Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Adam Kokesh Assaulted by Undercover FBI Agent & MPD Officers


lightbringer said...

I had to watch that twice.
It reminded me of three personal incidents in town where undercover "spooks" jumped out.
One, was on my property in 2001 at 11 pm as I biked to work.
The drain of challeging this system is all encompassing and spritually draining. I hope you have found an oasis, a lazaras pit, inside this city to refresh your batteries. Cuz it NEVER FUCKING ENDS, and they keep finding doughnuts to eat.

allen1958 said...

adam keep up the good job your doing there . these cops need to be held acountable for what they did wrong.

Hampton Roads Code Pink said...

Last week, in my neighborhood in Norfolk, VA, my step dad was sitting on the porch and a Norfolk Police Officer drove by. A few minutes later he came back and asked my step-dad if the neighbors always left their garage window open. He said he didn't know and the officer explained that there had been a lot of breakins recently. I might add here that we do not live in a bad neighborhood. My mother has lived in the same house since she was three and I live on the same block. We know everyone here. We have heard of no break ins.

The office then thanked my step dad, got in the car and drove around to the side of the house, STOOD ON HIS CAR and looked in the window. He then used his radio and climbed into the garage window and let the other officers who had then arrived--with a dog--in through the automatic door. My step dad then watched from the porch while they disappeared into the garage for 20 minutes!!! Never knocked on the front door. They then shut the window and door and left.

When the neighbor got home, my step dad told him what happened and he went to the garage and looked around and came back. He said that everything was still there, including things I am sure they will be back for, but had my step dad not told him, he never would have known.

The following night they patrolled our block around 2 am, when I am the only person awake in the neighborhood. I saw weird lights, -super bright-shining in my front windows. They shined through all of the windows that could be seen from the front of my house. When they were finally gone, I snuck to the couch, in my own home with my neighbor who was over watching 9/11 documentaries and we sat and peaked through the blinds for over 45 minutes while they shined the lights from the Norfolk Police Car into everyones houses and back yards only doing the first five houses on each side. (They did more houses the next night) The next day we looked up info for our area and there were no break ins of reasons for them to be scoping out our houses in or around our neighborhood. Just weird, I thought.

Anonymous said...

Abuse of power at its finest.
God, this crap pisses me off, I'm just sick of the corruption. Plus, it does seem almost too convenient, like a set up- before the end of the video that's what I was thinking- are you sure he wasn't following you guys and got pissed when you noticed him. Just a possibility of course, but either way, no cop or agent has the right to detain you even for a second, when you haven't violated any laws.
The work that you do, and the things that you speak out about unfortunately make you a target. But I hope all of the powers that be know that they are being watched, not just by you and people like the attorney who also filmed this, but by all of us out here.


Julie said...

Have you filed a complaint against these officers? I know a lot of people would say " why bother ", but if nothing else it says to them that you intend to beat them with their own system. And it can be done.

My husband was arrested and tried for a double homicide he did not commit. We questioned every aspect of the police investigation, especially the head of ballistics testing at the MSP. To cut a very long story short, my husband was acquitted, and although it took 15 years, the MSP ballistics expert has been discredited and all the cases he ever testified in are being reexamined.

Keep fighting the good fight, Adam. It'll probably be a long fight, but I have no doubt they just messed with the wrong guy.

robert said...

I feel for you, but keep it up.
My problems started when I was outed in the navy in 81, when ronnyraygun supposedly ordered that all the humaseksuuls in the navy be gotten out. One guy was charged with murder and drugs so to plea out he gave names, many of us found ourselves being tailed. I was told that I was on the list.
So I went voluntarily, got home to Al, I could not get a job in my chosen profession because of my discharge.
So I worked where ever I could get a job.I did not see any sense hiding in the closet. got a part time job at a gay bar as doorman.
Next thing I knew I was being tailed all the time, then my home was raided for pot, nope no pot here. I was selling antiques and used furniture out of my house nothing else.
I eventually left there after arrest and harassment, repeatedly.
jump to the 2000 elections in fl. Channel 7 showed our ballots being shredded before recount. I have been loud about it.
We left fla, moved to NC, we got strange threatening phone calls. My family still does not believe me. My partner and I both answered the phone. Messages like you better shut up if you know what is good for you, 'unmarked' Crown Vickys parked just a few feet up from our house.
Then our house was searched while we were not home. Nothing taken but every thing looked at and moved just a little bit. It was not a robbery as the tv, puters, quarters in a jar on the dresser, and some cash in the drawer moved, but not taken and the door left standing wide open. We know we closed and locked it when we left, I know this as we both checked twice before leaving.
We moved to a place in the woods in central North Carolina. The phone calls have stopped but occasional heavily armed Blackwater choppers fly very low overhead. This is the short summary.I could write a book about all the run ins.