Friday, February 15, 2008

Marlboro Announces New Healthy Cigarettes With Vitamins & Minerals

Unfortunately, a lot of folks didn't get this because they didn't know about Diet Coke Plus, which isn't really a bad thing. I figured if I had heard of Diet Coke Plus, (considering I don't watch TV) then most people probably had. For those of you who really live in a cave, you can read more about Diet Coke Plus at Wikipedia.

Now, eager to cash in on the latest fad, Marlboro is getting in on the action:


Dorah (Scotts Valley CA) said...

That is sick in every meaing of the word. I was laughing until I unfortunately remembered smoking menthol cigarettes, blech!

Shourya Sarcar said...

Going by the way "plus" is written, seems like both went to the same packaging designer.

Maybe you already know, FDA has pulled up Coca-Cola for misbranding.