Sunday, November 9, 2008

Endless War? Inflation Tax? Corporate Bailouts? The Fed Did It!


jae said...

"Neither Federal nor is there any Reserve..."

I guess you are beginning to find out how few Americans know that it is not part of the US Government...It's frightening. What is even more scary is my finding that the people who most accuse me and other Liberal anti-war people of not being patriotic are the ones who have NO CLUE about what the Fed even is.
Keep rattling the Cage, Adam - you're an inspiration to many.

Anonymous said...

"We're sorry, this video is no longer available."

And so begins media blackout, 2009 edition.

lightbringer said...

they wont play your video

Stephanie said...

The Youtube Nazis are on the prowl again ... I HATE people!

A little birdie told me something today and I wish to tell you and your compadres; Good luck tomorrow friends!!!

Wishing you well from Houston! We are ALL keeping our fingers crossed for y'all! :)


Stephanie said...

Adam!!!! I IMPLORE you ... we NEED you at the Houston 'End the Fed' Rally!!! ESPECIALLY since Dr. Paul is our keynote speaker!!! Ditch DC and come to Houston ... come on, you know you want to!!! lol ;)

Pretty please!?! :-P

Anonymous said...

Another great video Adam!

Download End The Fed flyers, find your local Fed using my custom Google map, and RSVP @ my website,

I'm helping to organize the Cleveland event, but I wish Adam and everybody else involved the best of luck in every city! This is a true grassroots event, I can't wait to see its success. Indeed, we literally cannot afford to fail.