Friday, February 15, 2008

Too funny, have to share these


Anonymous said...

Cool videos. I think if anyone needs to know just one thing about McCain - if they knew nothing else-is the little 'bomb, bomb, bomb...Iran' song he blurted out. That should make up anyone's mind that he's a nut and will just give us more of the same s#*@ we've had with Bush. I can't believe he's a veteran and so flippant about another potential war.
Oh and now Romney is endorsing him, the one who said that you sit down with your lawyers to see what to do about launching an attack?!!! This would all be laughable if it wasn't all true. ARGHH!
The best runner we have is Ron Paul....he actually has not only read the Constitution but dares to believe in it too. Shocking.
But I will say that if it is McCain vs. Obama, at least Obama speaks with some passion and could possibly set a tone of renewed hope for the country. Do we dare trust anyone to do that?
see ya-