Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cops Are Everywhere – Especially Where I Am

When I went outside this afternoon, there was another group of cops (with three patrol cars) on the corner who looked like they were setting up a checkpoint. I got a couple witnesses and a cameraman and went out to confront them. They said they weren't setting up a checkpoint, just doing a “routine patrol.” I asked if this was a new policy for this area, or if there was some kind of crime wave here. They said that crime was actually down in this area recently and couldn't tell me why they were there except that it was new a new practice as of this week. (Hopefully, I'll get the video from this up later tonight.)

When I left for class around 5:30pm, they were still there. On the metro platform there was a cop watching me. He wasn't there when I came in, but I noticed him when I sat down. He was standing next to the escalators. I watched him as he walked towards me, but he walked by as I was getting on the train, and kept going in the same direction away from the stairs and escalators. I have never seen a cop on the metro platforms in DC who wasn't doing something or going somewhere.

On the train, two cops walked by me. I was able to get a quick photo off as they went into the next car. (see below) Then when I got off the metro at Foggy Bottom, there was another cop watching me as I got off the escalator. Right now, I am in the back of a classroom where my professor for “Law of the Political Process” is lecturing. I can't believe I'm studying the law right now.


lightbringer said...

Bitch you livin "the law" right now...
There is a reason which you probabaly understand by now why the rate of death is so pronounced here in Capitol city. The psychic/psychological intimidation is so severe here; this is why so many black/brown(remember all those people in chains at court) men explode at irrational times due to the day to day conditions in town. Lay low for awhile(listen to mozart); they are NOT out to get you...they just want you to THINK they are, so you can im/explode and then they can come in to "rescue" you from you.

Kenyon said...

Hope you don't get "disappeared"!

Anonymous said...

Calm down, Adam. This is a marathon, not a sprint; a war, not a battle.

The paranoia, alone, can sap you of energy, causing you to swing and miss.

Get back into some objectivity. People will understand you better and your words will ooze credibility if you can spend less time swinging and more time connecting.

Which means, of course, that you have to forget what you've been through up until the point in time where you start taping. Otherwise they can just spin everything you do like you're some sort of punk, instead of the patriot that you are.

Remember: they own the bullhorn. Don't give them anymore ammunition than they already have.

Don Thieme said...

It seems totally logical for you to study law. The people will always need great legal minds to protect us from overweening police power.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are not "suicided" by the NWO and covered up by the Korrupt Kriminal Kops. Of course you are not the DC Madam but they did Pat Tillman. Check out

Anonymous said...

This is an old tactic. It's been around as long as there have been people to intimidate and subjugate. You are free, they don't want you to think you are. And when you believe them THEY WIN! You are free, brother. Breathe deep and remember.