes to my benefits
Then it´s
"Is something wrong?"

It´s hard to hobble half a man but I am growing old,
Perhaps I have sweet children to be sheltered from the cold,
And though they might be gratified their father "was so bold"
When it comes down to benefits
Then it´s
Patience to hold.

You sent me to Fallujah when I couldn´t find no job
At home--it´s robbing Peter whereby Paul so as to rob,
But even in Iraq a-firing shots into the mob
Has brought me meager benefits,
When it´s--
Corn on the cob.

God bless you--all so civilized--as I tried to uphold
Your words of truth and beauty; thought your words were good as gold,
In which I was mistaken--that am no more thought-controlled,
For now I know the benefits
Of it´s
Less than extolled.

As Captain Kopeikin I cannot die or go away,
But rest upon your conscience, even while the children play,
For my wounds grieve me less than must your own auto-da-fe,
For when it comes to benefits
Then it´s
Your hell to pay.

--I.M. Small

RoseCovered Glasses said...

I am a 2 tour Vietnam Veteran who recently retired after 36 years of working in the Defense Industrial Complex on many of the weapons systems being used by our forces as we speak. I believed another Vietnam could be avoided with defined missions and the best armaments in the world.

It made no difference.

We have bought into the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). If you would like to read how this happens please see:

Through a combination of public apathy and threats by the MIC we have let the SYSTEM get too large. It is now a SYSTEMIC problem and the SYSTEM is out of control. Government and industry are merging and that is very dangerous.

There is no conspiracy. The SYSTEM has gotten so big that those who make it up and run it day to day in industry and government simply are perpetuating their existance.

The politicians rely on them for details and recommendations because they cannot possibly grasp the nuances of the environment and the BIG SYSTEM.

So, the system has to go bust and then be re-scaled, fixed and re-designed to run efficiently and prudently, just like any other big machine that runs poorly or becomes obsolete or dangerous.

This situation will right itself through trauma. I see a government ENRON on the horizon, with an associated house cleaning.

The next president will come and go along with his appointees and politicos. The event to watch is the collapse of the MIC.

For more details see: